A2 Hosting Review – As Fast as they Say? Find Out Real Facts In Review

A2 Hosting Review Summary : Absolutely Value For Money Web Host

A2 Hosting Review : Buy Best Managed WordPress Hosting

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What’s special about A2 Hosting? This A2 hosting review will give you deeper insights into how the host performs in all aspects. Also having a faster web hosting is generally means expensive price.

But this isn’t true for A2 Hosting!

This time let’s see if A2 hosting is worth! We’re going run it through the paces of the new ranking system for web hosts.
Then we’re going, of course, place it in the web host to list if you do decide you want to purchase an A2 Hosting if you purchase it using the links that will help us in some kind.

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And in return, we’ll continue to do a review just like this one that is unbiased and not sponsored going at all.
Anyways let’s get into the honest unbiased A2 hosting review

A2 Hosting Pricing – A Little Expensive but affordable

1) The first thing we want to discuss in A2 Hosting review: Pricing for A2 hosting is it a good price? – Does it have good pricing kind of features?. Well, the overall price is kind of standard admittedly turbo is pretty cheap for you to know being kind of like the premium option and then we kind of have the medium option.

2) And it looks like mostly the difference is free automatic backups and turbos supposed to be like extra fast.

I guess so what about some of the other things though we do get a free SSL Certificate which I’ll discuss a little bit more on the security section.

3) We do get like some free email accounts as well which is cool you do get free site migration which is nice not every web host provides that you do have unlimited storage options for most of these things.

This is cool a lot of times web host providers will limit your SSD storage especially on the basic plans A2 hosting doesn’t do that which is nice refund policies 30 days which is pretty standard.

A2 Hosting Features

1) I think the only thing I’m looking for here that I don’t see is a free domain with most of the packages you don’t see that you know probably have to purchase that additionally in terms of the privacy features.

One does not include free domain privacy so you are going have to purchase that as an add-on to the price tied the details of your website and who owns it which is a little bit of a letdown.

2) So, it’s kind of a mixed bag here leaning more towards good than bad here for pricing.

You know the refund policy could be longer some web host providers like DreamHost offers 97 days they also offer free domains and free domain privacy.

3) But I do rely on how we have Unlimited SSD, Site Migration and the price is good overall.

However, is that an A2 hosting does use renewals pricing which means that after the first year first month the discount pricing that you see on the website will not imply so you are going be ending up paying more later on.

4) However, the site’s not super clear about that on the main pricing pages that’s something fishy.

Well, I looked for the pricing is that there is consumer transparency compared with other web host providers.

5) Not everyone most of them uses renewable pricing which is a very consumer-friendly but some out there some do not have renewable pricing so let’s go ahead and move into the next category.

A2 hosting has some pretty cool features and provides a Free Website Builder, Cloudflare CDN, One-click software set up overall it gives you everything.

6) If you want to know WordPress compatibility and stuff like that now it’s not necessarily recommended by WordPress that being only hosted on BlueHost (Provides an optimal performance) and even DreamHost does that. You know most of the features you need like cPanel additionally an A2 Hosting has Cloud Hosting.

7) There are lots of hosting options you can see that on the website you can pick from Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server, reseller hosting so lots of options for everyone to kind of pick to get you to know what you want for your need in terms of security and stuff.

8) Like that it’s pretty cool to see that A2 Hosting does provide a free malware scanner, not every hosting provider gives you a free malware scanner. Now it’s not that important to use secure protection every time but doing so will prevent bad things from getting on your website.

9) However, it can remove stuff and every plan does come with what they call perpetual security initiative which is a bundle of services it includes on every hosting plan which is kind of like a software extension on the Linux servers.

To update the security every day of the service without a need for a reboot it’s kind of ensures that the servers are protected against the latest threats so overall, not bad in terms of security for sure.

10) We also really like how they provide a free SSL certificate which I talked about before not every web host does that I would like to see more such as free domain privacy.

Like other web hosting providers: DreamHost does provide free domain privacy which is nice.

However, you are going to have to pay for an add-on here to protect your information from websites like Whois digging up your information and in terms of like the company’s reputation, it’s not part of the monopoly-like stuff like Bluehost and HostGator.

I still think better web hosts are available. However with A2 Hosting if you’re hosting support is pretty good sometimes just a little bit slow with tickets but the chat works pretty well.

So overall, I don’t have any huge complaints with them perhaps not the best support you know perhaps tickets could be a little bit quicker but live chat overall is pretty decent.

Another thing we want to talk about is speed and well not this isn’t the biggest section of the review because most of the big web host providers have pretty good stability and speeds enough time.

I do want to make a special mention for an A2 hosting here in that they are extremely fast especially if you pick the turbo option if you check out any review whether they are good or not.

I bet A2 hosting is extremely fast and I can verify that in my testimony web sites using this web host that is extremely true it’s a very fast web host and the uptime is also good as well.
If you pick picked out A2 hosting turbo plans reading our A2 Hosting review.

Choose the Start-Up Shared plan (Low Cost & Effective) and of course other options their web hosts have similar speed options whereas the resources you get may get double with higher plans.

Our Final Verdict

We are on to the final section of the A2 Hosting Review wrapping up the rankings giving each score a ranking in terms of pricing. I give A2 hosting 4.5 out of 5 to A2 Host due to pretty good pricing policy and decent refund policy.

The pricing gives you a lot of options for different packages and they’re all pretty fairly priced however I’m not a huge fan of renewal pricing in that out for the first year first month. You’re not going get as good of pricing as it makes it seem like on the website not only that but you don’t get free domain privacy or a free domain.

You do have unlimited SSD options which are great so you’re going have a lot of fast storage on the website which a lot of web hosts don’t provide as many unlimited options.

And you do get free site builder as well so it’s pretty good but you know it does have some room for improvement for sure features are pretty good.

They have cPanel cloud hosting good pre-installation options for WordPress and a good Website builder to take advantage of if you want to build your website that way only thing they’re missing is that recommendation from WordPress.

But not a big deal terms security we got pretty good options here we have the Free SSL Certificate along with Anti-Malware Scanner as well as their kind of built-in update system.

We don’t see free domain privacy though and the privacy policy could be a little bit neater and more explicit on how they handle your data or if they ever give it way to sell it to people.

It’s not as reputable I say it’s something like DreamHost Web Hosting which is my most personal favourite and recommended web host provider in terms of support. We do get pretty good support live chat is offered and the live chat hours are pretty good support tickets.

But at times it can be a little bit slow here and there but overall no major complaints and in terms of speed. This is probably where A2 hosting does the best it’s extremely fast and uptime is very good as well.

Overall the final score is 4 out of 5 making it’s your one web host right behind DreamHost. They have got some really Good Points For Speed, good features, support is extremely good and it’s pricing and security are exactly how a user love to see.

But there is some room for improvements as I discussed already anyways thanks for checking out this unbiased honest look at an A2 Hosting Review. Let me know down the comments down below if you want to see any other web host reviewed or any other kind of content associated with Web Host.

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