7 Best WordPress Plugins Free For Beginners 2020

There are seven plugins in this list are some of my favourite WordPress plugins free.
These WordPress plugins I personally use myself on almost every website or blog I create with WordPress. And I think they’re going to help you too. These WordPress plugins free available to download from wordpress.org or directly from within the WordPress dashboard.
Before we get into the list though I just want to quickly mention that WordPress plugins free are only available for wordpress.org and aren’t going to work on wordpress.com.
If you want to learn how to set up a website or blog with wordpress.org. You can check How to start a blog in 2020  that will help you start a blog at a minimum cost. This is a free walkthrough course which will show you exactly how to set it up.
But without making you wait any longer here’s what I consider to be seven of the best WordPress plugins free download for beginners.

What are the must have WordPress Plugin Free?

There are countless WordPress plugins free available for download but how do you know which one is the best? The most popular WordPress plugins free are WordPress slider plugin free, WordPress chat plugin free, WordPress gallery plugin free, WordPress plugins free download, best free WordPress plugins, Free SEO plugin for WordPress. But should you try them without having to look at these free WordPress plugins? This made us write a detailed review about the plugin which we’re going to explore in this post.

How to Add Plugins in WordPress Free Blog?

WordPress is the largest known CMS (Content Management System) in the world and this becomes vital for every other WordPress user to make use of WordPress plugins free download and use them on their convenience.
First & foremost is that these are free WordPress plugin and second they are tried and tested hundreds of times by bloggers, WordPress users and webmasters. Also, they release timely updates and apply patch fixes to eradicate any issues causing on your blog.
You can easily get these best free WordPress plugins by going to WordPress dashboard >> Plugins and search for the required plugins and download >> Activate. There is numerous free SEO plugin for WordPress and I use more than 10 free SEO plugin for WordPress for my multiple WordPress sites.
Now how can you add plugins to free wordpress, to answer this question I have tested each one of  these free seo plugin for wordpress so that you can quickely know what are they, how they work so that you do not have to spend time on interent searching for the reviews.
We often get asked such as “how to download wordpress plugins for free” – “must have wordpress plugin free”. Despite the fact that the process is completely easy but many beginners do not have the idea of using them otherwise they have never dropped in this post. We know you are sincere and treat your blog as source of income and to make a blog that loads fast, is necessary which is why we think everyone can take help of these wordpress plugins free for download.

List Of 7 Best WordPress Plugins Free Download For Beginners 2020

[su_heading size=”17″ margin=”50″]1. WP Smush[/su_heading]

[button-green url=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-smushit/” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download[/button-green]
A blog is nothing really without some nice images to bring it to life. But the problem with this is that after a while these images start to take a toll on our resources and cause our site to run slower than it could.
Google has even stated in the past that site speed will have a direct impact on how our site is ranked in the search engines.
So, it’s important to make sure that our sites running as quickly as possible that’s where the WP Smush plug-in comes in handy. This plug-in takes all of our different images and compresses them to their lowest possible file size without taking away from the image’s quality.

Using this plug-in on a website or blog with lots of images can make a huge difference to our site’s overall speed and it only takes us a few minutes to set up and run once the plug-in has been installed and activated on our site.

We can hover over where it says media on the left side of our dashboard and then click WP Smush then to compress our images. You just need to click the bulk smoosh button the plugins then going to compress all of the different images on our site and once it’s finished it is going to show you how much space we managed to sieve.

This is normally pretty impressive and all without taking away from our image’s quality. There’s even an option to auto compress any new images we upload which means you never really need to worry about our image file sizes in future.

After the initial setup, this is an awesome free plugin. And I would highly recommend it even if you only have a few images on your site it should still make a noticeable difference to our sites loading times. WP Smush WordPress Plugin is widely used and it is one of the best free wordpress plugins for image compression you can find in the market.

[su_heading size=”17″ margin=”50″]2. Limit Login Attempts Reloaded[/su_heading]

[button-green url=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/limit-login-attempts-reloaded/” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download[/button-green]
Limit login attempts reloaded this is a simple but super effective security plug-in and it lets us set a limit for how many times someone can attempt to log into our site with the wrong details.
Before being locked out you might be under the impression that you’re the only person trying to log in but after installing this plug-in you might be shocked at just how many people and BOTS are trying to gain access to your site.

I’m not trying to make you paranoid or anything most of the time it’s just BOTS or visitors thinking it would be funny. If they managed to guess the password but one day it could be a real hacker and you’ll be glad that you installed the plugin.

To set it up after it’s been installed and activated you just need to hover over where it says settings in our left dashboard menu. And then click limit login attempts at the top. You will see how many times the plugins been triggered then under options. You can set how many fields attempts you allow before the lockout and how long the person will be locked out for. Then you just need to click the Save button at the bottom.

Limit login attempts reloaded plug-in is a good one to have installed and it’s going to help make our site a lot more secure. To ensure better security make use of the best free wordpress plugins to take security consideration to the most.

[su_heading size=”17″ margin=”50″]3. Insert Headers & Footers[/su_heading]

[button-green url=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/insert-headers-and-footers/” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download[/button-green]
Sometimes you’re going to need to add what is known as tracking codes to our WordPress site for setting up things like Google Analytics or Google AdSense ads.
These tracking codes need to be added to our WordPress theme files which can be a little bit risky if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing so instead of risking potential disaster by editing your WordPress theme files directly.
You can use the insert headers and footers plug-in. This plug-in once installed allows you to quickly and easily insert these different tracking codes into our WordPress site without ever having to go near our theme files.
After the plugins been installed you just need to hover over where it says Settings on the left-hand side of your site and then click insert headers and footers. Now you can just paste in any of the tracking codes you’re wanting the ID your site.
And then click see if at the bottom this is another simple but effective best free WordPress plugins and that highly recommended if you’re just getting started with WordPress.

[su_heading size=”17″ margin=”50″]4. Black Studio TinyMCE Widget[/su_heading]

[button-green url=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/black-studio-tinymce-widget/” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download[/button-green]
The black studio TinyMCE widget so this plug-in might have a long name that’s kind of hard to remember at times. But it’s the best free WordPress plugins which I end up using all the time.
It allows us to have all the functionality and options of the that of WordPress visual editor and all you need to do is drag this new widget into one of our available widget areas.
And this would have when adding a page or post so just before we move on to the next plug-in in the list.

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[su_heading size=”17″ margin=”50″]5. Yoast SEO : Free SEO Plugin For WordPress[/su_heading]

[button-green url=”https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/seo/” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download[/button-green]
Yoast SEO just in case you’re not already aware of this SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of trying to get our website or blog to rank higher in the search engine results.
For instance, If you’re trying to get to page 1 of Google for your chosen search term. The Yoast SEO plug-in adds a whole heap of different functionality to your site and it’s the go-to free seo plugin for WordPress.
With over 1 million people using it at the time of writing the post, the plug-in has a lot of different parts to it. We’ll review the working of the free seo plugin for wordpress : SEO plugin with complete setup guide in our next post.

[su_heading size=”17″ margin=”50″]6. Revision control [/su_heading]

Every time you update a page or post on WordPress it creates a revision copy of the post. It is the original page or post before you updated now.
This is a really good feature as it means that you will always have the ability to go back to a previous version of a page. If you realize the new version sucks but there’s no real need to save a revision copy every time you update a page or post.

This can end up being quite a lot in the long run and each of these revisions is going to take up resources that could otherwise be helping make the site run a little smoother and faster.
The revision control plug-in allows you to set a revision limit which means that only a certain amount of revision copies will be saved.
Once the plugins been activated you just need to hover over where it says Settings on the left side of your dashboard and then click revisions then you can set how many revisions you want to be capped for posts and how many you want for pages.

I have mine set to 3 copies for each as you never know when you might need to go back to a previous version. When done you need to click Save Changes at the bottom.

[su_heading size=”17″ margin=”50″]7. BJ Lazy Load[/su_heading]

[button-green url=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/rocket-lazy-load/” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download[/button-green]
When you visit a page on a website or blog all of the images on that page load up as soon as you land on it. And this is normally the main cause of slow loading websites.

What the BJ Lazy load plug-in allows you to do is make it that only the images that will be visible right away load up at first then the other images will start to load as the visitor Scrolls further down the page only loading the images when they start to come into view.
Just like with the WP Smush WordPress plugins free download – BJ Lazy Load can dramatically increase our site speed which in turn can help you with your search engine rankings.
And what makes this plug-in especially awesome is the fact that there is Zero setup involved.

You need to install and activate the plug-in and all of your images will be lazy from now on.
To be honest the BJ Lazy Load plug-in is probably one of my favourite and best free WordPress plugins on the list just because of how effective it is and how easy it is to set up.

Our Final Words

So that’s us now at the end of this list. And that was what I consider to be 7 of the best free WordPress plugins for beginners.
Finally, if you want to download this list of plugins it’s available to download for free. Another list contains best 7 free cool plugins for WordPress so there are 14 plugins altogether and they’re all just as awesome as each other. You would soon find a dedicated post on WordPress slider pluginfree, WordPress chat plugin free, WordPress gallery plugin free till then subscribe to our blog newsletter to find such interesting topics WordPress plugins & tutorials.
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