Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard in India 2023 [Budget Shopping]

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Do you need the Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard? There are 100’s of membrane keyboard available with best features at the half price. Looking at the very important part of our computing experience.

The post makes a clear and distinctive opinion on buying the best mechanical keyboard in India for a price of less than Rupees 5,000. The reason is quite simple and a Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard serves every bit of primary motive.

But at the same time, we believe that today’s these best starter mechanical keyboard have almost everything in it. Finding the best mechanical keyboard India is a tedious job for few peoples when there are options to choose from 100’s of them.

Yes, some keyboards are better than the other. Since it depends upon the usage for normal computers and desktops. Membrane keyboards serve their own purpose. For instance, if you use a keyboard for Typing and Gaming mostly a membrane keyboard there is no offence to that.

But as the time goes feel and typing experience goes down no matter how much these best starter mechanical keyboard costs.

We are aware of the difference between a mechanical keyboard and a normal keyboard.

This post about best mechanical keyboard India in 2023 help you make a firm decision for yourself. Thus, having a proper best mechanical keyboard under 5000 which cost more than a 1000 bucks is essential when you work most of the times on PC.

Some peoples are not going to invest 5k for just a keyboard.  So how, does it looks to buy the best mechanical keyboard India under 5,000 to 15,000 rupees from Amazon. Now, before we talk about the usage of a Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard and a membrane keyboard.  

We love to talk about why you should get a best starter mechanical keyboard under 5000 rupees for yourself. Membrane keyboards come with a rubber dome paired with a single membrane for all the keys to work together.

Whereas, membrane keyboard cannot be called as best mechanical keyboard India due to some limitations. The membrane beneath the keyboard makes contact with the dome from an electrical circuit to work. 

Thus, this is how it works. And, most of the time we felt after heavy usage this doesn’t feel that good. We mean the keystrokes keep on getting harder and the actuation point gets tough. Now, when we talk about the Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard under 5000 rupees. 

Things are a little different. When we talk about budget gaming keyboard India in 2023 there has to be the name of few Best Gaming Monitor in India in 2023 you can buy. There is quite an impressive no of gaming monitors and mechanical keyboards available in the market today.

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These are one of the best mechanical keyboard India in 2023, we assume picking one for you will suffice the need for the best budget keyboards. 

These mechanical keyboards have actual switches loaded with spring inside it. And each key actuates and return the key to its original position on the press. This is where Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard under Rupees 5,000 to 1,0000 ones get ahead concerning membrane lacking such kind of real-time feedback.

However, a mechanical keyboard feels solid after pressing a key allows a perfect feel and impact. Mostly, users choice would be a membrane keyboard. Indeed they are good comes cheap for the price and perhaps the best budget keyboards.

With average users, gamers also praise a Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard under 5,000 Rupees. Since these keyboards offer a kind of advantage while gaming as the response time is much faster. Few types a lot.

For them having a look at few best starter mechanical keyboard are awesome for a price less than 5,000 Rupees. We mean since the starting a blog we feel the need for a Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard for writing most of our post.

We then found the best budget mechanical keyboard for writing pieces of stuff. But when doing professional works you might need to see a few best budget keyboards for price less than Rupees 5,000. Since there are some keyboards along with you may have a dream of building a new PC.

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This is a wonderful mechanical keyboard in India in a budget segment. This makes almost clear to everyone that the best budget mechanical keyboard for gaming is for everyone. Since there is a massive market in India for the “Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard Under 5000 – 10000 Rupees”.

We thought to share a list of the best budget mechanical keyboard under 5000 rupees out there. Some of them have RGB backlights with no-nonsense than targeted professionals. To read about more one Mechanical Keyboards please refer to the Wikipedia

Find the best-compiled list of the Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard under 5000 rupees for gaming available in Indian E-commerce sites. Here we start.

1. ZEBRONICS Zeb-MAX Chroma Premium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

ZEBRONICS Zeb-MAX Chroma Premium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

With the ergonomically designed ZEB-Max Chroma premium mechanical keyboard, you can type or game in comfort. There are 104 mechanical keys on the keyboard, featuring 12 multimedia keys with tactile feedback. The RGB illuminated keyboard features 18 pre-programmed LED modes and one programmable mode, as well as six LED speed modes.

It includes 6 lights, including an OFF mode, and comes with an RGB LED rest to offer you rest and comfort. This keyboard is built for players, ranging from high-quality blue mechanical switches to the RGB backlight. The mechanical keyboard comes 12 inbuilt media keys for a more fluid experience in all that you do.

The ZEB-Max Chroma is a full-size 104-key keyboard that provides adequate space, a wrist rest, and ergonomically spread out keys to make typing a breeze. ZEB-Max Chroma comes with an enable/disable function key for windows, which helps players eliminate distractions and stay focused on gaming.

A lengthy and robust braided cable with a gold-plated USB connector comes standard with the mechanical keyboard. It features a rubberized bottom grip and a retractable stand. The RGB backlit keys on the ZEB-Max Chroma mechanical keyboard have 18 pre-programmed LED modes Plus 1 programmable setting, as well as 6 LED speed modes.

There are six brightness settings to choose from, as well as an off setting. Get optimal comfort while gaming with the mechanical keyboard’s RGB Wrist Rest, which helps give adequate rest when gaming and contributes to an overall LIT gaming setup.

Things I liked the most

  • It seems to have a metal frame inside, which makes it quite sturdy.
  • Wires that have been braided and are quite thick
  • The RGB Backlit keys make typing a delight. Each key has its own LED.
  • Without creating any eye strain, key letters are plainly visible at night.
  • The brightness of the LED can be changed.
  • You can effortlessly switch between different LED modes.
  • It’s a lifesaver to have custom mode. (Turning ON the specific keys only)
  • There is sufficient space between the keys.
  • Of course, it is long-lasting.

However, not just performance makes it 2023’s greatest mechanical keyboard. To keep things simple, I’ll concentrate solely on Outemu switches used in ZEB-Max Chroma premium. Zebronics starts its newest Outemu switches, the first entirely mechanical value market switch intended for keyboards for the company. Mechanical keyboards aren’t widely used, but they’re growing more so.

2. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11 Aluminium Mechanical Keyboard

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11 is the best selling mechanical keyboard in India and ideal for gaming purpose. It has solid Alumumnium construction body and consists of Full 104-mechanical Blue/Brown switches.

You will witness 13 RGB backlight effects with customizing color options. Not only that the keyboard posses its own memory and it remembers the last preset color settings after you shut down the PC. 
It has a beautifully crafted Alumuminum design with a “Cosmic Byte” logo lighting up at sides. 

The brightness can be controlled using 4-level brightness effects that are dedicated to 8 gaming-specific lighting modes. Cosmic Byte uses JI XIAN (Blue) mechanical switches and the keys have 50 million life span

The JI XIAN switches are soft and have 45gm of actual force to register a click. The wrist rest pad offers soothing gaming or typing experience for a longer period.

Why you should buy a Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11 ?- Best Budget Mechanical keyboard for gaming

The Cosmic Byte budget mechanical keyboard keys produce “CLICK” sound when pressed whereas BLUE switches are preferred by TYPISTS, BLOGGERS, PROGRAMMERS, CONTENT WRITERS, and BROWN switches are for GAMERS, OFFICE and so on. 

This is the best budget mechanical keyboard for gaming with Ergonomic design, 10-full keys, and more than 13 backlight effects that make it completely stand out among its major counterparts – Redgear MK881.

The cable is braided and looks sturdy and will last for long. This budget mechanical keyboard has a gold plated USB interface of 2 meters of length. The double-shot injection keys are well built and have a removable detachable wrist pad.

The keys on this keyboard support Anti-ghosting and have a 1200mHZ polling rateIt has 8 dedicated multimedia function keys for faster media access such as media control, sound, internet and more. 

The double short injection technology in keycaps helps prevent fading the letters/characters even when used rigorously for a prolonged time. The Muti function hotkeys in the budget mechanical keyboard allow superior workflow throughout the gaming/work session. 

It has a 1.41 kg of weight that prevents the keyboard from skidding during the gaming sessions. Moreover, you get a keycap puller with the keyboard also the keyboard is resistant to liquid spills but not IP67 rated. 

3. HK Gaming GK61 Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

HK Gaming GK61



You probably never heard of HK Gaming GK61. But is this the best mechanical keyboard? If yes, then why should you take this? To be honest, HK Gaming GK61 is an expensive mechanical keyboard.

TKL keyboard in India are less and if they are available prices remain a little higher than usual. HK Gaming GK61 is a standard sized 60% RGB mechanical keyboard and can be the best programming keyboard in india besides Cosmic Byte CB-GK-14 Sirius which is sold at a similar price point.

Now, what this TKL keyboard offers is a set of different color variant choice, Gateron Optical Blue, Gateron Optical Brown, Gateron Optical Yellow. This is a pure tenkeyless mechanical keyboard india that comes with USB-C wired connection and optical switches.

The connection is based over USB and the USB-C cable is easily detachable for optimal use. Optical switches are said to be more durable than any other mechanical switches with guaranteed keystrokes of 100 millions.

The actuation point is 1.5mm for better response. However the Gateron switches are combined with Light Strike technology that gives out horizontal infrared beams transferred to the inner width of the keyswitch to establish connection fast.

And all these are possible due to the optical mechanism that HK Gaming GK61 tenkeyless mechanical keyboard india utilizes within its framework. Gateron switches are fast, responsive and tactile and with 0.2ms of response you can game on this device without worrying about failed keystrokes.

The most highlighting fact of HK Gaming GK61 rgb mechanical keyboard india is the keys on the keyboard are easily swappable and can be replaced with keys of your choice. The keys are not soldered to the keyboard which gives you the chance to easily swap keys with other mechanical keys found on amazon.

Overall the HK Gaming GK61 – 10 keyless mechanical keyboard india is amazing, compact and fast. Whereas the yellow keys are little expensive but we recommend you buy Gateron Optical Brown switches else if sound don’t bother go with Blue.

But are they the best mechanical keyboard for typing? Yes, due to the adequate level of comfort we can say, you can write code on it and glide through without any errors. There are in-built macros present all you need is to get an insight of the software.

If you are looking to make an aesthetic build under a specific budget then this keyboard will surely be the best option for you at this moment. Right from the unboxing of  the keyboard everything is programmable, doesn’t sound like Cherry MX Blue, switches are amazing and on top a real compact design to suit your style.

4. GAMDIAS Hermes M5 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


The Gamdias HERMES M5 offers a new perspective on double-colored keycaps, N-key roller, 32-bit arm cortex processor that incorporates 6 lights and refined aluminium finishing. This is a mechanical keyboard that blends functionality and aesthetics.

HERMES M5 has a fresh look at dual-coloured keycaps, an N-key rollover, a 32-bit Arm Cortex processor, which has 6 lighting effects and a refined alloy finish.

It’s the keyboard combining aesthetic pragmatism. The HERMES M5 is a mechanical keyboard with a minimalist design. This keyboard has a built-in memory and 5 profiles with programmable lighting effects. Sign your own signature with this fantastic keyboard by pressing FN + F-key to record your profiles.

A sleek mechanical keyboard with white and ice-blue keycaps. Blue switches, 5 brightness levels and six built-in lighting effects, with RGB lighting. The HERMES M5 is distinguished by its stable front plate and delicate brushed metal finish, which is forged with an aluminium bezel. 1.5m cable length.

Why you should buy a GAMDIAS Hermes M5?- Best Budget Mechanical keyboard for gaming

Maintain a tidy desktop setup and breathe new life into the room with a new unobtrusive mechanical keyboard. Hygge decor has two keycap colorways, transparent and fresh. Now introduce this serenity into your gaming environment.

This is a robust mid-range keyboard, easy on your eyes and ears. Really pleased it fits with (Mint) Linux, my keyboard’s first LED gaming keyboard.

Just bling enough. I’m going for ideal for my blue and white configuration. It’s not only aesthetically pleasant, but also great functionality. It only comes in one colour, but that’s fine!

  • GAMDIAS Hermes E3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Price: 4,099 | Buy Now: Amazon

  • GAMDIAS Hermes E1 Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming Mouse Combo 

Price: 3,999 | Buy Now: Amazon

  • GAMDIAS Hermes E1B Multi 4-in-1 Combo Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming Set

Price: 3,999 | Buy Now: Amazon

5. Gigabyte Mechanical Orginal Cherry Blue Keyboard – Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

If you are looking for a budget mechanical keyboard or best mechanical keyboard under 5000 with Original Cherry MX switches then, your search ends here. Gigabyte has come up with a mechanical keyboard having original Cherry MX switches.

It looks similar to TVS Gold but feels better and sturdy and with authentic Cherry MX switches, this is for the cheapest best budget mechanical keyboard with Blue Cherry switches in the market. 
Many users have used this and found real pleasure to type on this mechanical keyboard.

It’s no RGB keyboard mainly focused on professionals but also gamers can take benefits out of it. Also, the keyboard does not have multimedia function buttons also the illumination part is missing with the keyboard. A long time ago many Indian brands used to offer original Cherry MX switches with small prices but now there is no keyboard except Gigabyte to offer the best mechanical keyboard under 5000. 

The keyboard is compact for the size and has 104 keys including the number keys. This budget mechanical keyboard is suited for bloggers, typists, writers, and gamers too. The solid construction of the keyboard does not provide any flex or movement on the desk.

Most people seem to have preferred Blue mechanical switches than the RED switches.  Anyone looking for a mechanical keyboard with original Cherry MX Brown, Red switches can go high on budget. 

  • Original Cherry MX blue switches
  • Strong and heavy keyboard
  • Simple design
  • Anti-Ghosting
  • Dual-purpose function keys
  • Windows lock functionality
  • Non-slip rubber feet stand


  • No backlight
  • Comparatively loud clicky noise may be inappropriate in the office environment

Why should you buy Gigabyte Mechanical Cherry Blue Keyboard | Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

You should actually buy this keyboard because it has Original Cherry MX Blue switches and comes in an affordable price tagIf you are looking for an RGB mechanical keyboard then, you should avoid Gigabyte mechanical keyboard instead you should consider popular brands like Redgear, Cosmic Byte, Corsair or Asus.

Be aware that those do not have original Cherry MX switches like this one. If you are a coder, blogger, or writer then chooses Gigabyte best budget mechanical keyboard and don’t fall for lighting gimmicks. 

In short, if you are under budget and looking for a best mechanical keyboard under 5000 with Orginal Cherry MX (Blue) switches then Gigabyte mechanical keyboard should be your top choice.

These Original Cherry MX blue switches have pleasing clicky and better sound than those of Redgear, Cosmic Byte, AsusOriginal Cherry MX switches at an affordable price are enough to justify. If you’re really into gaming try Gigabyte mechanical keyboard. It’s pretty solid build doesn’t move from the surface while typing or when putting much pressure.

We’re pretty sure that you do not find a better keyboard (Non-RGB) in this price bracket. If you had a mechanical keyboard earlier with Chinese Cherry MX (Clone) switches. Consider buying Gigabyte original Cherry MX switches for better typing experience and gaming experience.

  • GIGABYTE AORUS K9 Premium Mechanical Keyboard

Price: 9,900 | Buy Now: Amazon

6. Redgear Invador MK881 Mechanical Keyboard (Black)


Redgear MK881 Invador mechanical keyboard

Readgear makes some great gaming accessories and sells at an affordable price. However, the Redgear Invador MK881 is a popular and cheapest mechanical keyboard in India due to various reasons. The construction of the keyboard is contracted using hard plastic and a metal plate on the top.

Almost every games insist to buy Redgear Invador MK881 mechanical keyboard India.

It has a nice long braided cable with a gold plated USB connector and rubber feet at the bottom prevents it from slipping off the desk. Redgear Invador MK881 is having Kalih Blue/Brown switches and the only one of its kind that offers a selection of switches to users.

The keys can be customized similar to other companies but they are not cherry MX but it should do the work nicely as they impress with extra clicky sound but choose brown switches if not fond of the loud clicky sound.

The Redgear Invador MK881 is one of the cheapest mechanical keyboard India. Honestly, the keycaps are ABS double injecting molded something similar to what we found in Zebronics Max Pro.

Why should you buy Redgear Invador MK881 | Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

redgear mk881 mechanciald keyboard

The first and foremost reason to buy a mechanical keyboard India due to gaming, coding, blogging and so on. This Redgear Invador MK881 has got the best RGB lighting that can also be controlled using the software inbuilt RGB profiles in it.
The keyboard may be the cheapest mechanical keyboard India but have passed all the test such as anti-ghosting, n-rollover. Although typing is real fun in this mechanical keyboard. It’s solid build and lots of additional or useful features given to enrich the user experience. It might be the best budget mechanical keyboard for gamers. A few highlights that we want to mention about the Redgear Invador MK881 are: There are 6 preset light modes, 3 preset alternate modes, and 3 customizable modes.

  • Full light (entire keyboard is lighted, the key turns off on press)
  • Light on keypress (entire keyboard is off, key lights up on press)
  • Row by row (lights each row 1 by 1 starting at the bottom)
  • Ocean wave (each key turns on and off slowly in a soothing, calming pattern)
  • Pulse (entire keyboard slowly dims and lights up)
  • Heartbeat (sends waves of light from the key you press.)
  • Special preset 1, 2, 3: lights up different sections of the keyboard. useful while gaming at night.
  • Custom preset 1, 2, 3: you can set up exactly which keys will light up. super useful.
  • Redgear Shadow Blade (Budget) Mechancial Keyboard with Wrist Support

Price: 2,499 | Buy Now: Amazon

  • Redgear Shadow Amulet (Budget) Mechancial Keyboard Without Wrist Support

Price: 1,799 | Buy Now: Amazon

7. Redgear Shadow Blade Mechanical Keyboard with wrist support for keyboard  

Redgear Shadow Blade Mechanical Keyboard

In India, Redgear recently launched a new gaming mechanical keyboard. This is the best mechanical keyboard under 2500 that includes a wrist pad. Redgear’s Shadow Blade is a low-cost mechanical keyboard with blue Outemu switches that currently sells for less than 2000 rupees. The Redgear’s Shadow Blade mechanical keyboard is the perfect mechanical keyboard for typists, programmers, and gamers, since it significantly reduces effort and ensures less typos.

Due to the fact that the floating keycaps on the Redgear’s Shadow Blade mechanical keyboard produce a clicky sound, this is appropriate. This best-value mechanical keyboard features 22 Spectrum LED modes with full RGB profiles and modes. Additionally, the wrist support and window key lock feature ensure that you can enjoy gaming for extended periods of time.

The Redgear Shadow Blade Mechanical Keyboard is just 1.3kg in weight, with an aluminium plate on top and plastic on the rest. The mechanical keyboard with wrist pad adds durability and makes it easier to operate for extended periods of time.

The keys are RGB and sufficiently bright to operate in low light. Additionally, it includes various RGB modes with presets for customising the colour of the keys.

Mechanical keyboards with cherry mx blue switches are suitable for anyone, owing to the pleasing sound they make. You can visit Amazon directly to learn more about this gaming keyboard under 2000.

The top of the Redgear Shadow Blade features a rotating knob, which is extremely useful during the gaming season.


Redgear is one of the best mechanical keyboard brands. Redgear Shadow Blade is definitely a better choice for all the above requirements. You can use it for any purpose you like. Be it office, home or gaming. Redgear mechanical keyboard price may look cheaper but offers a way premium quality than you can hope for. 

You can surely buy this budget mechanical keyboard – Redgear Shadow Blade if you are looking for a affordable, good build quality, wrist support for keyboard at this price bracket. I own at least 5 mechanical keyboard from Redgear and they never disappointed me. Keys do not have wobble effects, offers great feedback and provide awesome RGB looks.

8. HyperX Alloy Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Original Cherry MX Red

hyperX mechanical keyboard

HyperX needs no introduction and this RED original cherry MX Red switches feels solid and durable. If you tend to love RGB’s a lot then, this professional mechanical keyboard is not for you. Cherry MX brown offers good tactile feedback similar to Cherry MX Blue but they don’t sound that clicky.

The HyperX Alloy Elite Cheap Mechanical Keyboard is perfect for gamers. It has a unique light bar also offer great lighting effects.

A solid frame covering the entire keyword help take abuses and a fast stand included ensure easy going when hammering the keys with your fingers. Original Cherry MX proves offers better tactile and durability and the feature-rich multimedia keyboard and No fumbling at all using the multimedia switches.

Always wanted additional coloured textures keycaps? Now You can Alloy Elite offer swappable keys to make the keyboard look distinctive and wonderful. How can you forget the Detachable Wrist Rest? The soft-touch coating and detachable wrist provides adequate cushioning and prevent fatigue during the gaming sessions.

Do you know HyperX Alloy has different Quick Access Buttons – You can literally increase/decrease brightness or enable/disable game mode with a soft touch of a button.

The conventional connection using USB 2.0 make this HyperX mechanical keyboard is one you should consider for gaming needs. It takes away the burden by offering comfortable, detachable wrist rest and at last a complete peace of mind to the user.

9. Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L with Intelligent White LED

cooler master masterkeys L pro mechanical keyboard

Cooler Master is a manufacturer in computer peripherals but that doesn’t mean they cannot make a cheap mechanical keyboard. This is a pure mechanical keyboard with white lighting effects and has intelligent sensing for easy typing and gaming.

The keys on this keyboard are Authentic cherry MX switches – gamers demand that offer loud and tactile feedback when pressed. The keyboard has 87 mechanical blue switches further absent of NUMPAD keys makes it shorter in size, and less hassle while carrying.

The Ergonomics design takes care of your wrist and not cause fatigue during the gaming session. The budget mechanical keyboard adds a style, comfort, and simplicity together in affordable pricing. It has more than 8 backlight modes and available in two colours: Black/White. The keyboard has rock-solid performance and built to last longer with +ABS type material.

The Blue switches have the 50 million times strokes lifespan. You also get a Key Puller along with the keyboard and a manual.

10. Zebronics MaxPlus LED Gaming | Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard


Zebronics has always introduced low budget products. When you hold the keyword you’ll come to know this keyboard has a premium feel compared to other 10k or above keyboards. If you’re not willing to spend 10k for Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard then, you must have this thing on your wish list this will fulfil most of your needs.

This is the first Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard for gaming. Indeed this is the budget mechanical keyboard in India available for the price its offered. This is perhaps I recommend using and this is far the best budget keyboards for the price less than Rupees 5,000.

And, for many, the reviews suggest that this keyboard has got a nice aluminium texture that makes it heavy to lift off. Well, that also means it will have a firm grip on the surface where it’s kept. The switch types are exactly like Cherry Mx Blue switches, but it’s just the replica of China-made cherry switches but works almost similar to what you get in Cherry MX switches.

A backlight that what makes this keyboard awesome and when you type on this it sound likes tic as on a typewriter. The Keys are mechanical and a delight for gamers. It has 7 RGB modes and you can make custom ones also (people complain about no static colour but you can do that by creating a custom mode and clicking on all the keys).

It has 5 brightness options and 3-4 speed options. This is the very low Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard that comes with a warranty of 5 years. It’s Good Heavy keyboard having awesome lighting effects with amazing clicky sound.

The tough braided wire we have used on TVs Gold. No significant difference in typing experience. TVS Gold is a bit bigger but a bigger backspace is a saviour.

But finding the difference between mechanical keyboard and normal keyboards are quite cheap and leaves the feel after some time in a normal one. This is to say this Zebronics max plus will be like a new one after prolonged use.

Some of the best things we like about this keyboard are:

  • Great Build Quality
  • Actual Mechanical switches with very accurate Cherry MX Blue Switches.
  • All Black body for a minimal look
  • The metal plate below key switches for best steady input with little to no flex.
  • 7 LED style modes give you a little flair to the plain keyboard to your liking.
  • Very very satisfied after switching from Corsair membrane keyboard at the same pricing.

The Zebronics Max Plus is a great product for the price. A true best budget mechanical keyboard for gaming at this price is very much appreciated. Looks great, feels sturdy and works like a charm. This is one of the best mechanical keyboard in India for the price available at Amazon. 

Apart from Charms & looks this is one of the best mechanical keyboard budget under Rupees 3,000 for all your gaming requirements. Not only that you do a standard 2-years warranty along with it. Zebronics is an Indian brand and has lots of Tech things available for Indian tech lovers.

Why should you buy a Zebronics MaxPlus?- Best Budget Mechanical keyboard for gaming

The latest inclusion of Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard has started and a reason behind Zebronics Premium. This is the best budget mechanical keyboard for gaming are exclusive to gamers. Building on the success of this keyboard Max announces an advance version of the gaming keyboard.

It integrates into the gaming industry nicely. It’s the best budget keyboards for the price of less than Rupees 5,000. The quality constriction is really good for the price you’re paying. With Zebronics Max keyboards featuring suspended keycaps along with keys with double injection has more durability and better gaming experience overall

This best budget mechanical keyboard for gaming is made purely keeping in mind the gaming needs but that doesn’t mean you can’t do other kinds of stuff. Every aspect of this keyboard from every detail is engineered to ground up with tactile feedback. 

Switch actuation and everything that gamers can expect from a high-end keyboard. With just a price tag of 2.5k, the Zebronics max plus is one of the Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard is the vested refined sense of sophistication.

11. Redragon K551 VARA- Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

 Redragon K551 Vara LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Readgear k551 VARA is not just an average keyboard. With loads of features including heavy-duty aluminium and ABS constructionIt’s ultra lasting with double-shot injection moulded keycaps make it crisp and easier to type or work with everything. For this price, you won’t get anything better.

The build quality is great. Enough to take the abuse of years. The lighting is cool. Sadly it only comes with one mode(the breathing mode). But you can’t ask for more at this price. There is the difference between mechanical keyboard and normal keyboards that is why the prices are on higher on a mechanical keyboard.

So don’t hesitate to buy, if you want a real best budget mechanical keyboard for gaming with proper RGB to work then you must consider this for your gaming needs.

Things that we have really liked about this Redragon k551 VARA

  1. The red backlight
  2. The price
  3. The keys feel and sound. They may not be Cherry MX Blues, but they use something called Outemu Blues, which are a bit like the blues. So far the keyboard seems to consist in feel across all keys.
  4. The rubberized feet and stand. we cannot emphasize enough how much important this is. Speed typing >100 words a minute needs you to have a stable typing posture. A keyboard that keeps slipping forward as you type will slow you down.

Alright, there are some flaws in it but we don’t think these are as important

  1. Without the backlight, the letters on the keys are not very visible. You need at least low-medium backlight setting to keep a good view of letters without straining your eyes.
  2.  No selective backlighting. I can’t light specific letters on the keyboard.

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Why should you buy a Redragon k551 VARA? – Best Budget Mechanical keyboard for gaming

Keyboard working fine so far after 1 month of use. Keys are clicky and responsive. And yes it does have anti-ghosting as well. Switches can be compared to cherry MX Blue rather than the mentioned green ones. Overall build quality is really good. The wire is pretty long as well, so don’t worry about the wire length unless your CPU is pretty far away from your actual setup. 

All and all “Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard for gaming”. The Switches are amazing. They are Kailh Green’s as they’ve mentioned on their website. They have good travel and sound very satisfying. The BackLight is pretty good. It has a breathing mode and normal mode where again the LED’s get pretty bright. 

It looks good, especially in the dark. There is the difference between mechanical keyboard and normal keyboard where they actuate precise force to register a button on the PC screen. Perhaps, this one is from mainland China, still, it is the best mechanical keyboard budget under Rupees 3,000 and has got quite a lot fan following.

Coming to warranty on the box it says 18 months and the distributor’s tag is in the box with their support contact number. So the warranty also shouldn’t be an issue.

12. Gamdias Hermes E2 7 Color Mechanical Gaming Keyboard -Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

Gamdias Hermes P1 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you’re wondering why we listed this product to be the best budget mechanical keyboard for gaming. Gamdias is having certified mechanical keyboards that offer you a quick response to gaming. With more than 50 million strokes of long-lasting keyboards. HERMES E2 offers a great choice of working during nights. 

This is the best budget mechanical keyboard for gaming that offers you with Neon Light spectrum with more than 7 colors options to choose from. If you have ever played on the GKC-100 combo and you will get pleasantly surprised with it. After using it for months you will gain some faith in their products and decide to opt one Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard for gaming. 

It absolutely looks for tenkeyless (i.e. without Numpad) board for a change and reduced size, and this fit the bill perfectly. You’ll be truly loving this keyboard the clicky sound of the switches gives a great feel. They do have proper depth and tactile feedback.

Like most of the budget mechanical keyboard in India available for the price lesser than the Rupees 5,000. You can use the Amazon Lightning deal to pull the trigger on this so that you can get some discount other than buying it at the regular price. Don’t worry if you do not get this best mechanical keyboard budget under the Lightning deal.

You do get this best mechanical keyboard budget relatively lesser than Zebronics Max Plus or Redgraon Mechanical keyboard. Before investing in those costly high-end mechanical cherry boards give this Gamdias Hermes E2 7 a Try. This is the best budget mechanical keyboard for gaming a try and guess are there will be no need for it later on.

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Why should you buy a Gamdias Hermes E2 7? – Best Budget Mechanical keyboard for gaming

To sum it up this is a mix of plastic and aluminum and there could have been more options regarding the lighting on the keys.

  • A great starter keyboard
  • Keys and keycaps are nice
  • Built quality is also good
  • Full anti-ghosting
  • Lights are nice and bright
  • And many more

If you’re looking for a best mechanical keyboard in India for 2023. Choose the best one according to your need for regular work such as typing, editing or so. This one having this clicky sound you expect from a Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard switches. 

They are having a great feel and proper tactile feedback while there may be costly mechanical keyboards. They are having Red, Brown or Blue switches but you can’t ignore the fact that it comes with an ultra-cheap cost. Something that you can’t expect in this price segment.

Also, Amazon offers you a straight 10-days return policy. There is a significant difference between mechanical keyboard and normal keyboards when you’re playing games or using it for professional works on a PC. That’s a reasonable price of a Mechanical Keyboards are always on a higher note.

If, you’re not satisfied with the product you can return it anytime. No hard rules for you. Get these best mechanical keyboard budget under Rupees 5,000 that will satisfy the need for gaming on a PC. So, why wait and let things go from hands.

Get the Top budget mechanical keyboard in India of 2023 here in Amazon with some ushering deals on them. Currently, find these amazon best budget mechanical keyboard for gaming in India are running with an offer where you can get some cashback.

13. Circle Gaming Squadron-Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

The circle is a renowned brand in PC manufacturing components and the best part is they have now introduced a mechanical keyboard with Circle gaming series. This is a gaming mechanical keyboard having “Long Hua Blue” switches which is a parent company of popular “Kailh” switches

This budget mechanical keyboard has a long-standing for built, design and warranty, especially in India. If you consider the best mechanical keyboard under 5000 from CosmicByte, Redgear or any other then, there is possibly no warranty for repair in India. 

But Circle has several service centers all over India which anyone can walk-in-person if the mechanical keyboard tends to have defect after the amazon return period is over. The Circle mechanical keyboard is shorter in size due to the non-availability of the Numpad region.

Most reviews suggest that the quality of the keyboard is good having great clicky sound and also has customizable RGB lighting. There are 4 levels of brightness. Although the font on the keycaps is not that appealing but its simple and looks elegant.

It has the tiniest keycaps than the other mechanical keyboard so, bigger hands may face some difficulties while typing and gaming. The switch type is BLUE that depicts loud clicky sound with True RGB lighting for each key however, you do not get any software control.

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Why should you buy Circle Gaming Squadron – Best Budget Mechanical keyboard for gaming

It has a TKL layout which is an absence of the number pad which most people don’t use. Essentially the saved space by leaving the Numpad. You get a metal top frame and braided USB cable. The keyboard performs well in gaming but this one has a blue switch which will crank up the volume as we’re familiar with blue mechanical switches but a true RGB mechanical keyboard from a renowned brand (Circle Gaming) is worth putting your hard-earned money in. 
So, why wait to get the Circle gaming mechanical keyboard that holds firm throughout the typing/gaming session. A keyboard which is built like a tank and when used to blue tic toc noise this becomes a forever companion for you and the PC. Despite everything offered in this keyboard, the proprietary mechanical switches from Circle gaming are not that loud. It is said that Kalih blue switches are the louder than this which may not be good for the office environment. 
The keys are quite good and feel soft while typing the actuation force is 45g for this keyboard switch. The only CON about this keyboard is the font used in this keyboard is odd gamer-oriented which looks childish. We hope Circle can make a better font than a conventional type key. Overall this is the best mechanical keyboard under 5000 and comes from a renowned brand (Circle Gaming) also, you will be eligible for offsite warranty service here in India

14. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

hyperX value for money mechanical keyboard india

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro is a straightforward and functional as the name suggest “FPS PRO” they have excellent switches, more streamlined design, genuine Cherry Mx making them the best budget keyboard India you can get. HyperX hasn’t been making a keyboard for a long time but impressive features and efforts to manufacture peripherals for gamers have shoved a perfect way.
Most cheapest mechanical keyboard India mainly has tenkeyless Cherry Mx clones. But when it comes to experiencing the genuine mechanical keys – Soft Reds, Tactile Browns or Clackety Blues. The HyperX Alloy FPS Pro offers everything under the budget.
Since this is a value for money mechanical keyboard India still it retains a customizable software so that you can assign and operate using different options and function keys. This functionalities with a blend of integrated keyboard software help a user tweak more options during a gaming session. The best budget keyboard India operates and makes a better streamlined approachable value for money mechanical keyboard India. If instead need additions we think of an included wrist rest to suffice everyday work.
However, if you want to buy mechanical keyboard India ensure it can match with your tournament skills. The aesthetic appeal makes it more prominent than any other mechanical keyboard in India. On the contrary, the HyperX Alloy FPS Pro lacks the reprogrammable buttons which might be a drawback for many gamers. Nevertheless, this is the cheapest mechanical keyboard India designed to work at a reasonable price. This mechanical keyboard India is dedicated for better FPS player letting you play games for a longer period of time.

15. XPG Summoner RGB Mechanical Gaming Multimedia USB Keyboard – Cherry MX Blue Switches – Detachable Magnetic Wrist Rest – USB Passthrough & Media Controls – 100% Anti Ghostings Keys

 XPG Summoner RGB Mechanical keyboard

XPG RGB Mechanical Keyboard is the cheapest cherry MX keyboard available in India. The keys are known by the name of MX Cherry Silver Speed switches.
It comes with a premium full-aluminium body with preset RGB backlit in seven lighting modes.
The XPG Summoner cheap mechanical gaming keyboard is specially designed for gamers and built to last for years.
The ergonomics details, accessories, personalized setting, and RGB mechanical keyboard India has merely set as this code of supremacy under your hands.
This cherry MX Brown keyboard India offers supreme multimedia control parchment at the best place for your right time. It has 5 Macro Keys, 7 RGB modes so that you can bestow yourself ere your challenge contemptuously.
The detachable wrist pad in this cheap mechanical gaming keyboard has a magnetic leatherette-coated wrist rest that allows leatherette-coated wrist rest permitting you to detach quickly and play pleasantly for a prolonged period.
With extra USB Port, this is the best budget mechanical keyboard India for maintaining your order in gaming war zome and on your front desk so good.
For someone looking for genuine cherry MX Brown keyboard India, this keyboard offers the best value for money proposition. This is a complete RGB mechanical keyboard India with excellent build quality with the top of the line premium keyboards.
Switch Caps in this best budget mechanical keyboard India were comfortable sharp at the edges. But the main highlight of XPG Summoner RGB mechanical keyboard in India is the wrist rest. So soft and cushioned. This is one of the best mechanical keyboards for programming even the volume roller is a welcome feature.
If you want to buy mechanical keyboard India for programming, gaming then this one has the best features among all others. With MACRO KEYS features, 100% Anti-Ghosting and USB passthrough port (2.0) becomes a definite pick in our best budget mechanical keyboard list.

16. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-14 Sirius Bluetooth & Wired Mechanical Keyboard with Per Key RGB, Outemu Blue Switches

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-14 Sirius Bluetooth keyboard

If you have owned multiple cheap mechanical keyboard before then you will be amazed to see how good is the build quality with this wireless cheap mechanical gaming keyboard.
This best budget mechanical keyboard is designed well with good weight and no flex, having cherry MX brown keyboard in India replica known as Outemu Blue Switches feels similar to genuine Cherry MX switches.
This is cosmicbyte keyboard mechanical with Bluetooth & Wired and having RGB in per key. The Keycaps are well- structured while thin but have a strong material used in it.
If you ever used a cheap mechanical gaming keyboard the first thing you would notice in this best gaming keyboard under 3000 is the slight texture that has been infused to give it a more premium look but it may wear off in some time due to heavy usage.
The LED lighting in this RGB mechanical keyboard India is good and plenty. The Bluetooth connectivity work quite well once you set it up. Also, there is additional support for wired more that look convenient for use. However, the company does not provide the necessary micro-USB cable (Any smartphone cable) so there is hardly any person who is going to use this on wired mode.
Definitely, you can charge the keyboard once in a while and use it for weeks the battery backup is good on this cheap mechanical gaming keyboard from CosmicByte.
One of the biggest advantages, when you buy mechanical keyboard India, is the endless RGB set of animations and colour options you wish to have in a gaming keyboard. This CosmicByte keyboard mechanical is best suited for programmers and gamers.
The top row of the CosmicByte keyboard mechanical CB-GK-14 Sirius has set like USB, Lock, Bluetooth Connections and game modes.
Overall, the CosmicByte mechanical keyboard felt satisfying and has a solid construction, with pleasing clicks. Though they provide a replica of cherry MX brown keyboard India – Outemu Blue Switches this becomes the best gaming keyboard under 4000.

17. Ant Esports MK1000 Multicolour LED Backlit Wired TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches


Ant Esports MK1000 keyboard

Ant Esports MK1000 is one of the most popular cheap mechanical keyboard in India today. The keyboard has 7-color backlight option with each row having its specific colour option. 6-Preset lighting effects and 104-Antighosting keys, N-key Rollover makes it fall under top 10 budget mechanical keyboards.
Mechanical keyboard price in India has dropped drastically this made more people try out different mechanical keyboards that suits their budget and requirements. Ant Esports MK1000 has Blue Switches (Outemu Blue) known for the accurate delivery and responsiveness for typing and gaming.
Since this RGB mechanical keyboard, India has more than 50-million keystroke lifespan. They are more prominent for use during #PCbuild. This keyboard delivers good build quality with satisfying clicks. The actuation force is 50g and has tactile feedback. However, each row has a fixed colour not an RGB what they claim.
But this keyboard receives the most appreciation because typing on this keyboard is so much fun. The Blue Outemu Switches used offers a good clicky tactile feedback of the keys every time you click. Listening to them would be so much fun to ears.
As they say, no product is perfect the RGB part is most disgusting but when you consider the mechanical keyboard price in India you only left with 10 or so lightning effects.
This is one of the best gaming keyboard under 3000 not just because of the price but the smaller form factor that lets you get over with NUMPAD section so that you can find some space for the mouse if you have a small setup. You can buy mechanical keyboard India with a smaller form factor that requires no hustling when carrying around in a backpack.
Since lots of tech enthusiast already reviewed the ANT Esports1000 Blue switch mechanical keyboard, this is good for gaming as well for casual office works.

18. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-13 Neon Rainbow Backlit Mechanical Keyboard with Brown Outemu Switch

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-13 keyboard

I’ve already reviewed Cosmic Byte CB-GK-03 earlier but now discontinued. But no worries Cosmic Byte CB-GK-13 Neon is back leaving the old jixian switches to new Outemu Blue Switches which are mostly used in Redgear, Zebronics and premium mechanical keyboards.
This CB GK 12 Cosmic Byte mechanical keyboard has two variants available now on AmazonAmazon: One with Blue switches another with Brown Switch. We’ve already reviewed the Blue Switches from Outemu this time we have cheap cherry MX brown keyboard (Replica) from Outemu.
This is an entry-level cheapest cherry MX keyboard from Cosmic Byte carrying blue and brown switches. I took off brown for the lower sound but similar tactile feel. Perhaps it is one of the cheap mechanical gaming keyboard available for just 2000 rupees.
On the looks, the product seems more durable and better in real. The body is constructed using plastic but on top aluminium finish looks quite sturdy. The best thing about the Outemu cheap cherry MX brown keyboard is that it does not produce much sound whilst retaining the same level of tactile feedback.
The keyboard is sturdy and sticky on the surface like a tank. It has two adjustable rubber stand but the most interesting thing about this best budget mechanical keyboard is there are only a few mechanical keyboards with brown keys in amazon. Even if they exist they are priced high.
This is a best mechanical keyboards for programming as because the keys are much silent and softer to press. The actuation force in Outemu Brown switches is just 45g of force compared to 50g on Outemu Blue switches.
Cb Gk 12 cosmic byte mechanical keyboard has a good build quality and the reason to add in our top 10 budget mechanical keyboard is the overall value that adds to it.
If you are a programmer, typist then you probably going to need the best budget mechanical keyboard having cheap cherry MX brown keyboard that runs silent offering a great ergonomics and design for your daily works.

19. Redgear L-Claw Mechanical Keyboard with White LED

redgear L-claw mechanical keyboard

If you’re looking for best cheap mechanical keyboard India then Redgear L-Claw is one of the low price mechanical keyboard for gaming, programming. Redgear L-Claw looks premium on the body and offers a white LED with customizable patterns.

But the most surprising thing on Redgear L-Claw mechanical keyboard is the inclusion of Kailh blue switches which is usually seen in premium mechanical keyboards. It is a full-sized keyword with sober single white coloured backlight. The white LED mostly enchant users who prefer single LED over Diwali-RGB lighting.

The keys are blue kailh blue switches mostly loud but shall impress programmers, gamers and whoever owns Redgear L-claw. However, the only demerit of this keyboard is the brightness of the white LED although it does the job in the dark. Build quality is strong and you can expect years of abuse also the cable is braided.

Not to miss that the Redgear L-Claw has some downside too such as this budget mechanical keyboard uses ABS plastic which means your fingers oils get on to it fairly quickly giving the keys a shiny look and may feel slightly sticky after some time.

Redgear L-Claw is newly launched low price mechanical keyboard in India. Overall, this keyboard is definitely the best budget mechanical keyboard in India with white LED.

20. MOTOSPEED CK61 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – OUTMU Red Switches

MOTOSPEED CK61 RGB with Red switches

MOTOSPEED CK61 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is one of the best cheap Red Switch mechanical keyboard in India. Previously the MOTO SPEED CK61 was sold in Chinese websites with good reviews. But MOTOSPEED CK61 OUTMU Red keyboard India is available on amazon too.

The MOTOSPEED CK61 mechanical gaming keyboard carrying 14 different types of LED backlight effect. The RGB mechanical gaming keyboard without Numpad can be the good choice for those looking for a keyboard with the smaller form factor. It has super design with bigger keys makes it is prominent for typist, programmers and gamers.

With features like EEPROM memory, adopt flash memory chip inside minimises the response time and avoid typing by accidents which is a surprising feature at this price. Also, the budget mechanical keyboards remain heavier these days due to bigger PCB’s inside but MOTOSPEED CK61 only weighs 465gm with a dimension of 290x100x40mm.

The MOTOSPEED CK61 offers RED OUTMU Switches out of the box offering a less clicky sound and good tactile feedback of just 45gm of actuation force. This is a full RGB mechanical keyboard with immersive 14 cool backlight effects offering a great experience in typing as well as in gaming.

MOTOSPEED CK61 also supports game mode in which button backlight and custom recording key backlight function can be activated. If you’re looking for a best cheap red switch mechanical keyboard under 5,000 rupees which is easier to carry around then choose MOTOSPEED CK61 red switches mechanical keyboard.

21. Thermaltake Titanium Aluminum RGB Gaming Keyboard

Thermaltake Titanium Aluminum Gaming Keyboard

Thermaltake Titanium Aluminium Gaming Keyboard with original Cherry MX Blue switches is one of the best professional mechanical keyboard for work. Thermaltake is a renowned brand and manufacturer of PC components and peripherals. The mechanical keyboard India is taller than most keyboards out there and you may need some time to get used with it.

However, features that Thermaltake offers is phenomenal. Considering the Thermaltake iTake PC software where you mostly find the customizing option for the RGB schemes on the keyboard. Once installed you’ll be able to figure out what the application does by yourself. Thermaltake Titanium Aluminium RGB gaming keyboard is loved by every gaming enthusiasts.

This is a premium mechanical keyboard so the components are. The RGB LED strips that run through the keyboard is amazing and pleasing to look at. Mechanical keyboards from Corsair, Steelseries offer such features but with a higher price tag.

Thermaltake redesigned the keyboard with by offering top-quality aluminium frame and Genuine Cherry MX Blue switches with awesome durability and performance advantages. This is a full-sized keyboard with 16.8 million colours per-key encircled with RGB lighting.

The iTake 2.0 software offers more than 20 customizations such as full system lighting, lighting synchronization capabilities via TT RGB Plus Ecosystem for enhancing the gaming atmosphere. It is a great mechanical keyboard for work essentially the mode of communication is not limited to the computer.

Thermaltake provides exclusive software to take control of the RGB mechanical gaming keyboard through your smartphone, tablet with a voice-enabled control. Setting up light functions, macros or painted virtual game controller. The Thermaltake Titanium Aluminium Gaming Keyboard truly unique in nature and it is one of the best keyboard for coding India.

22. HP Omen Sequencer Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard

hp omen sequencer mechanical keyboard

HP Omen sequencer is another budget RGB mechanical keyboard in India. What’s interesting is the exclusive optical cherry MX blue keyboard switches with 50g of actuation force. It is one of the best mechanical keyboard India for the budget of approx 7k. What’s more? The keyboard supports individual key lighting with RGB effects and with customizable HP omen software you can choose to create as many lighting effects in the keyboard.

HP Omen sequencer is the recently launched budget RGB mechanical keyboard in India. The keyboard has customizable macro keys for individual or collective operations. Not just that this best cheap mechanical keyboard is lightweight, durable and comes with a top anodized aluminium frame.

Media control buttons are provided at the side end for user convenience and with dedicated buttons to take control of your media. Everything can be efficiently managed using the metal roller bar. The RGB mechanical keyboard includes a USB-port for easy plug-in of cable.

The HP omen Sequencer is definitely the best mechanical keyboard India available at a 7k price. The key presses are a delight to the user no matter how many keys are activated at once, every keypress is detected with true n-rollover with hundred per cent anti-ghosting with 1000hz polling rate.

23. Corsair K68 (Red Switches) RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair k68 is one of the cheap mechanical keyboard but that doesn’t mean the keyboard is of bad quality. Corsair is a renowned brand in PC accessories. The RGB mechanical keyboard from Corsair comes with Red cherry mechanical switches that perfectly suits your gaming needs. The gold contact gaming switches are superior to other key switches such as kailh and outemu. The K68 carries a dedicated multimedia and volume control panel at top for adjusting the audio.

The RED Cherry Switches feels easy to type and gives a competitive advantage to the gamer. With 100% anti-ghosting full n-rollover keys the keystrokes have become slightly finer than the previous generation. While it registers simultaneous keystrokes which fulfil your gaming needs. The corsair India provides 1- year of warranty on the product.

Coming to the RGB lighting this is a budget RGB mechanical keyboard which means you can customize the effects and change the backlight as when you need. The keyboard stood like a tank and didn’t move around. The smooth keypress is highlights of this keyboard. It is a gift for typists and you will never be tried even after typing for long hours.

I personally recommend the Corsair k68 RGB mechanical keyboard however keys mainly the ALT and CTRL could be a little bigger. Also, Corsair K68 budget mechanical keyboard can be a great addition for any gamer or professional who wants to take their gaming experience to the next level.


24. Redragon K617 (Red Switches) Software Support

Redragon K617


If you’re looking for the best mechanical keyboard under 2500, this is the one you need. The keys are hot swappable, so you can easily replace them if needed.

Plus, there’s no need to download any drivers – just plug and play. The built quality is excellent, and the sound and keys are impressive.

But the best part is the RGB lighting, which is controlled by the software.

There are so many different modes and transitions, and the brightness is incredible. If you’re looking for a top-quality keyboard that looks great and performs even better, this is the one for you.

There is more room for mousing and easier travel to any gaming party or match around the world thanks to the 60% ultra-compact design and detachable cable of the Dragon K617.

You’re the show-maker if you download it and use it, endless typing and backlighting await you. At only 2500, this is the best mechanical keyboard you will find on the market today.

The K617 mechanical keyboard is a new addition to the Redragon mechanical keyboards lineup. If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard with on-board control and support, then you’ll love the K617 mechanical keyboard.

As usual, the mechanical keyboard comes in different colours with one that matches your gaming station’s aesthetics.

The Red Switches are the favourites among gamers because they feel more tactile and respond better than the other keys.

Not just that, it has a USB C connection with detachable cable. And all that for just Rs 2500.

25. HP GK320 RGB Backlit

HP GK320 RGB Backlit


Now, when we talk about budget keyboard? What else do you find? A complete RGB keyboard, with full numeric pad included along with the windows lock key.

This means you can enjoy every sort of thing that a premium keyboard offers. But we’re not sure if it’s really made by the most indigenous company HP.

Like many, if you desire to own a mechanical keyboard low price or if it is your first mechanical keyboard then the GK 320 has the best offerings.

It has a brightness levels, with the features to toggle around with different lighting setup. Since you won’t find something like True RGB in cheapest mechanical keyboard in India.

Talking about the longevity, the keys are guaranteed to offer 50 million strokes. So, no more worrying about keys goes faulty over the time. This is one of the best budget keyboard that you ever wished to buy.

I know, there are better keyboards out there but what if you find quality and durability in good mechanical keyboard in India in less than the price of a Logitech mouse (Logitech G102).

It is the best value mechanical keyboard that meets the requirements such for programming, typing as well as casual gaming.

But why this cheap mechanical keyboard. The answer is simple it belongs to the cheap cherry mx blue keyboard which is advertised.

Luckily, I have found out that these are clone of original Cherry MX switches, but they offer decent typing experience, and are good for beginners.

HP GK 320 is the best gaming keyboard under 2500 you can find. Not just that it has a separate key puller cap inside the package so you can clean, swap keys as needed.

Since, this budget RGB mechanical keyboard is the very best keyboard to start with the journey with.

Anyway, reviews on amazon are decent as most people loved the cheap gaming keyboard as because this is one of the low price mechanical keyboard that neatly met the requirements of almost everyone.

And lastly, I forgot to tell you that the GK 320 is comes with Blue Switches and they might sound a little and can annoy you sometimes but that’s what we can expect from the cheapest rgb keyboard in the market.






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