Godaddy Hosting-A perfect guide to newbie bloggers

Godaddy! the first thing first comes first. The right domain and hosting can set you up in future.

Now, you might say why you should choose Godaddy?

It is easy to ask and then condemn my viewpoint but what if my own site hosted on Godaddy. Although I did not face any issues yet. Well, Godaddy is the popular website hosting and domain name registrar has 13 million customers worldwide that’s what wiki says.

Technical things that I never looked upon when buying Godaddy Hosting service.

Literally, I’m not a person hooked up with Technical aspects of Hosting. I’m a blogger and when it comes to writing articles on my website, I can’t handle clumsy website speeds and compromise with limited bandwidth. Even I’m aware of the server knowledge before owning any hosting service. Well, I have thoroughly checked and verified before opting Godaddy hosting service. According to me, there are enormous users finding their answers on Godaddy because of its 99.9 Percent availability when it comes to uptime. You will never face any problems. It too owns a powerful Linux-based server with highest storage capacity Ram and provides you with unlimited bandwidth.

I have faith in 24×7 support services

How will you rate your hosting provider? Definitely with customer support service as well as online support. The important factor for me to check customer service support due to the fact anytime regarding technical configuration. Even the newbies are unaware of Technology and are not that major techies who require support on every step. What if I talk about my personal experience with Godaddy?
I just called them up on their toll-free number and guess what the award-winning support team embraced me with all site suggestions and all the technical configurations which I am unaware of.
What about the cool features now, let’s read them below

Do you know Fast sites means Happy visitors!

Are you one of those Bloggers, freelancers and web designers? I can pretty much say opting Godaddy service will make your site fast, reliable secure for hosting. Trusted by million amateur bloggers from a decade.
With fast and responsive website fetches traffic. And with the unlimited bandwidth, you’ll probably never feel any issues with downtime. That’s the reason everyone loves Godaddy hosting.
Powerful hosting and that too pocket-friendly
I have used user-friendly control panels. A renowned Award-winning data centre, reliable and excellent load times makes it easy to host your website and own servers. That’s a win-win situation now.

Do I own a site safe security add-on

The answer is “NO” I don’t need it now. Although, I shall get SSL add-on (paid service) to protect my site from malicious attacks such as Brute Force and DOS. I do feel Go Daddy is no 1 in everything for the cheap and best hosting. So, if you are a blogger like me or wobbled up searching for cheap and best hosting service for your website.
One thing I would ever want to say – Godaddy is a reputed hosting provider in the market but did not offer great service or at least good service to me. Thinking of all possible things that could banter my blogging journey and upon realization, my hunt for new web hosting started. 
If you wish to take your blogging into another level you can undoubtedly consider hostinger web hosting and their fair pricing. With Free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, LiteSpeed server, in-build disk caching and more.
You can purchase a Godaddy hosting service at a min. cost of INR 99 or $0.99/month. But there are better web hosting providers available than Godaddy hosting. You can consider Hostinger web hosting that I’m using now. 

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