Top 10 Best Water Purifier Under 20000 in India

best ro water filter in india

Today we’re reviewing the Top 10 Best Water Purifier Under 20000 in India. On a serious note, we have seen household water contains a way lot of poisonous chemicals. For example – Arsenic or lead that can mix with tap water to produce the worst bacteria or virus erupting from the drinking water.

However to be honest there is no such water filter in India made to eradicate germs & bacteria to make 100% safe.

We will investigate and make you and others aware about the best water purifier under 20000 for home and without a doubt, RO water purifier is best to have. RO water filter is of two types one that we find often in homes.

  1. They come mounted on the wall is common and best water filter in India in the sense that they are cheap and sustainable. These water purifiers are one of the popular and best water filter in India for home-usage.
  2. The second one is called “Under Sink” RO water purifier which is better than the latter.
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Different Types of Water Filters For Home

In general, home water purifiers are going to come with several stages, and each stage has different filters. But the most common is the reverse osmosis stage. However, some best water purifier under 20000 for the house do have multiple stages, but then they all use the same basic materials? Is this the case?

In fact, this is often not the case, as some systems use a combination of different materials in order to give the cleanest water possible.

Water purifier for home should have several stages. Each UV water purifier should use different types of materials, all while filtering out different contaminants. For instance, the carbon block is the most common material used in filters that remove chlorine.

But carbon block also removes other chemicals and other contaminants such as lead, pesticides, herbicides, prescription drugs, and even some drugs.

Another popular type of water filter for home is the sub-micron filtration stage. This stage involves using tiny particles of sand, silicon dioxide, or carbon. These best water purifier in India are one of the highest selling in online.

A water purifier works specifically by removing particles work by binding to contaminants and removing them from your drinking water. It works by filtering out the dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses, and cysts from the water you drink.

The sub-micron stage also offers the best level of chlorine removal, so you won’t have to worry about having any of these toxins in your drinking water.

We will quickly pull up the main differences and the advantages of the best water purifier in India explained in this article.

Is RO Purifier is best for home usage?

purasense technology in water purifier in india

RO water purifier is one of the best water filters in India. There are few best water purifier under 20000 that detects water-soluble chemicals and help cleanse harmful metal chemicals accumulate in your body. This results in loading up the body with heavy metals which once absorbed affect major organs such as kidneys or liver can get infected on prolonged consumption.
One fine day when you realize the effects of consuming heavy metal poisoning. By then it’s too late.

The best water purifier under 20000 for the home is RO Water Filters that can dispense the atom-sized molecules from the water which are usually smallest in size (many thousand times bigger than a chemical molecule). The reason we’re reviewing these Top 10 best water filter in India for home is they are used in the majority of households and priced in the budget.

Why RO Water Filters are the best water purifier under 20000?

The advantages of RO water purifier is explained above. To elaborate it an RO water purifier can get rid of dissolved solids in water which no other purifier is able to do.

An RO membrane removes the impurities in water along with germs and water chemicals and gives you the purest water.

We consider the budget to be one of the essential factors when you want the best water purifier under 20000.

However to these water filter in India are used best water filter in India for home, kitchen and easily movable. These best water filter in India for home comes with basic as well as advanced features that will not only help to eradicate germs but adds taste in it.

RO Water Filters are best water filter in India for the home where we have seen the source water is generally originating from tank water that remains exposed to the atmosphere.

Due to which a lot of water-borne diseases can emerge during the change in seasons. An RO membrane requires electricity to work and drains a little water.

There have been false rumours like RO purifiers don’t do any good for health, however, these statements are not true and misleading. As we have said before the RO membrane is one of the most common water purifiers found in Indian homes.

How to buy Best Water Purifier Under 20000?

We have made our research and found the best water purifier under 20000 on selected by first look and features. Also, the ratings are available online at the leading shopping site Amazon.
The best method to choose the best water filter in India considering the price and features (water filtration method). 

Please consider reading a detailed on best water purifier under 20000 at Quora. If you buy from Amazon they will also arrange to have the water purifier installed in your house absolutely for free.

Also, shopping best water filter in India will also help you choose the best one according to price won’t take much time. However, the warranty and other facilities offered through Amazon are usually better than what you get through local dealers for the best water purifier under 20000.

Here is the list of Best Water Purifier Under 20000 in India

1. AO Smith Z8 10-Litre

Ao smith ro water filter in india
1. Instant Hot Water1. Installation can be difficult
2. 8 Stage Purification2. Annual Maintance is Expensive
3. Use of Min-tech (Mineraliser technology)
4. Advanced Recovery Technology for Min. water wastage
5. RO+SCMT (Double Protection)
6. Night Assist
7. Advance Alert
8. Good Customer Support

The AO Smith Z8 10-Litre Green RO Series is the best water filter in India. Many have tried this brand they didn’t experience any issues with the installation.

Moreover, the manufacturer is covering a huge area and has already covered many of the local’s towns and cities.

Coming to the product itself. We would say it is the best product and the only domestic purifier which gives hot water. This is the best water purifier under 20000 available in India.

You can expect to get water at any temperature but remember the tank has to be completely filled. Else the function won’t work.

There are Lot of sensors are featured in this AO Smith Z8 10-Litre Green. One has to hold the faucet upwards and then has to press the child lock button if you want warm water.

The water filter remains a top-class best water filter in India for the household. The quality of the water is decent. Now when you start the machine every time the RO will get cleaned.

And when the tank reaches full again the RO will get cleaned and water will get flushed out with led symbols indicating the same.

This increases the life of the RO membrane and also the filters. Kent and other brands RO membrane are less durable than this one. This is a perfect addition to the best water purifier under 20000 budget in India.

AO Smith Z8 review tells us about the different stages of purification techniques they have used in this water purifier.

With advanced technology in water purification, AO smith Z8 can save water twice than other water purifiers in India.

AO Smith Z8 review Mineraliser technology that retains adequate pH of the level of water. AO Smith Z8 water purifier in India boasts a superior quality tank of 10 litres so that you can take out more than 15 litres of water per hour.

Also, the purification capacity depended on the quality of water, quality of filters and RO membrane. ao smith x8 price is quite reasonable in which most water purifiers are sold in India. However, the added functionality of this RO water purifier makes it durable and can run for years.

Apart from this the USP of the water filter i.e. a hot water option. This feature offers you water temperature ranging from 45 to 80. The LED indicates the present temperature too.
Once we press the hot button the led shows 45-degree temperature. 

You will hear three beeps when the coil starts heating up till 45 and then stops with a beep.

If one needs 50 degrees. Then hot button has to press for 3 secs and the led will show 80 degrees. This is one of the best water filter in India and topped our list.

2. Kent Grand RO Water Purifier

Kent grand ro water purifier in india
1. Multi-stage purification1. Adequate for a family size of 2-3 members
2. Patented Mineral RO technology
3. Most certified and awarded
4. Purifier all types of water
5. Computer-controlled operations
6. High storage capacity
7. ABS Food grade plastic
8. PAN India service network

Kent Grand RO water purifier is regarded as one of the best water filters in India and you can be pretty sure about the technology used in it for drinking clean water.

The stylish and transparent water filter design is KENT patented Mineral RO technology that is found almost in all homes in India. If you’re looking for the best RO water filter in India then look no further.

it’s one of the best water filter in India for a home that is popular and 9/10 homes you get to see Kent water purifier. Kent Grand RO water purifier uses the double purification technology with inbuilt TDS controller that has RO+UV/UF.

It removes the dissolved impurities such as bacteria, chemicals, and virus or unwanted salts found in water. The water filter designed to undergo all type of purifying process as well as the processing is done through computer-controlled operations.

If you’re looking for the best water purifier under 12000 then this is it. Kent is one of the popular and best-selling RO water filters in India. However, the plastic used is made up of ABS food-grade plastic but will not change the taste of water even not used for several weeks.

The water filter is one of the best water filters in India for home regardless of the features and water wastage during the reverse osmosis process. Kent Grand RO is one of the best selling in the E-commerce platform.

3. Blue Star Aristo RO+UF

blue star water filter in india
1. Double layer RO+UF protection1. Bluestar service is not so good in water filter segment
2. Aqua taste booster
3. Large capacity 10-inch filter
4. 7-litres storage tank
5. Purification-on indicator
6. High purification capacity
7. Child lock function
8. Tank-full indicator
9. Copper impregnated Activated carbon
10. Low-pressure alert

Blue Star Aristo comes with RO+UF protection technology along with aqua taste booster. It basically enhances the tastes of the water by maintaining the optimum pH.

Blue star Aristo is a good Ro+Uv filter, the product is value for money, it comes with good built quality. The aesthetic finish looks great, there are no issues with the installation and filter water taste is good.

If you’re looking for the best water purifier under 8000 then this is it, you have got the Blue Star Aristo water filter conveniently used in the home.

The Blue Star Aristo RO+UF AR3BLAM01 Design is modern, and the service was good reviews say the installation was proper and done in one day.

The filter dispense of unclean water it dispense the same quantity for water storage.

Blue Star should work on these of not wasting any water considering the shortage of water but still it admirable seeing its quality and build.

We feel it wastes a lot of water in the process of purification seems like this is quite normal otherwise it’s a good product.

However, this is one of the best water filters in India for a home for 5-6 peoples residing in the house.

The water filtration technology used in the filter are top-notch and help those who are suffering from bad water treatments.

Blue Star is regarded as one the largest company participated in manufacturing water filters in India.

And under no circumstance, you should miss the chance to grab one for you.

4. Blue Mount Royal 12-litres

blue mount uv water filter in india
1. Beautiful design to look at1. After-sales services are not so good as per reviews
2. 12L storage and installation
3. 5 stage purification
4. RO technology
5. Anti-oxidant technology
6. Sediment technology

If you have never heard about the Alkaline RO purification technology. It combines Alkaline+Carbon+Sediments filter that removes the suspended impurities such as chlorine, pesticides and various organic chemicals.

The state of art alkaline filter generally purifies water from water-borne diseases. However, the alkaline membrane collectively maintains the accuracy of minerals and pH level in a human body.

It makes use of RO purification technology and there is only 1-time annual maintenance. With consumable parts such as sediment filter, carbon filter with mechanical parts is available at their store.

Therefore, the Blue Mount best water purifier under 12000 is the best water filter making water safe and healthy for consumption. This is one of the best water filters in India along with the best electric water purifier in India available.

The Royal water filters have a 12-litre tank and offer plenty of water storage for 10 peoples living in a family. We have collected the best water purifier in India review from various sources and we have found this to be true.

We have listed this product in our Top 10 water filter in India to assist you in getting the safest drinking water for your family. So consider this to be the best water purifier under 12000.

5. AO Smith X8 9-Litre Green RO Series

Ao smith ro water filter in india
1. RO+SCMT for double protection1. Time-consuming installation
2. Saves water from drainage
3. Digital display for filter change
4. Full-LED control
5. Auto Flush technique
6. Free installation
7. Good service support

AO Smith X8 9-Litre Green RO Series Water Purifier makes use of superior technology including advanced protection. And that saves a lot of water as compared to ordinary RO purifier.

The highest recovery 100 percent RO water purifier treats water with RO+SCMT technology that removes all MIN-TECH. And adds back essential elements retaining the purity of the water.
The water is perfectly suited for a healthy lifestyle and your kitchen needs.

However, the filter is completely different from the RO water filter and design with AO Smith proprietary with technology and design. In most homes, we have seen that people use budget water filters with less or no advanced features in it. RO filtration is not the best way to get clean water.

However, the AO Smith X8 9-litre Green comes with advanced features and can be the best water filter in India for a home for 7-8 peoples residing in taking water on a daily basis.

6. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart Plus

aquasure ro water filter
1. Smart installation and availability of safe water1. Expensive yearly service
2. RO/UV water filter
3. Looks beautiful
4. Longer cartridge life
5. LED indicators
6. Auto smart saving of electricity
7. Advance taste adjuster
8. Built-in voltage stabilizer
9. Service available in more than 100+ cities

Eureka Forbes is a renowned brand known for its craftsmanship. The RO+UV+MTDS range of the water purifiers sells like hot cake due to advanced filtration technology used.

Eureka Forbes – The Aquasure range of water filters is formulated with the strength to clean water obtained regardless of source. The most trusted brand is serving over millions of families and with growing 35 of experience.

Promoting millions of purification technique leads Eureka Forbes the best water filter in India. We have tried and tested it before we can put forward the review before you.

The price cost low in price but it is one of the best water filters in India for a home for regular usage. The water filter has a smart design with a smart indicator that will provide assistance during the purification process.

On tank FULL, LOW Aquasure water filter will let you know about no water supply and errors in the machine. The smart cartridge life on the filter contains 6000 litres offering hassle-free protection and that give year-long protection.

7. HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF

pureit copper purifier
1. Additional seven stages of purification1. Wastages of water during the RO process
2. Inclusion of Germ Kill Kit
3. Power saving mode

HUL Pureit advanced RO-UV 5 litre water purifier has introduced copper purification technique. As we know copper vessels are largely popular due to its various uses.

HUL pureit water purifier has designed some unique ways to filter water. The HUL pureit copper water purifier is anticipated with RO+UV+UF-7 water filtration along with retaining all minerals.

The water in the filter chamber when induced with copper brings a great whirl of health benefit. The HUL RO water purifier is designed to serve families of 10-12 peoples at home.

The pureit water filter works hard by maintaining a steady flow of water by day/night to ensure your family health first.

This is the best water purifier in India for the home which consists of copper water purification technique along with seven stages of purification as described below.

Pre-sediment water filtration to ensure no large substances are present. The Pre-RO activated carbon filter discourages water from the bad smell as well as contaminants present.

The wire mesh present engulfs the significant pollutants in water. The next comes RO water purification. The last stage is killing bacteria with the help of a UV reactor within the pureit water purifier.

This is a pure copper water purifier with seven stages of additional purification techniques to ensure the water remains dirt, germ-free 24×7.

There is an advanced alert system in the pureit copper water filter that notifies the user every 15-20 days about the germ kill kit. You can reuse or replace the kit for better purification of water.

8. Fiber 9 Litres RO UF MAT water purifier galaxy

Faber UTS RO water purifier
1. Eight stage filtration technique including Ro, Uv, Uf1. Quality service issues
2. The purifier can manage water TDS level up to 2500ppm

Faber UTS RO water purifier is one of the finest water purifier in India mainly due to its eight-stage filtration process. The best RO water purifier price is significantly low in amazon India.

So, how about Faber RO water purifier review? The purification process in Faber 9 litres RO UF MAT water purifier galaxy is definitely better than the previous year’s model.

The ultra-UV filtration kills germs and bacteria residing in water.

The enhanced eight stages of water purification ensure an optimal level of protection against water-borne diseases. Faber UTS RO water purifier price is less than 15k in the Indian market.

The Faber UTS RO purifier looks elegant in design that enhances the looks of your kitchen.

This can be a good addition to your modern-day kitchen. The RO membrane in Faber RO water purifier aquatron can manage water TDS up to 2500ppm.

This best water purifier under 15000 is considerably able to cleanse water from all sources such as groundwater, borewell water, locality etc.

The Faber 9 litres RO UF mat water purifier galaxy includes an eight-step water purification process offering good quality water.

The Faber water purifier in India additionally provides MAT technology to bring good taste in RO purified water.

The addition of minerals helps retain the minerals after the RO purification technology.

Faber UTS RO water purifier also includes copper guard technology that minimises the foul odour from the pure water.

The best thing about Faber RO water purifier is that it has a huge approx 9 litres of water storage which can fulfil the entire family needs.

9. LG Puricare ww150NP RO + Water Purifier

LG Puricare ww170ep ro uv water purifier
1. 5-Stage RO Filteration1. Expensive Service Cost
2. Dual Stainless steel tank to protect from E.Coli virus
3. Fresh UV Plus Technology
4. Digital Sterilization


  • Abstain mixing of impure water to minimize or control the TDS levels
  • Best water purifier under 20,000 rupees
  • Elegant design and low maintenance RO water purifier in India
  • Absence of UV purification during the purification process rather compensates at the preservation period.

The LG Puricare ww150NP RO water purifier includes a massive stainless steel tank to prevent bacteria from growing and also maintains the freshness of the water.

The LG Puricare ww180ep RO UF UV mineral booster water purifier includes five star RO water purification alongside uses a UV lamp to kill emanating bacteria.

This ensures the drinking water from 150NP RO water purifier safe and hygienic for consumption.

The water tank undertakes 94.4% of less e-coli growth as compared to plastic, fiber tanks. The LG Puricare RO water purifier integrates advance RO purification technology to eradicate germs and bacteria.

There is a UV lamp inclusion mainly for the water preservation phase, that provides dual protection. The UV purification cycle starts every six hours.

Additionally, LG RO water purifier is cheapest in the market as compared to other water purifiers in India.

There are several advantages of buying LG Puricare ww150np RO water purifier such as a change indicator to alert users about the change of filter.

This is one of the best water purifier under Rs 20000 for home.

10. Livpure Water Filter – Zinger Mineraliser

livpure water purifier zinger mineraliser
1. No need of external filter1. Product quality issues
2. Water flavor is very good
3. Zero water wastage as mentioned. Simple installation process
4. No need to buy anything separately
5. Low noise
6. Installation is free no need to pay single rupee
7. Easy to use and the tap is a open cap model and it is solid


  1. Budget-friendly RO water filter
  2. Advance Purification
  3. 6.5L Water storage capacity
  4. Mineralizer
  5. In-tank UV sterilization
  6. Interactive LED display
  7. Auto flush & leakage notification sensor
  8. Unique Maroon colour with a sleek design
  9. Insects proof purified water tank

Zinger Mineraliser is a new line up in Livpure RO water purifier which cleanses out the impurities in the water alongside adds minerals lost during the purification process for boosting immunity.

This water purifier livpure safeguards and protects your health and ensure the water is safe from all kinds of bacteria, germs, virus and particles. Livpure RO price is affordable in India. The Zinger Mineraliser Livpure RO water purifier is available in Maroon colour which adds an aesthetics of the kitchen.

Also, a pair of LED are included that let you know about the filter life, UV sterilization status, water leakage and also the purification status.

The new Zinger Mineraliser livpure water purifier review tells us about the new in-tank sterilization technique to get rid of insects entering the tank. The insect-proof tanks ensure complete protection from all corners protects you from any sort of contamination post-filtration.

Livpure water purifier price in India is reasonable with free installation provided by the manufacturer. The all-new Zinger Mineraliser livpure RO water purifier uses advance stage filtration as well as adds essential minerals such as Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, Potassium.

Also, the product includes a straight 1-yr warranty. I have used zinger mineraliser livpure water purifier in past and through this Livpure water purifier review, I can tell you how delighted I’m with the decision to purchase this water purifier livpure.

On first arrival, the livpure water purifier felt good with a seamless experience with the product delivery and its service. This zinger mineraliser from livpure is definitely the best water purifier under 20000 rupees.


Hope you have read everything about water purifiers now. The post is about a year old but we have updated the post for new water purifiers now and will be doing the same in the future.

We have particularly used them or asked to review them by our near and dear ones and collected all the reviews based on the suggestions they’ve put forward to us.

Water purifiers are needed for every household and each of us need them it is our right to have clean drinking water whatsoever the need for water purifier ends here with the 10 best water purifiers in India in 2023 we will bring more post like these.

Meanwhile check out the most asked questions by the users who want to opt for water purifiers for their need.


Which is the best water purifier brand in India?

There are many water purifiers out of which a person spends his hard-earned money on a water purifier at home and one which sells a lot.
Anyways, The AO Smith water purifier and Kent Grand are the top-selling and one of the best water purifiers under 20000 in India that has every possible filtration method.

Is Kent better or aquaguard?

Kent Grand RO and Livpure Zinger are one of the most selling and efficient water purifiers in RO base technology. But it is difficult to comprehend which one is better than the other. As for as the customer reviews are concerned most people choose to go with Kent because this fulfils the requirements like maintenance cost, body materials, storage capacity well as have the option for extended warranty.

Which category of water purifier is best?

The best of all would be an RO Water Purifier for water TDS levels over 300 but below that RO is ideally not required and UV/UF can do the job. We have found good results with the Kent Ultra 8L UV water purifier at home but mind that the filter is not suitable for Borewell or tanker water.

Is Kent water purifier better than the other?

This is simply not true because every water purifier manufacturer uses advanced technology filtration methods to kill bacteria and prevent germs from entering our body but the most significant part comes with the after-sales, support and parts availability. Concerning the factors Kent comes out to be the first choice. With dedicated app support, you can quickly find a service which is promptly done so far in our time. Also, reviews say the same.

Which water purifier is best and economical?

Top best water purifiers that are economical include Kent Grand RO, Livpure Zinger Mineraliser, and Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Plus. Great after-sales service and prompt installation requests make them stand out. Livpure is the most economical, but their customer service needs improvement.
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