How to add Custom BigRock domain in blogger

When adding Custom BigRock domain in blogger for your next event blogging setup you ought to need a process. In this post I am going to share some of the most curated topic in the world of blogging.

If you’re a sprouting blogger you may not understand the process. That’s why I have made you understand with the help of few screenshots which will assist you to add custom BigRock domain in blogger.

Adding Custom BigRock domain in blogger is a easy process only if you know how to do it? As we all know, there are times when you would like to open up a separate blog unlikely leaving your primary blog. The first thing a user does he buys a domain name from any domain registrar.

Every blogger to the far end knows, the importance of a domain name. Unless, you buy a domain name you won’t be able to rank your posts well. Perhaps, you would use other techniques but you won’t get any results for sure.

A domain name can easily be purchased upon you requirements such as .Com, .in, whereas .Com is mostly preferred.
If you’re more likely to purchase a domain name for your new blog. You can look for from where you can buy domain at a cheap price and use it as a Custom BigRock domain in blogger.

Now, if we talk about Blogger which might be called as Google’s baby and a blog publishing platform which is absolutely free of cost. If you are new to blogging, unlike WordPress custom URLs are allowed instead of just domain names even with

To make it quite right for you. I would guide you on adding a Custom BigRock domain in blogger from a reputed service provider I trust and then you can use it as a Custom BigRock domain in blogger.

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Let me help you add Custom BigRock domain in blogger with step by step procedure, although I will be using BigRock with blogger.

I believe you already obtained a domain name setup or else you can get one.

  • Once you completed your purchase, you will get your login credentials which let you in the control panel. Below is the screenshot of You can click on the domain name.


  • Although it’s necessary to set up the DNS management for the first time. Find it on the right side menu. You can get that option on manage DNS option on this window.

The next big thing comes with A Records. Leave the hostname blank and add the A Records with Destination IPv4 Addresses Do not add or alter any TTL setting you find there.

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  • Now, with that follow the same methods and add another 3 A records with Destination IPv4 Address.


  • You can then see the following A Records files and how they look like.


  • The page ever you see find an option known as CNAME records and click on add CNAME records. Type in the hostname as and fill the entries in the radio button as Once you are done with the steps click on Add Record


  • Now you might need your blogger account for login. Start with the name that you have created and setup your new domain now.


  • Just click on settings you will find it on the left-hand side under setting option click on basic.
  • Under publishing option, you can click on add a Custom BigRock domain in blogger. And setup your domain name provided in the field box and hit the save button.
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  • If you see any error record when you tried to click on save blogger option now you will need to add the 2 CNAME Records provided by blogger which you will find in BigRock manage DNS panel.
  • Now that you have added this in EME records. It will take some time to get this propagated on the server. Meanwhile, if someone searches for the particular website he or she will not be able to reach you. Although you can create a redirect from to
  • You can do the following thing under domain name then settings you will find an option called basic just check the go where you want to redirect your visitors and click on save button.

That’s how! We set up everything for you. Now, the right time to build your website and for more, you need more flexibility you can check out various website builder. In case you come across questions regarding setup of your domain name to the blogger you always have a comment box below and I’ll try to answer those in no time.

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