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The most easiest way to earn through your website or blog is monetizing with a Best Adsense WordPress Theme From, MyThemeShop for blogs with Google adsense.
Why not other monetization option? Well you have other options too.

But here I am referring to Google adsense as it’s one of the best loved and used for monetizing a blog. However, you can display targeted ads that efficiently work with Google contextual advertising.

There is always a win-win situation if you can choose a best adsense WordPress theme for blogs and earn little bit extra cash from advertising. Even I go through many blogs these days and I am surprised to see if you can implement something in effective way.

schema wordpress theme

There is always an opportunity to make some cash out of it. We all know, monetizing is a huge opportunity, The better your traffic moves up, the more opportunity you get to experiment.

Fortunately there are few best adsense WordPress theme for blogs available which I really loved for their simplicity and performance and I’ll be considering these best adsense wordpress theme from mythemeshop to monetize with Google adsense.

Why you need a best adsense wordpress theme for blogs especially for Adsense?

There are 100’s of best mythemeshop themes available in the market most of them need to purchase and very few are free. This is the best adsense wordpress theme that literally help you to display advertisement on your blog or website using the Google Adsense services.

I have known this fact from beginning and that might be the reason I use specifically a best adsense wordpress theme for blogs that is compatible with Google Adsense. There are several person looking out for best mythemeshop themes which uses a better ad placements so that they can earn from per-click and on impression basis.

I know there are struggles involved getting approval for Google Adsense.

Unless, you know how to do it properly, things didn’t turned out well when I repeatedly checked backed for 3 disapproval from Google Adsense team. However, if you run a blog or so you can satisfy the purpose of your blog and also earn for you.

With Ads placed inside the website or blog can be the best way to monetize and display advertisement. If you’re having a good traffic and unable to find one adsense friendly mythemeshop themes then there is a way for you. 

Now, there is a way to make some passive income from blogs, having a best adsense wordpress theme for blogs that we display here are personally used by me. You can read the below post to get a overall review of the best adsense wordpress theme from mythemeshop. 

When you’re starting up your first blog, perhaps on wordpress then you might need a best wordpress themes for blogs that is essentially flexible in placing adsense codes to get it monetized.
Adsense is a newly developed theme from MyThemeShop that has been out recently and we’ll cover a wide aspect of this best wordpress blog themes here.

Take a look at the Live Demo of best Adsense WordPress theme from MyThemeShop

You may not know but I occassionally write reviews on WordPress Themes mostly that I come across good and have personally tested before I recommed others.

In previous post I have reviewed 7 Best WordPress Astrology Theme. As, you know I love customization and when you can customize this best adsense wordpress theme as per your requirements that most of mythemeshop themes support is a worth of your money.

What you get with best adsense wordpress theme from mythemeshop?

The list of features are extensive and enormous for monetization

  • You get custom header background
  • Talking about the Topographies. It’s is loaded with more than 600+ google fonts and you get a wider range of options with this best adsense wordpress theme.
  • Header and Footer is fully customizable.

What’s new in Adsense theme from mythemeshop?

Like most of the reviews suggest the speed (loading time) of this best adsense wordpress theme from mythemeshop. We suggest you to take a look at this snapshot before deciding anything.

  • Ad-blocker Detector

How good can it be when your best wordpress blog themes can detect a ad-blocker when he/she open his website on desktop/phone. As, it’s a google adsense compatible best mythemeshop themes and as you will earning from your advertisement only.

Advertisement are life-blood of a website. And if there are ad-blockers enabled on devices ads will not come up and you will end up losing your shares of revenue.

This is one of the best adsense wordpress theme for blogs that will prompt a user running a ad-blocker and will follow up a message on screen until he disabled his/her ad blocker on browser.

  • Call To Action Section

What if you’re trying to sell something through your website. Where do you put up such things where reader gets the maximum engagement. Luckily, a call to action section is made to cater the needs of promoting or selling products or service in your wordpress blog.

This best adsense wordpress theme from mythemeshop is heavily preferred for those users earns mostly from Google adsense. This feature is fully compatible with Google Adsense and can generate a healthy income for you.

Some modification here to look at:

  • Custom background for the CTA
  • Custom button color of the call to action
  • Enable/disable switch to CTA

Earlier I have reviewed one of the fastest WordPress theme from MyThemeShop i.e Schema Pro WordPress Theme, which is surprisingly one of the simplistic and fastest loading WordPress theme in market today.

  • Homepage Layouts

Talking about the Homepage selection you will get several homepage layouts for your blog and visualization.  

  • No sidebar
  • Both way sidebar
  • Single sidebar
  • More at theme customization panel.

You can quickly import demo without loading/downloading anything extra. This options is efficiently integrate into this best adsense wordpress theme for blogs options panel.
By click this button you can check the Demo option of best adsense wordpress theme from mythemeshop.

  • Navigation and Advertisement

The most interesting thing about this best adsense wordpress theme would be the ad space that it provides to skyrocket your Google adsense revenue.

You can easily extra place 728×15 link ads. You can even place large ad banners on your homepage. With loads of customization option you get with this best adsense wordpress theme for the price.

  • Ads Customization Options And Layouts

I am pretty much impressed with the mythemeshop themes and it’s features. Hence, it’s totally made for adsense publishers.

With help of certain features you can use responsive theme ad code everywhere. And you can see the alignment of ads automatically get below header and after content ad space.

What We Did Not Like About This Theme?

A few CON’s are listed below:

  • You cannot show header banner and social media icons at the same time. So you get only one option left with.
  • You cannot find a better theme like this that supports a ad-blocker.

Our Final Words

This best adsense wordpress theme is best wordpress theme for blogging. You can buy this wordpress theme. If you are completely depend upon adsense revenue.

This might come as a saviour for you. This is the best mythemeshop themes that  helps to encourage ad-blocker users to whitelist website using a emotional trigger popup/bar.

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