[Tried & Tested] 20 Best Earphones Under 1000 👉Mic 👉 Bass [Review]

Are you looking for the best earphones under Rs 1000?

I have reviewed each and every product after buying them from amazon. So you can expect a completely fair and honest review on earphones selling at just 1000 rupees.

I personally find these earphones or headphones after using them over 3 months or more. This list may update from time onwards after every new set of earphone launches we take the pride of owning them from different eCommerce sites. 

Note: Earphones are delicate and prone to damages after a period of time. Maintaining them well and keeping them safe in a place help last for a longer period of time.

List of Top 15 Earphones Under 1000

1. Sony MDR-EX150AP In-Ear Headphones

Includes Mic – 9mm driver – Deep Bass

 Sony MDR-EX150AP In-Ear Headphones with Mic

Sony is a remarkable brand for audiophiles and this very in-ear headphone produces an excellent sound which I genuinely believe to be the best-in-class. I found this particular Sony MDR-EDX150AP less costly compared to most branded earphones.

Features I liked most 

1) Thumping bass and precise clarity while listening to music, movies

2) Sony is a renowned brand that no brand can touch

3) Fits perfectly on the ear didn’t fall during sports activities.

4) Durable material with sturdiness. 

5) Sweatproof and colour don’t fade at all.

6) Looks decent and comfortable on par. The build is definitely top-notch then Sennheiser cx 180 which can last long. 

I would definitely recommend these ones considering the price and the features offered. 

2. Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones 

Include MIC, Dual-Driver, Extreme bass

Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones with Mic

Mi introduced Dual driver in-ear earphones in the budget which significantly boost the effective bass effect and sound experience.

Features I liked Most

1) Mi dual-driver offers rich sound experience and crystal clear audio clarity with the audio boost. 

2) Build quality is a definitely not the best but mark my words they’re built to last long

3) The angled 3.5 jack is an addition to Mi earphones which is good looking and able to survive the daily turmoil. 

4) This is one of the best earphones with mic under 1000

Whether looking for a branded headphones or bass-rich experience the Mi Dual Driver in-ear earphones precisely match the taste of the user. 

3. Panasonic RP-TCM130GEA Extra Bass in-Ear Wired Earphone

Includes Tangle Free Flat Cable, No-Fall design, Bass Boost 

Panasonic Extra Bass in-Ear Wired Earphone

Panasonic extra bass in-ear earphones come with excellent sound quality not to forget these are highly bass-rich with in-built mic integrated.


Features I liked Most

1) Comfortable and can be worn for a long duration without any discomfort 

2) In my opinion the design of the earphones is great enough to justify the price with ear tips better fit and cable length of 1.2m

3) The flat cables are a great addition and did not tangle around when carrying in pockets

4) The extra bass system perfectly works as it should, however, the acoustic tuning failed to impress me

5) The headphone retains in-built mic function 

4. Realme Buds 2 

Include Mic, 11.2 larger bass driver

realme Buds 2 with Mic

Build quality on these headphones are really great with surround sound. The price isn’t significantly higher rather than the least in the segment.

RealMe introduced these earphones a while ago with complete braided cables reaching all the way to the earcups. However, the plastic build isn’t bad though.

The feature I like Most

1) The unique combination of bass and sound is well managed at least at this very budget price. 

2) Ear Cups are soft and comfortable and can take up minor abuses we all go through in our daily lives. 

3) Considering the price and the quality you receive is top-notch. Additionally a great earphone for music and calls. 

I adore the look and feel of these earphones. But the lack of metal on the back of the ear cups is definitely something I didn’t expect to see. But has a magnet attachment on both the earphone cups which definitely a better choice over Mi basic earphones. 

Unfortunately angled 3.5 mm jack is not present rather a old-fashioned straight jack 

5. JBL C100SI

Include Mic, 9mm driver

Most sought after in-ear headphones with angled earbuds tip design for ultra comfort with anti-fall mechanism.


JBL C100SI In-Ear Headphones with Mic

Features I liked Most

1) Earphone is made of plastic but with good grade plastic that feels sturdy and durable. 

2) Another two pair of ear tips are provided in the box for extra comfort

3) Sound quality on these earphones are definitely worth noting irrespective of small drivers they are neatly designed and come under budget. 

4) The audio frequency, especially the vocals, are sharp and clear while the bass is little smidgen 

6. House of Marley Smile Jamaica 

Include 9mm driver, has in-built mic function 

House of Marley Smile Jamaica in-Ear Headphones with Mic

House of Marley Smile Jamaica has recently become one of the best selling earphones under 1000 rupees. The reason is simple to build quality, great sound quality under budget and superior style and tangle-free wire.

Features I liked Most

1) These earphones sold under 1000 rupees for exceptional build quality with natural wood used on-ear cups brings an immersive sound experience. 

2) Earphones under 1000 rupees usually do not have good build quality but with this one does, sturdy cable with tangle-free wire is definitely one I choose for myself. 

3) Sound quality is superior due to the use of pure wood. 

4) These are one of the best budget earphones in India with Marley Signature Sound which can deliver astounding quality sound with deeper bass. 

5) The entire Marley earphones are built using wood and aluminium this means the construction is at par and in a similar way delivering amazing sound output. 

7. Brainwavz Omega IEM

Includes Mic, 6mm Dynamic sound driver

Brainwavz Omega IEM Noise Isolating Earphones with Microphone

The main highlight of these earphones is design making it quite popular among younger masses. Also, the robust design helps you use this headphone for prolonged periods of time.

Features I liked Most

1) Besides, great design it has buttons for music playback and calls receiving but sadly, the volume control button is absent. 

2) The drivers are smaller in size as compared to other earphones on our list. 

3) However the sound and clarity from these earphones are crisp and deliver a balanced sound with good vocals and music. 

8. 1More Piston Fit In-ear Headphones

Includes Mic, 10mm dynamic driver

1More Piston Fit In-ear Headphones

1More Piston earphones deliver rich, clear sound but some might have issues with comfort over the time. 

Features I liked Most

1) Metal build on-ear cups produce rich and crisp sound experience

2) These earphones have a unique design but feel a little uncomfortable to wear them for longer periods of time. 

3) Build quality is definitely good and having good design makes its premium in its segment. 

4) These headphones require a day or two to produce quality sound as this term is referred to as burning in period for the drivers to get adjusted with the music. 

The noticeable drop in music quality is seen when using a laptop however with smartphones there isn’t any drop in sound quality. 

9. Sony MDR- AS210 Open Ear Active Sports

Includes larger driver, Best for sports activities

Sony MDR-AS210 Open-Ear Active Sports Headphones Without Mic

They are great for sports activities and you could take them anywhere without fearing they would fall off. Recommended for gym exercise, running and various other sports activities. 


These earphones are weighed less and perfectly fits on-ear and will not come out easily once plugged-in

However, the wire quality is not up to the mark not even braided. But they are comfortable and deliver pumping bass to music. 

10. JBL C200SI in Ear 

Includes Mic, Dynamic sound driver 8mm

JBL C200SI Super Deep Bass in-Ear Premium Headphones

This earphone manufacturer is taking up all the feedback from the user end and nicely integrating within each set of products each time is definitely one we know JBL. 

1) A great product for those who want everything out-of-the-box without worrying about the price and features. 

2) Includes an in-line microphone for picking up calls. 

3) Build is as usual top-notch with sturdy wire quality 

4) Besides the superior build JBL C200SI throws away powerful bass and brings response to music. 

Alternative Best Bass Earphones Under 1000

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SoundMagic ES18s In-Ear

Includes Mic, Best neodymium Driver

SoundMAGIC ES19S In-Ear Earphones

1) These earphones deliver pure sound quality and you will be amazed by the sound quality at this budget. 

2) The earphones have a robust design cable with 3.5mm jack and compatible with most phones, laptops etc. 

3) The sound frequency rates are of 15hz to 22000hz delivered via 10mm Neodymium drivers. 

4) Overall a great product under budget that brings the best sound output and astounding listening experience

pTron Boom3 Ultima

Include Mic, 8mm Dual Drivers

pTron Boom Ultima 4D Dual Driver

You probably heard about these dual-driver earphones sold at dirt cheap prices on amazon. For sake of this review, I have tested them for about a month and I am satisfied with the comforts and sound experience from these earphones. However, I have replaced the ear tips multiple times as earphones tend to fall off often.

1) Build quality is top-notch with volume rocker is on the remote mic

2) Bass is perfectly adjusted everything including beats are crisp and distortion-free. 

3) Bollywood and international songs are nicely played on these earphones with clear vocals dual-driver PTron Boom3 ultima headphones are definitely something you should be looking at. 

4) The low price makes this pTron Boom3 Ultima earphones good for everyday usage. 

Philips Bass + SHE4305

Include Mic, 12.2mm Speaker drivers

Philips Bass+ SHE4305 Headphones with Mic

Great design with angular earbuds tips that feel comfort wearing them for prolonged time

1) These earphones despite having bigger 12.2mm driver has good bass 

2) It has in-line mic control for call and music playback 

3) If you are a Philips fanboy you will definitely love these for sure. 

4) Philips is among the first to use neyomodium speakers for richness and balanced sound in their earphones

Philips SHE3200 In-Ear wired earphones

Include in-line Mic, largest 14.2mm drivers

Philips Headphones with mic SHE3555WT

You might have issues with rubber domes on earphone cups for them Philips SHE3200 in-ear wired earphones are perfect choice. 

1) Definitely a prominent choice for bass lovers with sound even played at low offers powerful punch and amplify the music to deliver a superb sound quality 

2) Philips earphones are built to last also they offer an overall package in the budget. 

3) Superior build quality, which can run for years


Which is the best earphone with mic under 1000?

Audiophiles are always on move with budget earphones. If you love listening to jazz, rock, classical music or techno then there is a way to get some of the best selling earphones under 1000 with the awesome build quality and dual-driver are the essentials to fulfil your listening experience.

You of us know there are no best earphones in the market. Only we should care about earphones drivers, noise-reduction features, comforts and design when we use them on daily basis. You can be a particular fan of the brand, drivers and sound experience but most of these earphones under 1000 in this post offers rich sound and bass boost notes.

When you want to buy earphones in the budget there are so many earphones available and it is easy to get confused although the cheapest option is not always good. However, sometimes a lower price earphone can offer you value for money deal.

You can ask me questions/queries regarding these top earphones under budget in the comment below. I will definitely answer them with a level of my expertise. 


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