Best Gaming PC Under 70000 Rupees

Gaming PC Build Under 70000

Best Gaming PC Under 70000

A budget PC or Best gaming pc under 70000 is most in-demand and that’s why we have prepared all the components to make this budget build happen. The moment we have been waiting has finally arrived which is building the Best Gaming PC Under 70000?
Now, before it gets started we think should first go over the “Best Gaming PC Under 70000″
The first criteria for this Gaming PC Build Under 70000 is literally gaming performance and also the build should look pretty. If you can’t figure out the components for the Best gaming pc under 70000 that will suit the needs. We’ll let you know in a minute.
Now in today’s gaming PC build under 70000 we’ll be focusing more on the performance than the RGB below to keep the cost below.
This Best Gaming PC under 70000 can run PUBG@1080p, with very good Frame Rate. So before we get started and showcase the Best Gaming PC configuration under 50000.
This Best gaming PC under 70000 can handle all the latest games such as Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto V, Watch Dog 2, PUBG and more at 1080P with the minimum 50-60FPS.
Now, for this best gaming PC build under 70000 you actually have two builds for both AMD, Intel lovers. If you’re an AMD fan read the entire post by scrolling down below.
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How to choose Assembled Best Gaming PC Under 70000?

The best gaming PC build under 70000 is used rejoice or getting refreshed after long office hours. It will let you enjoy games at an average frame of 50-60 for any game at full definition resolution and allow upgrades options in the near future.
Well, in this Gaming PC Build Under 70000 we have not included Monitor, Keyboard and mouse due to budget constraints.

#1 PC Component : Ryzen 5 2400G 

Let’s start with the Processor. The CPU will be using in this build is Ryzen 5 2400G. It’s a great CPU on a budget and comes with RX Vega 11 graphics also it offers great performance for the price. The 2400G is 4 core 8 thread CPU has a base clock frequency of 3.6GHz and a max boost clock frequency of 3.9GHz. The RYZEN 5 2400G comes with great sort of packaging inside it has a heat sink fan with thermal paste preapplied on it.

#2 PC Component : AB350N – GAMING WIFI 

best gaming pc under 70000

Coming to the Motherboard we have the AB350N – GAMING WIFI. It has got almost all features you would need such as

  • Has an AM4 socket
  • Dual RAM slot
  • USB 3.1 Jack
  • Has built-in dual-band Wi-Fi
  • And has Bluetooth 4.0 support
  • Multi-zone RGB lighting which is fully customized using the RGB fusion software.

It is a Mini-ATX Motherboard and perfect for this build and looks stunning especially the RED accent on it.

#3 PC Component: STRIX Gaming GeForce GTX 1050Ti 

Next Components in our #PC build is a dedicated Graphics Card. The Graphics we’ll be using in the build is the STRIX Gaming GeForce GTX 1050Ti. This Graphics is very ideal for the budget build which offers excellent 1080p Gaming experience. It also has a special OverClock Mode to boost gaming performance to Max. The STRIX Gaming GeForce GTX 1050Ti has patented dual fan with perfect 0db wing alike design that offers 30% better cooling and has RGB lighting on it which can be fully synchronized using the Aura Sync software. This is the OC version and comes with GDDR5 memory. It has the best black finish circuit covered with an aluminum shroud which looks appeals great.

#4 PC Component: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 2x8GB 

best gaming pc under 70000

This #PC build has mostly high-end components that offers great price: performance ratio. The next component we have used is Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 2x8GB DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz PC4-24000 C15 Memory Kit. This is one of best high-performance RAM stick clocked at 3600 MHz and also supports Intel XMP profile. However, you can go with cheaper RAM stick but these are one of the best that literally boost the gaming performance. Also, we suggest getting 2X4GB RAM stick because this motherboard supports Dual Channel RAM and offers better performance and fastest access to the memory when compared to using a single-channel RAM. The RAM boasts a Camo design.

#5 PC Component: Western Digital 240GB SSD 

These days games need faster access and to minimize the time to load a game or boot up PC. You certainly need an SSD. You can also go with 120GB SSD along with a 2TB hard drive. But we don’t see much benefits in choosing a 120GB SSD. An SSD performs a lot better than a spinning hard drive. Western Digital 240GB SSD offers caching boost write that significantly improves the performance of the App/games opening time and overall a great product for everyday tasks. We have included the SSD seeing the requirement.

#6 PC Component: Cooler Master 450 Watt 80 Plus 


The power supply unit PSU we have in this best #PC build is MWE 450 from Cooler Master. It is a 450watt 80 Plus Power Supply. It is more than enough for power supply for the build we’re using and can handle the load efficiently. It is a regular budget PSU not modular and comes with 120mm durable silent Fan inside.

#7 PC Component : Cooler Master Masterbox E300L 

We have used an efficient cabinet in our #PC build from the Cooler Master Masterbox E300L. It is a very efficient and budget-friendly PC case which comes with brushed front panel and has a lot of air vents with different TRIM color options. The reason we have chosen this keyboard is we did not want to waste my money on looks. It’s the simplistic and decent looking case for the price. It also has All-metal body and some plastic parts at the front and a control panel at the top. You get to see a Power button, Reset, headphone, Mic Port and also 2X USB 3.0 port.

Should You Consider Best Gaming PC build Under 70000?

We know the “PC Build” and choosing can be quite confusing. From picking the right CPU to RAM and more can be a nightmare for few. To help you with that what we suggested to make a post on best gaming PC build under 70000 you can assemble by yourself choosing the latest CPU/GPU combination and by adding a pair of SSD in it. You are free to choose your own monitor with ones that offer 1080p resolution similarly you can pick the keyboard, mouse, speakers, and headset as per your convenience. So these are all the items that we’ll be using in our Gaming PC Build Under 70000 so that you can quickly do the assembling and play games of your choice in the best way. You can read about more on Best gaming PC under 70000 rupees on Quora.

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