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Why do you need a SSL Certificate for your website or blog

In this article I’ll guide you with the best SSL certificate provider for the year 2017, SSL came a new way around to help website owners. Websites nowadays are not that secured and that is why you need a SSL secure connection on your blog. But for being able to set up your own e-commerce business influence, you need a best ssl certificate for e commerce. The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate connects your device to the legal server. This secures all your banking data and prevents any hacking attacks. But while going on with making your website secure spree, you can have a hard time amidst all the doubts and options. These will be available before you in a bulk of features.
best SSL certificate provider
 So here is a list of 4 most sought after best SSL certificate provider for your ease, and comfort. 

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What is a SSL ?

Nowadays SSL certificates are crucial for any websites to get rid of scripts, hacks thus, SSL stands for secure sockets layer. SSL certificate is a small data file which attach a decryption key to the sent and received information. With our best SSL certificate provider list you can find good features as well that activates the lock and the HTTPS protocol and provide secure connection. Best SSL certificate provider are useful for encrypting users credit card details, personal details and much more.

Read more about the Types of SSL certificate provided by the companies

  1. Low assurance certificate or a domain validated certificate is the usual type of SSL certificate which provides the lowest level of validation from the authorities.
  2.  This is an automated validation system and need a administrator who authorizes the SSL certificate.
  3. This fundamental best SSL certificate provider can only authorized through a confirmation email or through different processes. This type of SSL certificate only legitimize the domain owner but you don’t know who is he.
  4. No third party organization in middle here which makes the process more affordable. This DV SSL certificate hardly takes few hours to come alive.
  5. High assurance certificate or an organization validated certificate is much more than the DV certificate.
  6.  The process of making this certificate is not tough. A well known third party organization validates the domain owner and some more information like state, country.
  7.  The best SSL certificate provider allows you trusting both the website and the company. Most government’s, reputed brands use the OV certificates by which their users get assurance of secured data transferring.
  8.  OV certificate takes few days to come alive. Extended validation certificate is the best validation process till now. EV certificate authenticates the business as a legal organization. The processing of this certificate is little bit lengthy.
  9. The domain owner needs to submit all the required business information to issue an EV certificate. After installing EV certificate on a website it will show a green address bar which contains the legal name of your brand and the certificate authority.

 There are some large and well known best SSL certificate provider. Some of them are DigiCert, VeriSign (Symantec) and more.


 best SSL certificate provider
They are best SSL certificate provider. The Verisign has a pretty impressive list of clientele based all around the globe. Their achievements are remarkable for a business domain registration company. The perks to having them are they’re promised $1.5 M warranty claim. If at all there is a case of any vulnerable assessment, which till now has never been on record, ever. Price: $1,000.
best SSL certificate provider
You can never go wrong with choosing them.For their professional work and of course the low-cost effective services, is always appreciated. Their business tactics are incomparable as a whole, too.They are the only budget-segmented business authenticators and best SSL certificate provider, you can’t choose to ignore. Price: the least $149 to the greatest limit of $299.
 best SSL certificate provider
Who doesn’t know them? The world knows them as the biggest domain registration company, and best SSL certificate provider. They offer you with 3 packages, of which you can customize according to your requirements. And of course the price range, whatsoever. An all time available customer service and serious claims makes them a trustable of all! It is not only the customizable packages what makes them the best, but the possible the lowest prices, ever! Get the best SSL certificate provider at a Price: First Package- $69.99, Second Package- $89.99
 best SSL certificate provider
Like the Geotrust, this one here has as many exciting offers for you as much you can imagine about. The 256-bit encryption and a 24×7 service all come under their affordable prices.For instance, the extended validation which can otherwise cost you a good fortune,
otherwise, but they have it affordable, and with ongoing offers, as well! Price: The one year package costs you $149. With an extended one year validation which will only cost you less than $600. But if you make up a contract for 2 years, it will only cost you $995, altogether.
It has been great talking about the best SSL certificate provider and best ssl certificate providers 2017. These services are only based a trust factor, then the pricing of the same. It is rather an odd belief that inexpensive certificates are not as reliable as the expensive onesBut you should move beyond that, and take a brief look. The number of services you are being offered is a foremost priority to keep in mind.

How to install SSL on your website

 Your guests will feel more secure on your website when they see the secure green bar beside the URL – understanding it’s secured by a certification so get the best SSL certificate provider for your website.

 Setting up HTTPS on your website is quite simple, adhere to these 5 simple steps: 

Step 1: Variety with a separate IP address In to deliver the best protection, SSL accreditations need your website to have its own devoted IP deal with.
Plenty of more compact web website hosting service programs put you on a distributed IP where several other sites are using the same place. With a separate IP, you ensure that the visitors going to that IP deal with are only going to your website and no one else’s.
Step 2: Buy from a top best SSL certificate provider Next you’ll need something that shows your website is your website – like an ID Cards for your website.
Certificates is a passage of characters and figures that only your website knows, like a lengthy protection password.
When individuals check out your website via HTTPS that protection password is check, and if it suits, it confirms that your website
for identification – and it encrypts everything streaming to and from it.
Step 3: Simulate the certificate If you’re initiating the certification yourself, the next phase is to have a CSR. It’s simplest to do this within your web website hosting service cpanel – such as WHM or cPanel. Go to the SSL/TLS administration place and pick to “Generate an SSL certification and Deciding upon Request”.
“Host for making cert for” is your sector address, and the get in touch with email can be empty. Copy the first prevent of written text. You’ll need this “CSR” to offer to the SSL cert company so they can set up your identification. Sign in to your NameCheap consideration (or wherever you get your certificate) and activate it. Insert your CSR and any other areas required.
It will ask you for an approver e-mail. This is e-mail addresses that shows you own the sector, ie If it doesn’t are available, you’ll need to develop it so you can get the email that contains the ultimate certification.
Step 4: Set up the certificate If you’re establishing up the certification yourself, this is the simplest phase you’ll ever do. You have the certification available, all you need to do is paste it into your webhost cpanel.
If you’re using WHM.CPanel, select the “Install an SSL Certificate” from under the SSL/TLS selection. Paste it into the first box and hit publish. That’s it! Now try to accessibility your website via – you should be secure!
Step 5: Improve your website to use HTTPS
At this aspect if you go to you should see it load! Best wishes, you’ve set up best SSL certificate provider and allowed the HTTPS protocol! But your website guests aren’t secured yet, you must ensure that they’re obtaining your website through HTTPS! You can update all hyperlinks to the focus on web pages to use the HTTPS hyperlinks.
In simple terms, if there’s a web weblink to your trolley on your homepage, update that weblink to use the secured weblink. Do this for all hyperlinks on all webpages directing to the delicate URLs. And, you’re don setting up with your best SSL certificate provider.

Our recommendation for best SSL certificate provider

If you are gathering ANY delicate details on your site (including email and password), then you need a protection. Choose the best SSL certificate provider among these. 
One of the how to do that is to allow HTTPS, also known as SSL (secure outlet layers), so that any details going to and from your server is safe. The stops online hackers from smelling out your visitors’ delicate details as it go online. If you come across any issues setting up your SSL connection. Please comment down below and we’ll be more than happy to help you. 

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