13 Ways to Make Blog Look More Attractive

13 Proven Way To Make A Blog Look Attractive

make blog look more attractive

What is blogging? Why People Blog? How to make blog look more attractive?

At what time do you think blogging started and since it’s started blogs were then, glorified as online journals. Becoming a pro blogger and making money out of it doesn’t sound that easy? Though I am a admirer of Dr. Vivek Bindra that has really helped me understand this well. Since, this blogosphere has really turned well, joining new peoples all over the globe. There are few distinctive features among types of blogging and the benefits are still plentiful. If you’re niche is among business, lifestyle, food or entertainment. You ought to see blogging scenario has developed largely by last decade. Here’s why people still consider taking risk buying hosting and put enormous labour and how it can benefit your personal and professional life.
make blog look more attractive

Blogging Meant Sharing

To this even the landscape has completely changed, and there are numeros blogs that still serves a platform to voice opinions. Ideas and causes. Therefore it just the passion to let your ideas out on a public portal.

make blog look more attractive

Whether you have a passion for finance, cooking or politics offers you a needful opportunity to connect with like minded individuals who shares some passion on the gallery.


Why people lean towards a cause?

The reasons may vary but with political, environmental or a social cause can be a better way to voice and build awareness.
make blog look more attractive

Identify your passion and voice opinion through blogs

I always had this passion to share my knowledge and that would eventually provides an opportunity to educate new bloggers and become a field expertise. The prime motive is to build resources on my blog to educate others. There are few ways by which you can monetize your blog for the labour you’re putting. You may try to offers some educational courses or services online.
make blog look more attractive

Editing & proofreading skills

How about writing about something you love to. Engaging your audience is different from writing long paragraphs. The best part is that you can write on a regular basis so that you can keep an good eye on your editing and proofreading your documents constantly.  You can then ask your readers to help you out to make your writing more visible to your readers. However, being a good writer is not essential for a successful that make blog look more attractive.
make blog look more attractive
There are tons of bloggers I go through everyday with terrible writing skills. And their part of success is only attribute to only one message that is “ If I can do, so you can do it too”. Another most impotant aspect of blogging is “Writing awesome SEO articles” – You can start writing a WordPress Blog Post and share them with others. 

Learn how your niche industry works

Most of us start with one blog and build their scalable empire gaining experience for ideas to work. The initial blog is vital for you so making strategies to scale up your blog is most important when you’re running your blog that even make blog look more attractive to make money.
make blog look more attractive
This will help you accelerate your future blogs growth.


Blogging is a community and one of the prime reason to connect with others. The reason is pretty simple. When you are a solopreneur or a blogger. You ought to make your brand.
make blog look more attractive
Blogging is definitely building relationship that can further facilitates future growth. But to earn money using blogging is entirely a differnt aspect that require purchase of premium wordpress theme, a website builder above all a web hosting provider. 

Time to Join Professionals

Blogging is a community derived endeavor and through networking you’re building audience for your brand perhaps. I should call blog placing nicely filled ads that can make blog look more attractive. Growing as a community will help you to nurture different sides of blogging. Well it has its own benefits like it can help you to learn and build a brand for you, blogging also helps in getting connected with another fellow bloggers.
make blog look more attractive
You may then try to scale your blogging with help of softwares and tools. Well there are many seminars, workshop or events provide useful insight to a user.

Getting more exposure

You might have seen companies, small scale industries or a brand who have separate blog section and to expand their online presence. Suppose you have a online business a blog will help you to find potential customers through blogs. Many companies promote their products or services through blogs so that others can interact with the blogs to start a positive conversation that will ultimately leads to online revenue.  Not only that it can even make blog look more attractive to a reader. This further helps in expanding your business or offering new products and services.
make blog look more attractive
These business houses use the technique known as content marketing to get ranked in search engines there by start generating revenues with leads. In a WordPress blog you can make use of serveral ad-network for monitizing your blog. You may need a simple Adsense WordPress theme which is optimised for Google Adsense Ad-Network.

Build an authority in a niche

Do you know when you make blog look more attractive it can also be utilized to showcase your inner talent and expertise? If not then publishing a blog post in a most informative manner can make blog look more attractive which brings attention of niche industry experts. Through which you can get lots of attentions and act as a authoritative source.
Proven way to make blog look more attractive What is blogging? Why People Blog? How to make blog look more attractive? At what time do you think blogging
And, who knows people may try to follow all your post by subscribing to your newsletter. Earlier we’ve reviewed a few popular WordPress theme that majority of bloggers use display ads through a Ad-Network and generate a passive income. 

Ever thought of a blog can be your online Portfolio

Blogging is a nice way for aspiring writers and freelance content writers. Like I started my blogging when I thought of doing something out of client work. By showcasing your writing skills on a larger platform can be an extension to reach high paying clients. Also, when someone ask you for your previous sample work.
make blog look more attractive
You can provide them your URL of blog so that they can see them straight away ( I mean your published works).

Learn to market your blog

Most essential element for your online business to grow well is to find a suitable place to make blog look more attractive. To gain visibility is the only way you can reach out to several peoples so that people can know about you and your blog. Creating new posts making them useful for users should be your first choice. Try to entertain your audience with beautifully crafted content.
make blog look more attractive
This will fetch enough of organic searches which is accordingly do make blog look more attractive in eyes of search engines that helps your blog authority, online ranking and traffic stats.

Why wait? Every big decision is takes a fraction of second

As the internet and technology has played and ingrained a bigger role in our day to day lives, having a blog is simply a necessity for everyone.  Unlikely gone are those days when a blogger need to have a degree in computer science. Now, almost anyone start with a self hosted wordpress blog. To know more about how to start a blog.  Take out 15 minutes to read though our guides and setup process and in few minutes you’ll be up with your own blog.
make blog look more attractive
If you’re still unsure whether blogging is right for you, you can use a Google (Blogspot) or WordPress.com to make one free for you. My recommendation will be take out few minutes to read our guide and you’ll understand how easy it is to start a self-hosted solution.
Hope you don’t mind going through a detailed Post on How to start a blog. You can read the article to know how easy is to start and maintain a new blog.

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