Is Hostinger WordPress hosting a good option for you?

hostinger wordpress hosting

Hostinger is the number one choice when it comes to WordPress web hosting; you can still get the cheapest hostinger wordpress hosting possiblly starting at only $1.99 per month.

As for servers, Hostinger offers a well-optimized one. Hostinger is a brand I know and trust. They provide WordPress hosting services that leave other companies in the dust.

WordPress is a platform I use to manage my blog and other websites. As my website receives daily visitors, I need it to have quality content for readers to consume and interact with.

It’s also imperative for users of such sites for products or services reviewed to have a high performance experience, which Hostinger WordPress Hosting holds.

Price is often a factor in selecting web hosting and you may decide to opt for fewer features to save money.

Before you purchase, make sure that the company offers what you need with assurances from other users and reviews from previous consumers or sites hosted by the company.

This article will take an in-depth look at hostinger wordpress hosting, and offer the information you’ll need to make an informed decision.

In the last 10 years, Hostinger has grown in size and popularity due to its ability to provide WordPress-specific plans.

On top of that, Hostinger publicly displays its server status so you can see how reliable it is. Its uptimes are solid and consistent.

A big reason hostinger wordpress hosting is a popular choice for many new website owners is that it’s easy to use and makes blogs attractive.

In this review from Hostinger, we will examine the features and performance of the host to help you decide if it is worth your time or not. Let’s get started, shall we?


Hostinger review for WordPress: Features


Let’s first take a look at Hostinger’s plans and see what they offer. There is a full range of options here, including shared, cloud, virtual private server, and dedicated plans. 

Activating a WordPress plan is low-cost and perfect for website types.

The primary difference between the premium plan and the business plan is the amount of infrastructural resources that can be allocated to your website.

The business plan should be chosen if you’re planning on selling online merchandise because it includes additional core settings such as pack, product, and order management.

hostinger wordpress hosting

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For a new site, Hostinger has a variety of features to help set up your blog. Some of them include:


  • 24×7 WordPress support in more than 20 different languages is available
  • With a single click, you can install WordPress on your site.
  • There is a free domain name that you can use
  • Additional security measures, including daily backups and free SSL certificates
  • There is virtually no limit to the amount of bandwidth available.


Shared WordPress versions come with a set of features and are attractive in their price. Features include the ability to support multiple locations, plus Hostinger offers superior quality customer service and 24/7 chat support.

Reviewing Support options

The most important hosting feature for many users is support. Many users are concerned that their website will not function properly on shared hosting, and the ability to reach out to technical supervisors directly is a boon.

With the expansive information on the internet, Facebook forums, and website tutorials, general inquiries too have answers readily available across a spectrum of sources.

Hostinger wordpress hosting customer support team is available 24/7 in 20+ languages and can be reached by phone or messaging. Hostinger has the tools you need to get support anytime, anywhere.

hostinger support

To see how Hostinger would respond, we sent a general inquiry to the company. We received a response in a little over four minutes, but this is not the best outcome.

hostinger live support

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Hostinger’s customer support representatives are friendly and helpful. The representative is knowledgeable about the services, and has screenshots for clarification. Hostinger’s response times for general inquiries are decent-to-good.


A top-tier hostinger wordpress hosting service offers features that provide better performance and more reliable websites.

Hostinger has a generous selection of server management tools and certifications to keep your website up 24/7 because web hosts with low bounce rates give you a high UX through optimised functionality, processing speeds, and overall efficiency.

  • Hosting with SSD hardware
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • and a custom-built cache manager

Unlike other hosting providers, Hostinger wordpress hosting offers transparency on their servers’ usability. These include information on the availability of their servers, as well as the last 24 hours and the past week and month.

hostinger server uptimes

Server uptime shows how successfully the server is functioning. You want most of your services to be up and functioning, even if it’s just at 99%.

Hostinger’s 99% is near the bottom of what you would want as opposed to its cheaper prices.

Then you lose writing time, site downtime goes up. In this case, losing a couple of minutes could be 20 or 30 minutes.

Page load and speed tests of Hostinger

It’s interesting to see if the performance is up to the standards by using real-world indicators such as a website Refresh Cooldown Time and Load Impact.

To test our website’s speed, we input our site’s URL into Pingdom, loaded with default themes and plugins, and ran tests from several different locations.

To help us with this, we used Hostinger’s servers for our simple website that had the default WordPress theme, as well as a smattering of plugins to cover various essential features.

Hostinger review for WordPress – what do the statistics say?

  • Hostinger is a platform with excellent pricing plans
  • Is San Francisco the fastest city on this list?
  • London is exactly 0.54 seconds from Hostinger’s US data center
  • Sydney’s experience with Hostinger

A hostinger review of how the interface works

Overall, the quality of these results is quite good. It’s considered a best practice to keep your page loading times under two seconds.

Anything over that can have a negative impact on your bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who leave after viewing only one page).

Other servers work better with the US and London; meanwhile, they are also responsive in other countries.

We can conclude that Hostinger wordpress hosting services many customers in near-enough any region of the world.


See Page Speed Test Results

At this point, let’s use a tool to simulate how many people visit your website. Load Impact is effective in showing you how long your website can handle spikes of traffic.

We ran a test site through the Load Impact tool to see how it would perform:

load impact test results

Load Impact found that the times were generally stable even when we increased the number of requests. Load Impact didn’t find any performance issues.

At Hostinger, there are shared servers for some of our web hosting packages. However, if you plan to create a high-traffic website, or you see sudden changes in traffic when your site is live, it may be best to look at upgrading to a premium plan.


Hostinger WordPress Hosting Review: What is the cost?

Hostinger wordpress hosting pricing is important because it is the basis for how a host will affect your budget. After all, you need hosting that won’t break the bank.

One thing that is surprising about Hostinger wordpress hosting service is the pricing. For example, a single website with the promotion starts at just $1.99 per month.

The higher-tier hosting plans include free backups, a free domain name and unlimited websites on your account. Costing $2.89 per month, these hosting options offer superior quality to more affordable options.

Hostinger provides quick and easy solutions to hosting needs, including: fee-based plans for beginners, advanced plans from $9.99 all the way up to $6.95, email hosting for under a dollar and much more.

Hostinger is a great option for anyone who is new to the world of website hosting. Since there are many plans and it’s very affordable for any size business, Hostinger could be your first stop on the way to more revenue. Down the line, you can upgrade your account to grow with your success.

Is Hostinger Good for WordPress: Is It a Worthwhile Choice?

If you’re willing to dish out a little more time and stake more money as well, Hostinger is an excellent choice. It’s affordable, has a multitude of servers and is receptive to feedback

Pros & Cons : Is Hostinger right for you?

Start your blog with Hostinger for WordPress


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  • Hostinger is a good option for users in the US and UK
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Hostinger is both a good fit for experienced WordPress developers, as well as a great place to start this hosting journey. It is fast and easy to use, with knowledgeable customer support.

The performance is relatively solid overall, but deals with brief performance drops on sites with heavy traffic.

If you’re still unclear on what type of hosting service is best for your blog, here are a few of our past reviews: Are there any questions about our Hostinger review that will help you make a decision? Ask away in the comments section below!

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