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Are you looking for a monitor stand in India? Whether you’re trying to conserve room or instal two monitors side by side, there’s a way to do that. A dual monitor stand will fix the dilemma of putting up more than one monitor.

It will look more eye-catching and conserve a lot of space to hold the other stuff on the desk. Computer monitor stand india are a little expensive, but they do have tons of benefits.

With the wide variety of monitor stands available out there. In this post, I am going to share with you some of the best selling monitor arm stands in India. 

Things to know before Picking the best monitor stand in India 

1) Gas powered or Not

Usually monitor stands have different types of mechanism. Since there are many budget-friendly monitor arms, the best is a gas-powered one.

With the monitor stand, the mechanism by which a user adjusts the position of the monitor with great comfort can be availed only with a gas powered arm stand.

Also, a budget-friendly height adjustable monitor stand is great for the prices. 

2) Height and Length Adjustments

The height of a monitor stand only comes with specific height and length adjustments – height adjustable monitor stand.

If you are looking to buy a dual monitor stand for holding two monitors side-by-side, also choose one that matches with your desk preference.

Also, take a note of whether you are able to tilt or swivel or rotate the monitor to the best of your comfort. 

3) Build Quality

Monitor stands for desks, especially dual monitor stands, come with strong build quality.

Since they are rotating monitor stands, the stands/arms are built with heavy metals to remain at a standstill for years. 

4) Cable Management

Hiding nasty cables going around in your different ports of monitor can be useful and helps maintain a clear and clutter free look.

A monitor stand would keep afloat two monitors at the same time.

Taking the wires out from the monitors and managing them would certainly help you keep the mess away and show off a clean setup. 

Why Buy a Monitor Stand/Dual monitor stand for a desk?

There are many reasons why you need a new monitor stand. Having more than one monitor allows you to keep your workspace neat and orderly.

Furthermore, most stock monitor stands eat up a lot of desk space.

When you have more than one computer, the desk space becomes cluttered. You may use a third-party monitor stand to clean up the mess.

In addition, the best monitor stands are beneficial to one’s health.

For example, a well-made stand will have a tilt, swivel, rotation, and height adjustment.

As a result, you can easily change the location of your monitor using a third-party monitor stand.

As a result, you can adjust it to your preferred sitting or standing position when working on your computer.

This would reduce the pressure on the back, spine, or eye and any other discomfort associated with tracking positioning.

That being said, a third-party monitor stand may serve several different purposes.

Top 10 Best Monitor Stand in India

1 Rife Dual Height Adjustable Monitor Stand

Rife Dual Height Adjustable Monitor Stand


You can also get this monitor stand if you have a dual monitor setup.

While on the other hand, if you have a three-monitor system, they have the same setup with three monitors.

It’s packed with excellent features. In the first place, it can be mounted either on the desk or using a C clamp.

3.1 “desk can suit with the C clamp It supports 75x75mm and 100x100mm VESA pattern.

It has a gas lift system. Like the above one, this one, this one will swivel, and tilt, as well. Additionally, it can be adjusted to many different sizes.

This is made of high-grade steel. On the whole, it’s a good choice for a dual monitor setup.

Key Features:

  • It can accommodate up to two 17 “to 32” monitor-sized monitor.
  • has a capacity of between 3.3 lbs and 17.6 lb per arm.
  • It’s a stand with a gas spring.
  • 5-year warranty
  • Dual monitor stand 32 inch

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

2 AmazonBasics Dual Monitor Stand

Amazon is well known for its’ AmazonBasics’ collection of moderately priced products.

And this is particularly true in the case of this amazonbasics monitor stand. For example, this is a dual monitor stand with a lot of useful features.

It also has a fair price that won’t hurt your wallet. Both the clamp and grommet form are available on this extra wide monitor stand. It also has a nice feature of cable management.

In addition, it can be tilted, rotated, and swivelled.

Key Features

  • This amazonbasics monitor stand is built out of aluminium.
  • has a 12-month warranty
  • The dual monitor stands up to 30 inches
  • Each arm can carry up to 9.9 kg of weight.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

3 Rife Full Motion Adjustable Arms

If you’re looking for a sturdy monitor stand, then you’ve come to the right spot.

The monitor stand has everything. It’s VESA compliant (75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm).

It can be tilted to a maximum of 15 degrees. In addition, the height can be adjusted.

It can be installed on both C-clamp and grommet systems.

It can even rotate even 360°.

This is an aluminium monitor stand that is powered by gas.

It’s important to remember that this is a single monitor stand.

In this context, the price is a little higher.

If that isn’t a problem for you, then this is a good option for your single monitor.

Key Features

  • A gas spring rotating monitor stand is what this is.
  • The arm can accommodate up to 9 kg of weight and suits monitors ranging from 13 to 32 inches -dual monitor stand 32 inch
  • It has a 22-inch arm that can stretch.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

4 Rife Desk Mount Stand

Are you looking for a adjustable monitor stand that is relatively cheap? Then this Rife one may be a perfect fit.

This one can be used with a single or dual monitor system.

We’ll look at the single monitor stand in this article.

There’s a gas spring mechanism on this one.

It’s also VESA compliant (75×75 mm and 100×100 mm).

It also features cable management.

Here are some of the main features of this: height adjustment, C-clamp/grommet placement, the swivel is full, it’s available in both vertical and horizontal, and either landscape or portrait, etc.

Key Features 

  • There is a maximum weight of 6.4 kg that the arm can carry.
  • This is backed by a 5-year, full money-back guarantee.
  • Using the monitor stand with 17 “to 27” monitor
  • It’s a single-sectioned, hexagonal gas spring

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

5 AmazonBasics Single Monitor Stand

This is another amazonbasics monitor stand. It is also cost-effective. ” It is, however, a single monitor stand.

So, if you only need a single adjustable monitor stand, this is the one to buy.

This is compatible with VESA (7×75 mm and 100×100 mm). The monitor stand in india can be adjusted more widely, tilted, swivelled and rotated.

It comes with both a grommet and a C-clamp system for installation.

Key Features

  • The amazonbasics monitor stand one year warranty is included.
  • The arm can lift up to 30 inches.
  • Both a clamp and a grommet mount are included.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

6 FLEXIMOUNTS D1DV Dual Desk Mount

fleximounts dual vertical monitor stand

Would you like a dual monitor stand for desk? You may want to consider this for your next monitor stand.

The main pole is 27.9 inches in length.

You can comfortably fit two monitors (up to 27 inches) in here.

VESA compatibility (7575 mm and 100100 mm) is also included.

In addition, you can swivel it any way you’d like.The tilt feature is also available. Additionally, you can set your monitors as you want.

For a vertical monitor stand, this could be a positive thing.

Key Features 

  • Each arm is capable of carrying a load of up to 10 kg.
  • The screen size of 10 to 27 inches is compatible.
  • The height can be adjusted from 7.9 to 26 cm.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

7 Rife Space Saving Clamp

rife single monitor arm stand

This should be the dual monitor stand in india if you want to save lots of space on your desk.

It’s from the Rife. It will also appeal to you because it is reasonably priced.

With the integrated tool holder and cable management, this comes with you.

Either one of the monitors can be used in either landscape or portrait mode.

The monitor stand can extend upto 12.9 Inches. Whereas the pole hieght is 19.7 inches and certainly can hold up curved monitors.

Besides, Rife space saving clam monitor stand is a VESA of (75mm & 100mm) compliant.

Looking for a dual monitor stand  in india that doesn’t break the bank? Rife Space Saving Clamp is the best you can get.

Key Features 

  • This has three years of warranty
  • This monitor will fit 17 to 27 inches in screen size, depending on what you choose to use it for.
  • up to 7 kg on each arm
  • The steel used in manufacturing this monitor arm stand of superior quality

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon 

8 Rife Free Standing Dual Monitor Mount

rife freestanding vertical dual monitor stand

Do you have a tight financial situation? Don’t be afraid! Since this Rife monitor stand in india is inexpensive.

It is adual monitor stand for desk, but it can also be used as a freestanding.

This means you won’t have to drill a hole in your desk to use it.

It’ll serve as a replacement for the standard monitor stand in india.

This one has a three-in-one system that lets you change the tilt, roll, and height, all of which are included.

In addition, you can also love the fact that it does have a cable management system. Since it’s a low cost, this might be a good deal.

Key Features 

  • It can be used on any screen size from 13 to 28 inches.
  • Up to 7.9 kg of weight can be placed on each arm of this shelf
  • integrated cable control system
  • It is compatible with VESA.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

9 Defianz Monitor Arms

defianz modular monitor stand in india

Defianz has released yet another low-cost monitor stand in india. It is also constructed with aluminium. so, while being light and durable. This one-monitor stand is modular. Anything can be detached from it.

With grommet and C-Clamp, it is simple to put in place. In addition, you should be able to change the height, rotate, rotate and tilt the monitors. This is compatible with VESA too.

Key Features 

  • Has a one-year guarantee
  • This screen size is compatible with screens of 13 “to 32” screen size.
  • Its arm can carry up to 8kg of monitors
  • This is ideal for either a wall mount or a desk installation.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon 

10 Lumi Brateck Dual Monitor Stand

Lumi brateck dual monitor stand

This is a good monitor stand in india to try if you need a cheap but practical monitor stand for your dual monitor setup. This is constructed of steel. 

As a consequence, you can rest assured it will be able to support the monitors’ weight.

Each arm can support up to 8 kilogrammes. Additionally, you can have two monitors of any size up to 27 inches. 

It’s also really easy to set up. The kit will include all installation accessories. So, you should probably try it out.

Key Features

  • Each arm is capable of taking up to 8 kg of monitors.
  • This is a stand for a dual monitor.
  • This can support 27-inch monitors.
  • It’s made of steel that’s been strengthened.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon 

Final Verdict on Best Monitor Stand in India

We’ve tried to explain a handful of the best monitor stand in india here.

We considered products from a variety of price and feature categories in the process.

So, we hope you can find out which option is the perfect suited for you from the list above.

Like always, feel free to leave your useful comments in the section below! We’d like to hear so much about it.

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