Writing an article for your WordPress SEO blog?

How to start making most of your articles for WordPress SEO blogs. What would be the most important for you before you start writing an article on your WordPress blog. In this article I am going to share some helpful tips on writing a proper engaging WordPress SEO blog.

Choose a Keyword that matches your niche

How about writing a post which is read and shared by thousands of readers. The best thing about it you can rank it easily on major search engines. Now, the questions comes What SEO tool you should choose for better search engine visibility? I’m writing this post with help of Keyword Research tool from Squirrly. This is super light WordPress Plugin that allows major benefits on finding keyword and optimizing it within your WordPress post.
Now coming to establishing a connection to overcome the competition on your key phrases. Checking keywords using LSI (Long tail Keywords) must be a good starting point. Along with that it would be equally important that you get proper ranking in SERPs for those keywords. I’m using Squirrly for few weeks and somehow I feel it’s better than some of its competitors such as Yoast SEO. Now, Why I am making this announcement? Perhaps, on using Squirrly I can see the better keyword research for important data in the competition that classifies each keywords according to top 10 sites.

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It is the best tool you can find on WordPress store and more over. It’s absolutely for free. Unless you purchase a Paid version with loads of other features embedded on it. This is a best way to write an article directly on your WordPress blog. You don’t need to jump into one tab to another so that you can focus on writing your post.

How to stay right on track without losing the Google ranking for your WordPress SEO blog

I consider choosing appropriate keywords for my blog and with proper density into my article.  Do you need to follow some basic rules before writing a post? Yes, Matt Cutts shared some interesting posts on WordPress SEO blog that do not suffer from Google Updates.
writing an article
This is reason why Squirrly Live Assistant ensures to check the SEO part of the article more prominently. And, this helps in respecting the Google guidelines before it get published.

Adding images and videos on your WordPress SEO blog

We all know that Images and videos are essential in writing an article. It can be infographic, with images or a Dailymotion video that can be attached with your SEO blog to make some impact. There are tons of things that you can add on to your blog to make spicer and engaging. But don’t spare hours elaborating images while creating it. For every article, it is necessary to choose a good representative image that does not come under copyright claims. The Squirrly Copyright free Images you find with your keyword specific and they don’t have restriction too. This way you can post your images and imposes no violation when you post them on your WordPress SEO blog.

Note others opinion and build an article out of it

It would be beneficial if you can write and stay connected with the relevant industry. To make most out of it. Different ideas can be used in the article from various segment of the industry experts or influencers for the niche you’re working in. Squirrly makes it easy for anyone to integrate quotes from the inspirational box that makes it great when you can import tweets, add paragraphs or quotes from other blogs. Squirrly makes everything for your wordpress seo blog. Atlast, you’ll be able to redirect your article you’ve spoke or wrote before. This way you are more likely to build whole funnel letting good lead for your wordpress seo blog. With this all-in-one plugin you can easily connect same topic together when writing an article. Adding few reference and link in few clicks.

I recommend using Squirrely for writing an article for your WordPress SEO blog

Now, seems the article is fully-optimised there is only a single thing left to do now.
Well, if you’re not sure yet I insist you to read my detail post on WordPress SEO Plugin by Squirrly to push your WordPress SEO blog in the first position of Google SERP’s. If you have already started using it I would like to hear some unique features that you have liked. Good Luck! You can leave all your suggestion and comments down below.

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