[Tried & Tested] 10 Best CPU Cooler Fan In India 2022

Why do we need CPU Cooler fan in India? There are times when we need to put excessive pressure on the processor thus it reacts when it pushed to the limit. And then rigorous working upon it heats the processor and minimizes the life cycle of the processor and causes damage to other PC components.

This is why you need the best CPU Cooler in the market. A CPU cooler is considered economical that reduces the heat by using bigger heat dissipation components and help from overheating the CPU.

A CPU cooler includes a heat sink either made of copper or aluminum that work in order to reduce the heat from the processor thus transferring cooler air within the structure. It even has a fan to cool the system at the optimal limit efficiently without drawing more electricity into it.

Most people get confused when buying a CPU cooler as because there are many CPU cooler fan from a reputed brand to cheap Chinese heavy-duty fans. In order to purchase the best CPU coolers in India 2022. Consider choosing the following types such as capacity, size, speed and at last pick the best air cooler which is compatible with the CPU.

CPU Cooler Buying Guide

1. Types of Air Cooling/Liquid Cooling

CPU manufacturers provide stock air cooling system that comes within the box which pulls out the CPU hot air and blows cool air within. Also, there are so many aftermarket coolers from reputed brands that prevent heat from choking your CPU. Aftermarket CPU coolers are sold with 2 variants: Air Coolers/Liquid Coolers among the two Liquid coolers are most favorable but they are expensive than air coolers too.

1.1 Air Coolers – Aftermarket CPUs air coolers usually have aluminum base sometime copper and has a fan on the top. The heat sink draws the heat from the processor whereas the fan located at the top cools the heat sink.

1.2 Liquid cooling – Liquid CPU coolers have a special coolant flowing through the pipes where one end of the cooler is attached with the CPU. The coolant inside transfer the heat from the CPU and goes through the pipes and later with the help of fans attached with the radiator on one end helps the heat to cool down. With Liquid cooling system fan usually do not need to be at higher RPM. Thus, you can expect a quite functioning of PC. Also, CPU liquid cooler is highly favorable than air coolers.

2. Size

There are different sizes of coolers but one should consider a CPU cooler with respect to how much heat is generated by your CPU. Many coolers are available with different sizes such as small, medium, large. It is also essential to know how many watts of heat the CPU generates so that you can pick one that suffices your thermal needs. Thus, is an important factor where you need to check and confirm the space inside your cabinet. Adequate space is necessary for all CPU coolers to work properly and dissipate heat from the CPU efficiently.

3. Heat Sink

The cheaper heat sink has an aluminum base but more expensive models have a copper base. Copper air coolers are better than aluminium heat sink and they are the most efficient.

4. Fan Speed 4Pin Vs 3Pin

Nowadays all motherboards have 4-pin CPU fan header which can be set to different temperature/speed ration of the CPU cooler in the BIOS. Still, there are many who prefer 3-Pin fan over 4-Pin so that they can control over the fan speed. Also, the fan spins at a constant speed but can be altered using a controller.

5. Socket Type and Layout and motherboard

One of the crucial factors when looking for the air cooler are of three kinds such as 775, 1155 and AM2. It is important to pick a cooler that is compatible with the specified socket type of motherboard. Besides the specific socket type determines the fit of the motherboard. In fact the socket layout also responsible for the fit of the cooler.


1. Cooler Master Hyper 212X – Premium Air CPU Cooler

cooler master hyper 212x air cpu cooler fan

Pros & Cons

  • Included high-performance copper heat pipes
  • 4-copper heat piper included instead of 2 for better heat dissipation
  • Aluminium fin array
  • 4th generation bearing
  • Support all latest-generation processor
  • Bigger fans allow better cooling and may be difficult for a bigger cabinet

Cooler Master manufactures some of the best CPU cooler in the market with all AMD/Intel Processor.

The cooler master hyper 212x provides high-quality copper pipes that offer better heat conductivity.

Cooler master uses CDCTM technology that makes direct contacts using 4 heat pipes offering gap-less contact surface for better heat transfer.

Its aluminium heat sink offers a tunnel effect layout improving better heat dissipation.

The cooler is equipped with 4th gen MTB beating and supports all current CPU sockets.

Cooler Master provides a straight 2 years warranty.


2. Cooler Master Hyper 103 Essential CPU Air Cooler

cooler master hyper 103 cpu air cooler fan

Pros & Cons

  • 3 consecutive heat pipes
  • Funnel-shaped aluminium fins
  • Fan speed varies from 800 to 2200 RPM
  • Sleeve bearing
  • Not appropriate for a high level of gaming

This is an extraordinary CPU cooler from cooler master offering compactness and support to both Intel & AMD platforms. This CPU meant to deliver awesome heat dissipation using 3 large copper pipes situated at the bottom. This even includes a BLUE LED Fan that adds to the aesthetics of your gaming rig.

It includes 3 heat contact heat pipes that connect straight with the aluminium fins which allows better cooling.

Funnel-shaped aluminium fins are considered better cooling is known from its Air Guide Technology that results in better airflow towards the heat pipes.

The speed of the air cooler fan varies from 800-2200RPM that gives efficient cooling while the system is ON.

Cooler master hyper 103 has sleeve bearing which is long-lasting and durable.
The fan includes 4-Pin header and its compatible with modern-day motherboards.

Cooler Master gives 2 years warranty on the product.


3. Corsair Hydro Series CWCH100i CPU Liquid Cooler

corsair cpu liquid cooler

Pros & Cons

  • The super-efficient liquid cooling system from Corsair
  • Performance and fan speed can be easily monitored through Corsair native desktop application
  • Supports both AMD & Intel processors
  • 240mm top/side-mounted radiator
  • Two 120mm fans corsair fans included
  • Fans can be nosier sometimes.

Corsair Hydro Series liquid cooler is meant for high-end gaming or video production usage. Corsair is a known brand in PC accessories and with efficient cooling technique in this liquid cooler help, the CPU sustain for years.

This one supports AMD as well as Intel processors.

The liquid cooler comes equipped with the coolant pre-filled so that you don’t need to refill afterwards.

The Corsair Hydro CWCH100i CPU cooler includes a 240mm radiator which can be placed on top of the PC cabinet along with two120mm fans that spin consistently to lower the temperature of the CPU.

The coolant temperature, as well as the performance of the fans, can be easily monitored using the desktop application.

There is a magnetic mountable bracket present with the cooling system and help the user to install within the PC case effortlessly.

The entire AIO (All in one) cooler backed with 5 years warranty from Corsair in India.


4. Deepcool GAMMAXX 400 Tower Type CPU Cooler (PC)

deepcool gammaxx 400 air cpu cooler

Pros & Cons

  • Supports both Intel & AMD socket type
  • Has 4 high-density copper pipes for best heat dissipation
  • Include a 120mm PWM fan with 900-1500 rotations
  • Adding extra fun is fun with the add-on clip
  • Best RGB CPU Cooler
  • Aluminium fins are thin and may spoil your PC building if handled incorrectly.

Deepcool is a renowned brand in PC accessories and this cooler is highly recommended for those who overclock processors. It supports both AMD and Intel socket type.

The cooler includes a 120mm PWM fan that runs on 800-1500 RPM ensures a great level of heat dissipation even when running slow.

Deepcool incorporates 4 copper heat pipes that connect with the CPU base offering superb cooling.

The CPU air cooler includes a nice feature for adding an extra fan to make it more efficient with the push-pull configuration.

It is an RGB CPU cooler which adds a bit of aesthetic to the functionality to the cooler.

It is a low-cost CPU air cooler perhaps one of the best CPU cooler under the budget segment.


5. Deepcool GAMMAXX 400 PRO RGB CPU cooler

Deepcool Gammaxx 400 pro

Pros & Cons

  • Twin 120mm PWM fan design (Push-Pull configuration)
  • High-performance heat pipes
  • Core touch base technology for quick heat dissipation
  • Black Top Cover included with RGB (Deepcool) logo
  • 20% more additional dissipation Fins
  • Best CPU cooler for gaming under budget
  • Massive in size (Cooler almost touches the cabinet glass panel)

The Deepcool Gammaxx 400 Pro is an ARGB CPU air cooler under budget. It consists of 2/120MM RGB PWM fans to enhance the look of your PC.

The chunky aluminium heatsink with 4 copper pipes running around the nest offers great thermals to your CPU.

Deepcool Gammaxx 400 Pro is one of the best CPU air cooler India carrying two fans with push-pull configuration. The RGB cooler fans come on either side.

The RGB CPU cooler fans on Gammaxx 400 Pro Rgb air cooler rotates at 500-1650 RPM with 64.5 CFM producing very less noise (approx 27.8dbA.

The CPU RGB air cooler supports both Intel/AMD platforms. Now, Why is this the best air CPU cooler fan? The reason is straight Deepcool Gammaxx 400 Pro RGB CPU cooler used additional dissipation fins which is 56 in numbers.

Whereas in single fan model i.e in Deepcool GAMMAXX 400 Normal the Pro version has 20% more surface area that helps in making the full use of airflow generated by the push-pull configuration dual fan.

The Gammaxx 400 Pro RGB CPU air cooler includes a top backplate that enhances the look and provides a unique appeal to your system. Core touch base is a significant change we’ve seen in the Pro model which lets the heat from the CPU dissipate quickly & efficiently.


6. Corsair Hydro Series H100i GTX Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

corsair hydro h100i cpu liquid cooler

Pros & Cons

  • Premium quality 240mm radiator
  • Customized 120mm PWM fans
  • Supports both AMD & Intel Sockets
  • Fans rotating at the maximum can make some noise.

Corsair CPU Coolers are definitely one of the best CPU liquid cooler on the market for Intel & AMD processors.

The CPU water cooler includes dual 240mm PWM fans that offer brilliant heat control when overclocking especially in AMD systems.

The custom-designed PWM fans are highly productive in work creating static pressure when pressed underneath the radiators.

The blades are designed and shaped in a way that maximum airflow should be released to the radiator which remains silent during the operation.

The CPU cooler master app features monitoring speed, customizing the RGB CPU Cooler effects right from the desktop.


7. Arctic Freezer A32 CPU Cooler with 120mm Fan

arctic freezer a32 cpu air cooler

Pros & Cons

  • Almost double the warranty period (6 years) compared to other CPU air coolers in our list.
  • Inclusion of alloy/lubricant as a combined method for minimizing the friction caused within the bearing.
  • Fan speed can be controlled through the mobo software.
  • Lower footprints of the cooler reduce the chances of interference with the RAM
  • The build quality may not look sturdy but low price of the air cooler can be a good deal for budget customers.

This CPU air cooler from arctic is one of the best RGB CPU cooler carrying powerful features such as RGB 120mm fan for efficient cooling.

The air cooler is mostly suitable for those who need adequate cooling from or folks who don’t want to invest in buying case fans.

The Arctic freezer RGB CPU air cooler can significantly lower the heat from the CPU better when dual 120mm fans are used.

Also, the freezer a32 CPU air cooler is manufactured in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the RAM.

The fan rotates at its highest speed right after installing the cooler on the CPU.

However, the highlighting point of artic freezer a32 CPU cooler is that the CPU cooler is made of alloy/lubricant as a mixture to minimize the friction caused by the bearing. Use of such technology would doubles the life expectancy of the cooler.


8. Circle 120MM 7 Colours Self Changing LED Silent Cabinet Cooling FAN

circle gaming 120mm RGB air cooler fan

Pros & Cons

  • Noise-free operation
  • Includes 3-pin & 4-pin connector
  • Hydraulic sleeve type design for long-lasting
  • Integrates 15 LED lights with auto colour changing
  • Powerful airflow
  • No heat sink

This is one of the powerful 120mm fan from Circle Gaming which you can use for better air flow.

The circle gaming 120mm pc cabinet fan comes with 3-pin & 4-pin connector which you can connect with the motherboard to control the RGB effects.

This is one of the best-selling CPU cooler fans with sleeve type bearing which can last for years.

Also, the fan speed is nicely configured at 59.6CFM with 2.67mm air pressure.

The circle gaming CPU cooler fan has 15 LED with auto changing colours and offers a rainbow effect.


9. Cooler Master V8 GTS – High-Performance CPU cooler

cooler master cpu cooler v8 gts

Pros & Cons

  • High performing cooler master CPU fan
  • The horizontal design of the vapour design
  • Includes 8 copper heat pipes for better heat dissipation
  • Easy to install
  • Can fit properly in standard cabinets

This is performance rich cooler master CPU cooler having features such as 8 heat pipes for optimal cooling.

Regardless of the size, the cooler master CPU cooler is compatible with all CPUs.

The cooler master CPU fan is extremely easy to install on your system. Thanks to specialized design (Horizontal) of the vapour chamber permits faster cooling and effective heat dissipation.

This is an RGB CPU cooler offering an attractive look to your CPU.

The Cooler master CPU fan comes with 2 years of warranty in India. And 10 days replacement from amazon.


10. Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Intel CPU Cooler

cooler master cpu fan hyper 212 evo

Pros & Cons

  • Premium CPU cooler fan under budget
  • 4 direct contact with copper pipes for effective cooling
  • Non-RGB 120mm PWM fan included
  • Supports both AMD & Intel-based platforms.
  • No Such

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO is one of the cheapest cooler master CPU cooler.

The cooler boasts 4 high-end copper direct contact pipes along with a 120mm PWM fan for effective cooling and airflow.

The CPU air cooler is compatible with most Intel & AMD based platforms.

It carries a 1-year limited warranty from the brand.

If you are looking for CPU cooler fan with effective cooling and reasonably priced then consider cooler master hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler for your build.


11. Antec A30 RGB CPU cooler

antec rgb cpu cooler

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality copper pipes
  • Supports both AMD & Intel-based platforms.
  • Rifle bearing technology for longer life.
  • Inclusion of RGB LED for cool looks
  • Fan speed cannot be controlled. Suitable for users who require a silent work environment.

The newest in CPU cooler fan is the Antec A30 RGB CPU cooler that offers an adequate level of cooling, the inclusion of 4 heat pipes makes direct contact with the CPU and comes along with the thermal paste in the box is nice to upgrade from the stock fan.

The CPU cooler fan from Antec is highly in demand due to the features and price which is significantly better than the counterparts.

Also, this is an RGB CPU cooler and supports both Intel & AMD systems.

The main highlight of the CPU cooler is the 9CM high-quality rifle bearing LED fan offering greater airflow and has a better life span.

The fan works silently without bothering the user and mostly suitable for those looking for the best CPU cooler with silent operation.


Our Final Take on 10 Best CPU Coolers in India

The Corsair Hydro Series CWCH100i CPU Cooler is our top pick from the 10 best CPU cooler in India 2022. As this has better value to performance, amazing pricing and presence of high-quality components.

This CPU liquid cooler is compatible with Intel & AMD based systems. Also, it has RGB on the pump as well as on fans and can be controlled through the motherboard software. It comes with 3-years of warranty from the Corsair.

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