[Tried & Tested] Top 10 Best 55 Inch TV In India – 2022 4k Tv In India

Are there any best 55-inch tv in India at present? Which one is the most selling? Which one has better reviews? What is the price point in which it is sold? What are its features? What you should look for when buying a new LED tv? There are several questions that you may want to ask? But whom should you ask? Should you spend the entire day searching for the best-LED TV in India? Never! 
You can hit the hay and come down to us for the best selection of LED TVs concerning the models, brands, sizes etc. You can look at different TV variants with 32 inches, 43 inches, 55 inches and even 65 inches. Whatsoever when you are searching for a bigger display probably then consider picking the perfect sweet spot of 55 inches. After all, we live in an age where almost choices remain an undisputed option for everyone. We’ll be more focusing on the 55 inches LED TVs in the post. And we make sure you get the best pick which saves your day searching for the right answer. 
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When looking for the best-LED TVs in India. We keep separating the premium offering from Sony, Samsung and LG with the budget Sanyo, Mi, Kodak, Shinco. Nevertheless, the latter one offers more value to the budget consumer but if you’re more brand conscious and have an eye for the detail then you can undoubtedly choose the Premium LED’s TVs. 

Here are the Top 10 Best LED Smart 55 Inch TV in India 

1. LG 55 Inches – OLED55C8PTA – 4K UHD OLED Smart TV

Now, this is one of the best 55 inches smart LED TV in India, with an expensive price tag. The Smart LED Tv is perfectly crafted for those who want to get the best experience from a 4K OLED TV. LG is a reputed brand in home electronics and surely the LED TV has everything in it. A look at this TV would make your day wonderfully bright more when you check out the features and look of the smart TV. 
This is a 55 inch LED TV from LG available at an expensive price. It integrates WebOS, magic remote, ThinQ AI and includes dual-band WIfi and more. 
Coming to the I\O ports, the LG 55 inch LED TV has 4 HDMI ports comes along with 3 USB ports. It even has a separate audio transmission system integrated within which can be put to use through the wireless headphones. The A9-intelligent processor is one of the top-rated CPU used in and premium LED TVs in India. This LG tv packed with advanced features offering a clutter-free video experience that looks absolutely stunning through every image you see on the TV. 

Best Features Of LG 55 inch LED TV in India? 

  • Energy-efficient consumes less than 60watt of power
  • True to the eye resolution marked at 3840x2160p (4k/UHD)
  • Has a great stereo speaker each of 40 watts
  • Comes with a straight 12 months manufacturing warranty
  • Has  built-in Dolby Atmos sound amplifier with Dolby Vision technology

2. Sony Bravia 55 inches – KD-55X8000G 4K Android LED TV

Sony LED TVs have always looked impressive to the eyes. This 55 inch Sony Bravia LED Tv is an expensive model in our best Smart TVs list. However, what makes this one different from other 55 inch Smart TV’s list is Sony’s in-build Triluminous and X-reality pro features. With the distinct use of clear audio + feature, you will have a good time experiencing the authentic audio from the speakers of this TV. 
It significantly improves sound, mainly the treble that reaches ears to feel closer to reality. This particular Sony Bravia 55 inch Smart Tv model offers 3 USB ports, 4 HDMI ports with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. 

Best Features of LG 55 inch LED TV in India? 

  • It has a straight one year warranty from Sony 
  • It is UHD/4K resolution with the resolution 3840x2160p 
  • It consumes energy of around 182watt while operating 
  • Include two 10watts speakers on either side
  • This particular model has an HDR display

3. Sony Bravia 55 Inches – KD-55X7500F 4K Android LED TV

The previous two Smart LED TVs are little on the higher sides but when comparing with the features Sony Bravia 55 inch Smart Tv then this one has almost everything in it. But certainly, this is an older 2018 version which you may not like when you are looking for the latest and best 55-inch smart led tv in India. 
With that said, this will not hinder the performance nor the experience unless otherwise has limited features. This 55 inch 4k tv includes the best of Sony ClearAudio+, better bass boost, Motionflow XR and also X-RealityPro for the better of experience.  There have been no restrictions to the number of ports you get with the best 55 inches led tv in India, 3 USB, 4HDMI ports. Furthermore, this is a pure android smart tv. 

Best Features of Sony Bravia 55 inch 4k tv in India?

  • Includes the HDR functionalities 
  • Provide straight 1-year of warranty
  • Astounding screen resolution 

4. Samsung 55 Inches – QA55Q60RAKXXL 4K Smart QLED TV

Samsung has come a long way offering a super sharp 55 inch LED TV at 120Hz for gaming consoles. It is good to see brands like Samsung have started offering a few best led 55 inch smart TVs in India. The higher refresh rate in the best 55-inch tv India 2021 provides complete lag-free gameplay. 
It includes a host of connectivity options such as 4 HDMI, 2 USB ports to connect multiple devices anytime anywhere you like. Most gaming consoles, media centres are now able to work with higher refresh rates which effectively put games at higher FPS. 
Not just that it has Bluetooth enabled and has the opportunity to utilize the Samsung AI-based assistant (Bixby) conveniently on the LED Tv. This is one of the best 55-inch smart tv in India. Additionally, Quantum HDR 4x, Ambient mode, Live cast, AI mode, Tune station and few others are proprietary features in Samsung 55 inch LED Tv segment. 

Best Features of Samsung 55 Inch 4K Smart QLED TV

  • Pure QLED display that greatly enhances the display capabilities
  • With ultra HD resolution the factory-calibrated colours on the Smart TV look promising to the eye. 
  • Includes dual speakers of each 20watts
  • Straight 1-year warranty with an additional 1-year warranty on the display panel. 
  • Power consumption is roughly between 170-180watts

5. LG 55 inches – 55UM7290PTD 4K Smart LED TV

When we speak for price vs performance ratio, the LG 55 inch tv in India is one of the most popular among its segment. This LG 55 inch tv 4k ultra HD LED TV is the upgraded version from the 2019 model which comes with upgraded features and functionalities. The LG 55 inch 4k smart tv includes 5 connectivity options: 2 USB, 3 HDMI at the back of the side of the TV.
Every LG 55 inch tv in India includes a specialized software that greatly enhances the capabilities of a normal Smart LED Tv. Lg proprietary 4k LED 55 inch TV has support for Magic Remote, ThinQ AI, Active HDR and many more. The LG 55 inch Smart TV has a quad-core processor that offers better performance than other Smart TV on the list.  You can buy 55 inches led tv from amazon store most importantly the design and the colour offered in this tv looks charming. And with integrated Bluetooth support, this LG smart tv model is compatible with any Bluetooth headphones. 

Best Features of LG 55 inches – 55UM7290PTD 4K Smart LED TV

  • This LG 55 inch tv in India has screen resolution of 3840pxx2160p resolution
  • Sadly, the refresh rate is set at 50Hertz
  • Comes with a straight 1-year warranty
  • Includes two bottom-firing speakers 10-watts of each
  • Consumes almost 160wattage of power

6. Samsung 55 Inches – UA55NU6100 – Super 6 Series 4K Smart TV

samsung 43 inch 4k uhd led tv

Samsung premium UHD tv 55 are most selling led tv 55 inch price in India considering the Indian markets. Samsung still rules the television segment with a greater margin. The reason is clear: better-LED panel, clarity, onboard software. This can be best to buy 55 inch smart tv if you are looking for a 55-inch smart LED TV for infotainment.  
You can buy this Samsung premium UHD tv 55 from amazon. This has 1 USB port and 2 HDMI ports in it. And then you have wireless connectivity with this budget-friendly Samsung 55 4k curved tv. You will also be able to use some of the Samsung inherent features such as Live Cast, Tune Station, SmartThings App and so on with this Samsung premium UHD tv 55.

Best Features of Samsung 55 Inches UA55NU6100 Super 6 Series 4K Smart TV

  • Comes with a 1-year straight warranty on product additionally 1 year on the panel.
  • It has a default refresh rate of 60Hz
  • This is a Ultra HD – 4K screen having resolution of 3840px X 2160p 
  • The bottom-firing speakers are of 20watts offering immersive sound and deeper bass. 
  • This Samsung 55 4k curved tv consumes 155 wattages of power while operating

7. BPL 55 Inch- T55AU26A 4K- Android LED Smart TV

BPL 55 inch 4k UHD Led tv

If you are looking for affordable and feature-rich best 55 inch 4k tv in India then look no further BPL 55 inch 4k Android LED Smart TV is one of the best buy 55-inch smart tv you can find online. The product is manufactured and sold in India. The advantages of BPL best led 55-inch smart tv in India is the pricing. It’s a great one when considering the price to performance ratio. 
BPL 55 Inch T55AU26A 4K Android LED Smart TV is the best selling LED tv in India. You can find tons of positive reviews for this Smart LED Tv. It includes a series of connectivity options such as 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports. Besides this is a pure android smart TV offering a diverse way to function your LED TV using Google Voice Search, Chromecast and so on. You will be able to use Google Play Store functionality to download apps directly from the Play store. 
This is one of the top 10 55 inches 4k tv in India you can find with Bluetooth connectivity and comes preinstalled with apps such as Hotstar, YouTube, Netflix etc. BPL has strived to challenge the premium led tv 55 inches in India by cutting down prices and then you have thousands of positive reviews that build a trust over the brand. 

Best Features of BPL 55 Inch T55AU26A 4K Android LED Smart TV

  • It has 2 bottom-firing speakers each of 20watts 
  • This is one of the best led 55-inch smart tv in India under 35k 
  • You can buy this 55-inch 4k tv sale are running 
  • Warranty against any manufacturing defects is 1 year
  • Offers 60hz of refresh rate
  • Consumes anywhere between 120-130watts of power while operating.

8. Sanyo 55 Inches – XT-55A081U 4K Smart Android TV


Sanyo Kaizen Series HD ready smart LED tv

If you aren’t sure about which one is a budget-friendly LED TV in India then Sanyo 55 inch LED Smart Tv is one of the cheapest and best led 55-inch smart tv in India you can find in the market. Sanyo is a Japanese brand and they have good quality LED TVs sold at an inexpensive rate. This one comes with Android 8.0 operating system in it. You can find a host of options to use the tv without the remote. Integration of Google Voice Search and installing as many apps directly from the Google play store seems to be a child’s play. 
On the I/O port, the Sanyo Smart LED TV has 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports. The 55-inch smart LED TV includes a remote, wall mount, tabletop stand as well as the batteries for the remote. The 4k Ultra HD tv 55 inch has WIFI and Bluetooth functionalities. If you are on a budget and want the best 55 inch 4k tv in India then look nowhere. It has some great features with inexpensive pricing. The Sanyo 55 inch 4k tv is popular in India and has already received tons of positive feedback from the buyers. 

Best Features of Sanyo 55 Inches XT-55A081U4K Smart Android TV

  • It integrates premium features (HDR 10) that enhances the colour reproduction 
  • It is a distinct looking 55 inch 4k smart tv carrying resolution of 3840px2160p
  • It consumes almost 160wattage of power while operating
  • It has 60hz of refresh rate 
  • Comes with a straight 1-year warranty 
  • It has a 60hz refresh rate 
  • This smart LED 4k 55-inch Tv has two bottom speakers of 20watt each

9. VU 55 Inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 55 OA

Vu 55 inch 4k smart tv

When we talk about the best 55-inch tv in India Vu or View (as pronounced) is the most popular 55-inch LED Smart TV in India. Vu or View is an American based company that has strived to reach the top by selling premium LED Smart TVs at an affordable price bracket. Indian are budget constraints and by lowering the prices can help them grab as many as customers and at the same time offering premium features in the budget.
This, in fact, is the 2019 model of VU 55-inch 4k smart tv. There are multiple options for connectivity such as 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports on this TV. It includes 16 Gb of ROM and 1.5Gb of RAM besides this is a pure android Tv means you’ll be able to use Google Play Store that comes preinstalled in it. The other benefits of using the VU best 55-inch tv in India is the inclusion of IPS display and wider viewing angle. In the box, you will get all the essential features such as wall mounting bracket, tabletop stand, remote. 

Best Features of VU 55 Inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 55 OA

  • The 55-inch 4k smart tv comes with the resolution of 3840p x 2160p 
  • While operating the Smart TV draws 160wattage of power
  • It is set to default 60hz of refresh rate
  • It has a straight one year of warranty for the product 
  • The bottom-firing dual speakers are of 20 watts each

10. CloudWalker 140 cm 55SUA7 – 55- inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Screen

cloudwalker 4k ultra hd led screen

CloudWalker may seem like a new brand to many budget-oriented customers. This is an inexpensive 55-inch Smart LED TV recently launched and has already gathered many eyeballs. The Indian borne company (CloudWalker) is proficient in providing 55-inch 4k tv sale at a half cost without cutting any of the features. This is an IPS LED model carrying a wider viewing angle up to 178 degrees. 
This is one of the best 55-inch smart TVs in India you can find at a nominal price. The android smart tv comes with Android 7.0 (Nougat) and capable of running different apps using Cortex A73 dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB of storage. On the backside, it has 2 USB ports and 3 HDMI for better connectivity. 
You can easily pair with media players, smartphones, gaming consoles and even PCs if you’re looking out to a game using the 55-inch Smart LED TV. This is one of the best 55-inch TVs in India that has received great positive remarks from online shoppers.

Best Features of CloudWalker 140 cm 55SUA7 – 55- inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Screen

  • It is definitely the best looking IPS screen of resolution 3840p x 2160 (UHD/4k)
  • It has an HDR feature built-in that enhances the colour saturation 
  • It has 2 down-firing speakers of each 20 watts
  • It has 145 watts of power through ON mode
  • It has straight 1 year of warranty provided  by the company

Our Final Take

We have listed down the top 10 55 inch 4k tv in India. They are certainly the most appealing and popular among Indian consumers and are of the same size and features. However, the prices are different from each other considering the premium features, budget-friendliness and the brand value they are the best value to the proposition for everyone. 
These are some of the best 55-inch smart TVs in India you can choose any of them as per your budget. These best 55 inches led 4k smart tv in India are most selling and has tons of positive reviews online. 
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