BigRock exclusive coupon for June 2017

BigRock made it again! Remember all popular blogs and sites comes with a custom domains names. And, this is much better than a free hosting blog. Perhaps, it will help the site or blog for branding and redesigning purpose.

A custom domain is the first step on way to your blogging passion. It helps you to locate yourself on the web. If you own a blog in Blogger or WordPress you can purchase your domain name for example (, ( at a low cost and what more fuzzy about it!

Yes, You can use it for around 1yr or more(If you agree to continue your domain name). Let me tell you, I have this particular domain name i.e (Purchased from as when I took blogging seriously.

Why I chose BigRock to buy a domain?

The simplest answer is cheap and best. If you know how to shop online, you know how easily you can pay from through your ATM/Debit card and NET banking. The same method applies when you’re going to buy a domain on your name or business.

I did not come across any problems regarding their service and domain registration. So being a beginner to all these. I have registered my domain under one of the best domain registrars.

Do you need a Coupon Code for availing discount?

Yes! Yes! Now, who doesn’t want a discount? Remember all shoppers stayed back bargaining on their best possible way. Now with big companies like BigRock, they have tried to assimilate and provide COUPONS to everyone on who like to register themselves or buy the domain, hosting service.

The best thing about the BigRock COUPON that it could help you save you real hard earned money.

From time-to-time, there are lots of offers from BigRock. These offers are provided by means of COUPON and it can be applied during the domain/hosting checkout page.

And, all these offers are available for all NEW as well as OLD users. Latest BigRock COUPON CODE for.COM domain

Hurray! Now get free.COM domain absolutely free for one year when you buy the domain for at least 2 years tenure. And the most wonderful thing is you need to pay only for 1 year i.e you get the 1-year domain for free.

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