New Launch – Best Gaming Cabinet India in 2023

Best Gaming Cabinet India

Are there any best gaming cabinet India available these days? After all there aren’t any past five years ago. CPU cabinets were considered some sort of boxes that can hold your motherboard and PC components. But things have changed later on. Now gaming CPU cabinet comes in different types and sizes.

Furthermore, gaming CPU cabinets came out to showcase the appealing look of a gamer paradise. There are tons of features included even in cheap gaming cabinets and sold at amazon at a cheap dirt price. The features of a gaming PC cabinet India can range from input ports, cooling fans, cable management straps, liquid cooling system and many more.

Are there any best gaming cabinet in India offering different sizes for instance a full-size tower, mid tower or a mini cabinet. A Full-Size gaming CPU cabinet benefits those who are into gaming and tweak different settings to match their own needs.

A mid-tower gaming RGB cabinet is mostly suitable for best gaming PC at home. Also, there are few gaming cabinet online which you can buy to make a ultra-portable solutions. And lastly, you’ve mini atx case.

Are Best Gaming Cabinet India expensive?

If you decide to assemble your own PC, it could be beneficial. Cases may last for an indefinite amount of time when cared for properly and even a basic one can provide adequate protection from light damage.

However, not all high-end PC cases are created equal, with many prices that just don’t reflect their quality. In this article I will be outlining the Best Gaming Cabinet India and their respective costs.

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Size: There are varieties of Gaming Cabinet India in different sizes such as CPU cabinet slim, CPU cabinet slim, tower cabinet for pc, small pc cabinet, cheap gaming cabinet. You can choose the best cabinet for gaming PC according to your needs and future upgrades in mind.

Space for Drive bays and SSD mounts – Ensure your gaming RGB cabinet has enough space for mounting your 2.5 inch or 3.5-inch hard drives including SSDs.

Front Panel Connectivity – The best gaming pc case should include all the I/O ports on the front considering number of USB 3.0 Hub, Audio input jack or so.

Meanwhile if you want to read how to read a gaming CPU cabinet manual and CPU cabinet price. We have crafted a best-in-class method to pick the best RGB gaming cabinet for gaming pc. In case you’re wondering why there’s the need for gaming CPU cabinet. It is due to the size and form factor. The best gaming PC case will help you maintain the cleanliness of your PC. A solid build tower cabinet for PC is a must-have for budget PC builds.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Cabinet in India?

Size: Gaming PC cabinet with different sizes are available. These are mainly Full Tower Cabinet, Best Gaming PC Mid Tower Case, ATX cabinet with SMPS.

Full Tower Cabinet – Full Tower Cabinet are bigger in size mainly for those who are willing to accommodate bigger PC components in their PC build. They include hardware along with 300mm of liquid cooling system, custom loop liquid cooling system as well as 3- or 4-way graphic cards with multiple 5.25-inch drive bays and more.

Mid Tower Case – Mid Tower Cases are most common in budget PC build which is 18 inch maximum in size. They offer good room for decent room for the atx motherboard and can include PSU, GPU, hard drive as well as optical drive fans and even SSDs.

Mini ATX cabinet – Mini ATX cabinet with SMPS are uncommon and can only accommodate motherboards with smaller form factor. They are budget PC case and highly portable in nature. But sadly, there’s less or no room to accommodate all the components. Liquid CPU cooling components cannot be used in the cabinet.

  1. Space for mounting HDD and SSDs

When choosing the best cabinet for gaming PC make sure that your gaming pc cabinet can accommodate different storage devices. Some gaming cabinet under 3000 include 2.5inch as well as 3.5-inch drive mounting mechanism.

  1. Tool Free installation

Some best cabinet for gaming PC includes are made using high quality material such as circle gaming cabinet or pc cases include thumb screws with slide-lock mechanism and need not need to operate using screwdriver.

  1. Cable Management

There are many gaming cabinets online especially the gaming RGB cabinet offering a good way to hide the cable. There are specific cuts-out in the motherboard tray for routing the cable through the back of the case which benefits the user with most beautiful looking gaming PC cabinet.

  1. CPU cooler cut way

Several computer tower cabinet offers a great way to route cables near the processor. The best cabinet for gaming pc provides space for easy replacement of CPU without taking out entire motherboard.

  1. Front I/O ports

Different gaming cabinet under 3000 provides options to add different USB enabled devices all at a time. Gaming cabinet usually gives you multiple I/O ports and separate audio jacks as well.

  1. Fans & Airflow

CPU cabinet price may differ with fans installed. A cheap gaming cabinet may not have adequate room for good air flow. However, one with cooler master gaming cabinet, Antec gaming cabinet or gaming cabinet under 5000 ensure proper air flow within the PC case. This results in maintain better thermals of your high-end gaming PC. Whatsoever PC case like corsair gaming cabinet may need installation of additional fans when required.

  1. Support for Water Cooling

Best gaming PC cases have fans and space altogether for accommodating large liquid coolers into the system with a 240 or 360mm of radiators for efficient cooling

  1. Dust Filter

Almost every gaming cabinet under 5000 comes with a dust filter to prevent dust from coming and safeguarding your PC vital components with dust and debris.

  1. Gaming RGB cabinet

Modern Gaming PC cabinet includes a RGB lighting and a side tempered glass panel to get a look through your system components. This profess a clean and outstanding look to a gaming PC cabinet.

Top 10 Best Gaming PC Cabinet Sold in India

[su_heading size=”19″]1. Ant Esports ICE-120AG Mid Tower Computer Case[/su_heading]

Ant Esports ICE-120AG Mid Tower Computer Case

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Ant Esports ICE-120AG has brought new dimension to gaming PC cabinet. This gaming cabinet under 2000 provides a splendid RGB strip at the front and includes a USB 3.0, 2.0, 3.5mm headphone jack, Power & Reset button. Additionally, there is another RGB button by which you can switch different modes of RGB effects.

The Gaming RGB cabinet comes in a Black Matte Finish with Acrylic Side Panel. It includes space for 2 HDD + 2 SSDs. Inclusion of Case Fans in this Mid tower PC gaming cabinet is 7 in total. This is the best gaming cabinet you can buy with liquid cooler support up to 240mm.

The advance cable management support in the Ant Esports ICE-120AG is phenomenal with separate zone for power supply and other components. You can literally hide all your cables behind the case. This gaming cabinets online price is less than 2000 rupees. But cheap gaming cabinet also suffer from sturdiness. But if you are budget constraint then Ant Esports ICE-120AG is the best gaming cabinet in the market.

[su_heading size=”19″]2. CHIPTRONEX MX1 RGB Mid Tower Cabinet[/su_heading]

CHIPTRONEX MX1 RGB Mid Tower Cabinet

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Chiptronex recently announced their Mid-Tower gaming PC cabinet under 5000 rupees. The MX1 mid tower gaming cabinet houses a full spectrum RGB strip at the front and with a redesigned 120mm RGB fan at the back. The slim profile of this gaming cabinet under 2000 make it stand on #2 on our list. The budget PC gaming cabinet includes a full tempered glass on side panel to bring a ultra-look and neatly manage all your peripherals inside the case.

The Chiptronex spline RGB gaming cabinet has a neatly design PSU closure but to be honest if that was fully closed it would have been better. This gaming RGB cabinet includes a dedicated RGB control button at the front I/O panel to change to different modes of RGB effects with an RGB control button.

One of the highlighting factors about this MX1 best cabinet for gaming PC is the build quality. It feels sturdy and the finish is top notch irrespective of the CPU cabinet price it is built to last. The RGB PC case can include water coolers upto 240mm of length similarly 120mm of radiator either at the front or back.

The Chiptronex MX1 RGB mid tower gaming cabinet has adequate level of space to route your cables also the drives bays are good enough to accommodate 3 Fans (At Front), 2 Fans (At Top), 1 Fan (Rear). Surprisingly the cabinet component clearance is good enough to include even some 365mm length of graphic card. Of course, the CPU cabinet price is lower than the most out there so compromises are mainly on the case support which is 2.5inch SSD at the front which may look absurd out to some.

[su_heading size=”19″]3. Antec NX210 Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet[/su_heading]

Antec NX210 Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet

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Antec NX 210 is one of the best gaming cabinet under 3000 rupees. The Mid Tower Gaming Case offers RGB strips at the front that enhances the overall gaming nature of the cabinet. Antec NX 200 Gaming PC cabinet is highly popular in India as due to the addition of Full-Tempered Glass Panel at the side along with Full PSU shroud. The Antec NX200 is made using good quality material offering sturdiness and includes a RGB case fan at the rear.

However, the NX200 misses the “Restart” button at the front. Rest I/O Ports remains the same. Antec NX200 is a top choice for budget PC setup because of LED strips and overall look of the cabinet at lower price.

[su_heading size=”19″]4. CHIPTRONEX X310B Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet[/su_heading]

CHIPTRONEX X310B Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet

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Chiptronix is manufacturing RGB gaming cabinet for some time. They have some lightweight and cheaper CPU cabinet price under 1000-2000 rupees. However, the X310B Mid-Tower cabinet for PC is the cheapest in the market today. The ATX case features a full acrylic side panel with almost USB 3.1, 2.0, HD audio and a non RGB fan installed within the case.

Concerning the cheaper price, the side panel is prone to scratches also the water cooling is barely supported. Besides the PC cabinet price accommodates most the other factors such as space for cable management system and a pack of two non RGB fans is definitely going to impress you at this price.

CHIPTRONEX X310B Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet is defiantly a steal for budget gamers. Although there is ample full room for the graphic card and support almost all motherboards form factor.

[su_heading size=”19″]5. Chiptronex GX2000 RGB Mid Tower ATX Cabinet Computer case[/su_heading]

Chiptronex GX2000 gaming RGB cabinet

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Chiptronex GX2000 offers more professional look than the X310B. The PC cabinet price jumped over 1000 rupees which gives you cleaner look with 3x120mm ARGB Fan at the front and 1x120mm at the Rear. And a Full Edge-to-Edge tempered glass side panel which is decent enough at this price. There is no better gaming cabinet under 3000 rupees.

I have used Chiptronex GX2000 for more than a month and it’s satisfying to see the stunning RGB gaming cabinet with a dedicated RGB control button at the front. The I/O ports are well positioned and easy to access. The one I have is in all black interior and boast space for 2×3.5 HDD and 2X2.5 SSD bays.

It is important to look at different factors when choosing a gaming cabinet in India the one I see at first is component clearances, inclusion of dust filters at the top and the bottom. Surely this PC case includes fulfils all the need.

The water-cooling support is major factor for some people. The Chiptronex GX2000 has room for 240mm radiators and 120mm for rear. However, the Rear fan does not have RGB and works like a normal fan.

The pre-installed RGB LED strip looks awesome on the eye and a dedicated button on the top of the cabinet offer RGB LED illumination. Also, I saw a separate 3-Pin RGB header is provided out of the box. You can seamlessly control the RGB colors using the motherboard software.

Chiptronex offer good quality dust filters with the GX2000 gaming cabinet with dust filters on top and bottom prevents dust from coming in. They are easily detachable and has magnet around to hold the filter to its place.

[su_heading size=”19″]6. Corsair Carbide Series – Spec Delta RGB Mid Tower Gaming PC Cabinet[/su_heading]

Spec Delta RGB Mid Tower Gaming PC Cabinet

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There are several Gaming CPU cabinet available at a cheaper price but you won’t find great quality like one with Corsair Spec Delta RGB Mid-Tower Gaming PC Cabinet. This is where Corsair stands out of the crowd and never fails to impress. On the first instance I was impressed with the build quality, second the cabinet price is good for the quality you receive. The Spec Delta Corsair gaming cabinet has good airflow and good cable management as well.

On the other hand, this best gaming PC case can fit mATX and ATX motherboards perfectly and has enough room for SSD and HDD bays. But sadly, SPEC DELTA do not come with the tempered glass still has weight to it. People with bigger PSU’s can be attached without any strain also the magnetic dust covers at the top and bottom are of good quality. Similarly, the cabinet price is kept at affordable with support for bigger size of liquid coolers. Corsair gaming cabinet is little expensive than the other gaming cabinet online. If you are looking for a solid-build best gaming RGB case in budget then Corsair SPEC DELTA is a prominent choice.

[su_heading size=”19″]7. ANT Esports ICE-200AG Mid Tower Computer Case[/su_heading]

ANT Esports ICE-200AG Mid Tower Computer Case

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ANT Esports ICE-200AG is one of the most high-selling gaming cabinet under 2000 rupees in India. ANT Esports designed gaming RGB cabinet by keeping a professional details design in it. I am definitely impressed with this CPU cabinet price. It is for those who want a small computer cabinet ICE-200AG could be the best gaming PC case for them.

Top Feature included in ANT Esports ICE-200AG Mid Tower Computer Case

  • Anti-dust Filter Top & Bottom
  • Fan Support
  • Advanced Heat Dissipation System
  • Compatible with Mainstream Hardware
  • Expansion Slots
  • Multiple Storage Support
  • LED Dazzling Light Effects & Brushed Front Panel
  • Overhead Peripheral Interface
  • Liquid Cooler Support

If you are looking for the black and gray computer tower case ICE-200AG is best for budget gamers. I haven’t seen any better RGB gaming cabinet at least in this price. It’s build to last for years due to good quality material. It has enough room for the cable management which is something extraordinary in the budget segment. Overall a great gaming cabinet under 2000 rupees. Also, the main highlighted part is the inclusion of full-tempered glass side panel with RGB strip on the front.

[su_heading size=”19″]8. Ant Esports ICE-511MT Mid Tower Mesh RGB Gaming Cabinet[/su_heading]

Ant Esports ICE-511MT Mid Tower Mesh RGB Gaming Cabinet

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First, on the arrival of ANT Esports ICE-511MT Gaming PC cabinet. The simplistic and unique simple mesh design is main highlight of this gaming cabinet under 5000 rupees. The ICE-511MT gaming RGB cabinet includes a large mesh area for greater air intake from front thus offering a great cooling performance.

I know there are better gaming cabinets with solid build quality available. But they barely have RGB fan included in them. But with ICE-511MT comes great features: 3x120mm RGB Fan at Front, 1x120mm RGB Fan at Rear. Besides ICE-511MT cabinet includes a full tempered glass side panel and a mesh at the front. Notwithstanding to the fact that the interiors are pure black with a lot of tie-down points for cable management at the back. Even the front I/O cables are black.

Out for expandability the ICE-511MT Gaming PC cabinet is exceptional room for 240mm radiator mounting at front. However, with mesh at the front it is recommended to mount liquid cooler at the front. Although there is space at the top for mounting 2x120mm Fan and comes with top quality dust filter.

This gaming PC cabinet best quality and looks which is amazingly sold at less than 4000 rupees on amazon.

Feature of ICE-511MT Gaming PC cabinet

  • Full tempered glass
  • Mesh at the front
  • Comes with 4 pre-installed RGB fans
  • Great Build quality
  • Support Full ATX boards
  • Full PSU shroud

Overall a fantastic gaming cabinet under 5000 rupees. Take my word you will love it.

[su_heading size=”19″]9. DeepCool Matrexx 55 Mesh Mid Tower Gaming case[/su_heading]

DeepCool Matrexx 55 Mesh Mid Tower Gaming case

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DeepCool introduced the best gaming cabinet under 5000 Matrexx 55 recently that offers a massive cooling technology with awesome air flow in front and top to help components remain cool all the time. DeepCool, includes a full sized 4mm transparent tempered glass which gives a distinct look that shows off all the inside components without RGB lights.

The Matrexx 55 Gaming PC cabinet includes a PSU shroud and great cable management system to hide the cables to keep the system neat and tidy.

The highlights in DeepCool Matrexx 55 Mesh Mid Tower Gaming case is that it’s tremendously priced well. The mesh at the front offer good airflow with another layer of filter is added behind the mesh that prevent the dust from coming into the case and soak a lot of air.

The front panel is easily removable and can be washed as when needed. And the adequate number of 2 fine meshes will greatly obstruct airflow.

Coming to the 4XRGB fan that lights up in different colors however the fans operates in low RPM and barely audible from outside. The Light patterns used is minimum with no static color option. But you can switch to any mode using ARGB pin in your motherboard to take control of the lighting.

The HDD bay situated close to PSU which isn’t a problem unless you are using a modular power supply. Lastly the manual provided with the gaming RGB cabinet is useful to the user. Anyways the DeepCool Matrexx 55 Mesh impressed me with the build quality with adequate room for all the components and inclusion of 4×120 mm ARGB fans can’t be ignored.

With mesh design this is a best gaming pc case for the price and can be best for those looking for a transparent tempered glass and opt out of liquid cooling and run their PC on stock coolers.

Our Final Take – Choosing The Right Gaming PC Cabinet

A gaming PC is a big investment and requires that you have the best equipment to protect your investment. It is also recommended that you invest in a high-quality gaming PC cabinet. As the name suggests, a gaming PC cabinet is specifically designed for gaming PCs and other related electronics.

Gaming on a computer has many advantages, and the pro-gamer enthusiasts like yourself would want to make yours at home. You would like the flexibility of choosing the graphic card, processor, RAM, Memory Stick, DVD drive, sound system, and all other hardware according to your individual requirements.

If you wish to be able to store all your media and games on your desk, the best place to store it is with a gaming computer cabinet.

You can buy a gaming PC cabinet from different eCommerce sites gaming cabinets online on Amazon. It is important to note that not all cabinets are made equally. You may have to spend some time to find one that is suited to your needs.

You will want to choose the right computer case that will not only protect your expensive equipment, but also provide a comfortable place to place your monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc. Most gaming cabinet come with a carrying case which can be placed in a cabinet drawer.

This is an excellent choice if you like to carry your equipment around while playing games at home as well as traveling. You will also have to find out about the warranty period for the case before making your purchase.

When you are looking to purchase a gaming PC cabinet, the Amazon is a place to look for. You can even find reviews by people about different gaming computer cases we’ve listed on the post.

All the reviews on Best Gaming Cabinet India that you read should be unbiased so that you are sure to get a good idea of what to look for when buying. We’ve already assessed the top 10 best PC cabinets in terms of size and form factor, but if you’re after something more specific to gaming, Amazon is always a good place to look.

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