How To Increase Blog Traffic? 6 Tricks To Get Free Traffic To Your Blog!

Do you wonder how to increase blog traffic? : In the 21st century, a lot has changed in terms of technology. Now people are using the web world to make money. They are quite active on social media too. Most of them are employing the use of resources like YouTube etc. to create Vlogs.

While others who are better at writing are making their own blogs. These blogs contain material and content related to various topics. This includes themes like fashion, beauty, travel, entrepreneurship, etc. All these blogs are written with a lot of hard work and zeal.

Thus, the bloggers keep trying always to increase the reach of it. They keep on finding ways to increase blog traffic size of their blogs. Most of them are successful in increasing the views on it. Yet others fail to do so. So are you grappling with the problem of increasing the views on your blog? or do you want to know how to increase blog traffic. If yes, then read these golden rules to increase the views. They will be really helpful.

Tricks To Increase Blog Traffic

1. Use SEO tools for increase organic traffic to blog

The first and most important tricks to increase blog traffic on your blog is a good SEO tool. Now some people will ask why? Well, let us explain the reason. Search engine optimization is the simplest way to make your site or blog famous that increase organic traffic to blog. If your content is quite optimized then it will easily appear in search engines.
For example, if you make good readable content, the search engines will show it on top. Optimization is just not limited to that part. There are certain tools that organically different ways to increase blog. They help you recognize the glitches in your page. After identifying them, you can correct those errors.

Most often, the way the blog is designed has other technical issues, that reduce traffic. Your blog may lack to appear in the topmost search engine rankings. Thus the only way to fixate this problem is by using SEO. Some tools to increase traffic are:
1.Yoast SEO
3.Moz Pro
4.Google Analytics
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2. Blog Regularly or more often to get free traffic to your blog

Now, this is something that most bloggers already know. Well, this is the simplest ways to increase traffic. Blogs vary according to the platform. Some have their blogs on WordPress, while others have on Instagram. There are also other sites on which one can start blogging.

Now blogging doesn’t only mean writing. It also includes other things like video sharing, recipe making ideas, etc. Thus, blogging is a very diverse activity. Thus, all bloggers on any site should make sure that they post often. Most of the time, people just open up blogs and don’t post much. Only initially they remain excited and keep posting content. See 2-3 days pass and all their Interest in blogging gets over.

Don’t repeat this unhealthy practice at all. One should keep posting content on the blog. Now, this may look really tiresome but it isn’t very difficult. You need not post a long video or article every day.

Rather you can actively engage with the viewers through some fun questions etc. That’s the easiest thing to do. Isn’t it?

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3. Use keywords to increase blog traffic

And this is definitely the best way to get free traffic to your blog. You must have often observed that successful blogs or sites use a lot of keywords. These are actually words that are crucial to the topic of a blog. For say, if you write about designs then the keywords to be included should be like “graphics” etc. It is due to these keywords that your site appears among the top search results.

The keywords are of two types now:
1. Long-tail keywords
2. Short tail keywords
The first of its kind is in the form of phrases. This means they are very long. For example” the best way to earn money” can be a keyword to your money Creation blog. Similarly, the short tail keywords are quite short. This includes words like “best”, or even vulgar keywords like “porn”, “adult” etc. If you are a beginner, you can even use vulgar keywords to increase traffic.

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4. Kindle 90 days traffic plan

Now, this is a new strategy to increase views. The entrepreneurial enthusiast Neil Patel shared it with all bloggers. He said that this Kindle plan enables one to publish a book. Thus, if you are into writing business, you can publish a Kindle book for free on it.
You can also compile all the blog material to make a book. This way your content will be visible to a wider audience.
This program is of significant importance to people who have just begun blogging. Over a time span of 90 days, bloggers will gain good followers. They will be able to showcase their skill to the Kindle audience. Thus, it is really helpful in nature.

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5. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the other tricks to increase blog traffic . It refers to the practice of some guest writing or posting on your blog. Now, this is again of importance to the beginning level bloggers. Imagine you being a novice at blogging.

Like how to get traffic to your wordpress blog?. What will you do then? In that case, you can ask help from other established bloggers. They can write for your blog and increase organic traffic to blog. After that, they can promote your blog and Content on their already famous blogs. This way it will be a mutual cooperation too. This will also help you to establish close ties with other networking bloggers. So do try guest posting!

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6. Promote on Social Media to get free traffic to your blog

And last but not the least way to increase views is to promote your blog. You can easily do it on social media and other portals. Most often the process is two-legged as follows:
1. Firstly, the bloggers create their own site or blog. They post content on it regularly.
2. Later, they open an exclusive page on any social media platform.
For example an Instagram account. On that, they keep updating their latest blogs and posts. They only give teasers to increase viewers interest to go to their blog.
Thus, you can grab any of the social media platforms. Be it Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, all are good ways to increase traffic. They will boost your blog’s reach. Besides that, you will gain double followers in the form of Blog views+ Social Media views. Also, people these days mostly use social media sites only. Thus, this tricks to increase blog traffic will levearge your social media teasers, when they will view your blog too. Don’t forget to post a link to your blog on the social media page!

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Thus, these were the various ways to increase blog traffic. All these tricks to increase blog traffic are very simple and effective. It’s understandable that running a blog is difficult. Especially, when that blog is new. There are already many established people in the market. This poses a pressure to perform better.
Also, some bloggers gain money to earn livelihood only through them.

This makes it a tough task for them to get free traffic to your blog. Since traffic will tell the amount of money they can earn. Thus, it becomes imperative to increase your followers and viewers.
All these above ways to increase blog traffic are fully tried ones. One can experiment with them as per their convenience. So don’t get anxious if you don’t get views. You need to be patient to reap the benefits. Go ahead!

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