Cool WordPress Plugin For WordPress Blogs [Find Best Way to Entertain]

Do you use “Cool WordPress plugin” for fun? Some may others may take it to make the blog more useful. So, we are here to talk about should WordPress plugin be any different? Even when I searched the internet I found some mind-boggling gems, I just had loads of fun WordPress plugin and I’m going to share this with you now. You can pick the right one for you. If you also come to know something plain fun WordPress plugins, please do let me know. I’ll add it to my post.
Now, these are some of the best Cool WordPress plugin I found.

cool wordpress plugin

List of 6 Hand-Picked WordPress Plugin That You Have Never Heard Of

  1. Barrel Roll WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin might get unnoticed if you never tried this, what it does? It just adds a crazy effect on your webpage, i.e the whole page can be rotated 360 degrees simply typing barrel roll, in the search field. It will do the task for you. Try this Cool WordPress plugin for free now. It just add some funky cool funky effects on your site, so do let your user know about it when you install the WordPress plugin so that they know about it Weeeee!!! Haven’t you tried this Cool WordPress plugin yet? Do try. And, let us know.

  1. Mind Reader WordPress Plugin

Do you like Puzzles? I too like them. I first came across a puzzle like this in a website 1-800-Got-Junk. It made me sick like I was on a webpage for around 30 minutes thinking about how it works. I came to know about this Cool WordPress plugin from a website and I thought to share with you guys. Now, that’s another plugin for WordPress and a puzzle creator for a website to freak out users on your site! You gotta have it on your blog. If you have a rush of traffic. This Cool WordPress plugin going to entertain your visitor’s for sure.

  1. Asteroids WordPress plugin 

This is somehow interesting for those who love to play arcade games, on your website. This WordPress plugin let all your user play games. Let it be, driving a spacecraft or shoot and destroy pages!! Yes, that’s right. You can literally do all sorts of things like destroying elements on page, title, and ads too. This Cool WordPress plugin  I’m using it on my blog. So, that’s it, you get a point counter below the page and as you refresh the page once, things become normal again. Once you get the WordPress plugin installed just head to the sidebar and add the asteroids widget there. You can find these Cool WordPress plugin on my blog for sure. 

  1. Captcha Garb WordPress plugin

I hope you have already tried and done with lazy load captchas everywhere from text to images. Now, you get that same but with a fun alternative from a WordPress plugin. Add a twist to your images, upload your own images and images will start rolling into puzzles that are when a commenter must resolve. The images guide you with 4 split images and can be dragged to solve the puzzle. It includes as many images you can look for even you can upload your own. How often do you face issues with spammers? I do and its often. I do like to present this Cool WordPress plugin so that spammers don’t dare to put up a nasty link to your site. 

  1. Vertical rater WordPress Plugin

You must have rated products or services before with stars and numbers ranging from 1 to 5. What if this WordPress plugin offers you ratings with a thermometer, balls, and so on..I got this Cool WordPress plugin mainly on the dating site. Although make sure to check this out too. The premium version is one of the best one..if you like it but I insist you to try out the free version first of this cool WordPress plugins.

  1. My Puzzle Sliding WordPress plugin

I hate time wasters! So, you should. This one is simply what I was looking for these days. Like it’s basically a jigsaw sliding puzzles on WordPress posts. Or page. The wonderful part is being able to add your own image on the puzzle slider. This one is a most affordable WordPress plugin for everyone- easy to set up, it’s free. Now, What’s more, you need for spammers! This is a noble way to help your users to get rid of your site when you don’t want getting flooded with spams.


Now, I’m done with 6 Cool WordPress plugin for now. And, it’s just for fun. So when WordPress begins to annoy you! Stop and have some Puzzles. That will be more than sufficient. Hope you liked the post. I would be more than happy to prepare another list of Cool WordPress plugin. Meanwhile, Pick them one by one and let me know. How you made it work?

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