5 must Amazon daily tech deals under Rs 1,000INR!

For a regular guy obsessed with his (or her) tech gizmos, functionality and uniqueness are the only two things that matter. However keeping this obsession under the healthy budget is an ability, not every obsessed tech geek has. So, we made a list of best Amazon daily tech deals under Rs 1,000. 

That is where we come in to provide you with some of the coolest and must have gizmos for you under only 1000 INR so that your tech geek has nothing feel sorry or sad about, you’re welcome –

1. Artis L-120 Desk Lamp (599/-INR Only) –

Yes, we start our list with a lamp, for it is handy for umpteen amounts of purposes every student, gaming nerd and gizmo geek WILL face, trust us.

It is powered by both a socket connection and a battery charge up that gives you over 5 hours of undisturbed LED light.

Its neck is awfully flexible and zaps around 100 posture problems right there with this quality. Also, the brightness of the light can be easily controlled to a plus or minus, if you don’t want your folks to wake up and see you reading comics late at night! Find it on our Amazon daily tech deals under Rs 1,000.

amazon daily tech deals

 2. PowerCube (999/- INR Only) – Well, first of all, this is NOT a power bank. It’s a handy power outlet for all your wiring problems to be NOT a wiring problem anymore.

It has 4 cable outlets on all four of its sides with 2 USB ports as well! The USBs are 2.1A and 5V, and the device is surge protected so that your gadgets that are using this handy tool will not get damaged.

It’s a great gizmo for many of us who have a tendency to be lost in too many wires, since we buy too much stuff, so it’s a great money and peace of mind saver!

 amazon daily tech deals

3. Toshiba Flash Air (729/- INR Only) –

It’s a 729 INR worth of time saver for those of us who like to click a lot but hate the whole inserting and changing problems.

It’s a 16 GB wireless memory card that goes into your digital cameras, converting it into a wireless camera!

This way, you can directly take pictures from your Smartphones and send them straight to your digital cameras without giving your patience capacity tests by any wire plugging or card exchanges!

It doesn’t consume too much battery power and is a pretty no-nonsense gizmo that we are sure most of you will find handy!

 amazon daily tech deals

4. Boat Bass Heads 225 (499/- INR Only) –

It’s the handsfree headset we have been looking for! Certainly one of the best durable and cool looking headset available out there!

With its cool and rad black and red colour structure, aluminium body, flat style cable, a gold plated connector and extensively durable design, the Boat Bass Heads are sure a must buy for anyone even in remotely in touch with technology!

And the good things don’t stop there! It also gives you some rad accessories like 3 extra ear buds, a cable manager and an ear hook!

This bass heavy earset is a sure one to be on your must get ASAP list. Buy it under Amazon daily tech deals under Rs 1,000.

 amazon daily tech deals

5. LifeStraw (1040/- INR Only) –

LifeStraw is a portable water purifier, for those who like to go outdoors and camping. And yes today’s nerds and gadgets geeks do those things, it’s not a thing to risk losing your eyebrows in your scalp, calm down!

LifeStraw (only 135 grams!) purifies around 1000 litres of water (200 ml at a time!), you pour water from one side and drink from the another. It eliminates over 99% of any kind of impurities and waterborne bacteria.

It also reduces turbidity all the way down to 0.2 microns. With a long shelf life, you are sure to be thrilled when outing next time with it along with you.

 So, folks, these were some of the coolest and handy gizmos available in our Amazon daily tech deals under Rs 1,000 and hope it gave you a lot to list about, toodles.

amazon daily tech deals

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