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Starting a website can be fun as well as hectic process too. Although it do not require any rocket science to make one. You just need a Domain & Hosting. Get the benefits of Cheap & Affordable hosting when you’re waiting for traffic to grow. VapourHost promises and prove as an excellent hosting when it comes to customer support. Pure SSD-hosting. Check VapourHost Shared Hosting plans

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Vapourhost Review A Cheap SSD Web Hosting For Micro-Niche Site.
You must have noticed since a year back when loads of companies introduced themselves as a hosting company. Only a handful of companies/providers could sustain in the market. And, VapourHost Hosting is one of them. I do see very often these companies promoting themselves on social media. It was then, I thought to give Vapour Host hosting a try. Almost, everyone reading and knowing about the Vapour Hosting I have received good reviews on Vapourhost hosting.
Today, I am going to have an in-depth Vapourhost Review a not so known hosting provider (India-based) VapourHost. I have been using their service for around 3-months rather I would say I felt sceptical about their services at first. The risk and money that involves while buying a hosting can be a tough job at least for me. But ultimately The risk turned out to be worthy and I am finally loving their services.
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VapourHost Review: Straight 1 Year Experience

What I liked about Vapourhost shared hosting. If we’re talking about price then, it would one of the prime deciding factor for me was Affordability, The plans are super-cheap starting at just INR 25/month. Finding a good web host that offers cheap and fast hosting is always the toughest tasks we bloggers face.
SSD hosting

Same Renewal Price

Unlike, other Web Hosts, You see an increase in price on renewal of your hosting services. With Vapour Host you can obtain the current services at same price you purchased before! There are no such hidden charges involved. As of now, I have a plan for 3-months (90 days) but as I feel more confident now. I am more than happy to stretch it to a Year’s plan now.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

What If you get 30-days money-back guarantee. I have never expected a surplus like this to come around in Web Hosting Services. Although, I did not find any reason to get my money back. As I am feeling really happy with the speed. But you can if you’re not satisfied with their services. Hope this post on vapourhost review would make you better judgement on the hosting part.

Amazing Speed

If you’re a blogger or just starting out You know that Speed is the most crucial and an important factor in SEO. If you need to boost your blog in Search Engines, you do require good speeds. I have used and tested their services on seventhpaycommissionupdates[dot]online. You can take a look at the site.
NOTE: VapourHost includes industry graded SSD-hosting this means better speed & reliabilty. Although it’s a shared server and all the plans are on shared hosting but you won’t feel that slowness unlike, major big hosting companies.
SSD hosting is not new to us but Previously it was only meant to serve those who required a VPS or dedicated server. But you can have them too on Vapour Host Shared Hosting plans. VapourHost uses new and faster technology that helps in achieving fast loading speed. Not only that it provides 3x faster access to files and databases that normal drives would do.

Amazing Support

Here, I need to tell you about the importance of Technical Support. Even I understand the Errors or issues that I arise often on my blog. I take help of hosting provider, technical support and they would reply me back with good resolution. Using VapourHost I can raise a ticket by logging into my client area and then My services Panel. And, VapourHost comes alive to provide me the ultimate resolution. You will feel good when you mess up and someone cleanses it for you and helps you out.
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Free Daily Backups

The importance of Backups cannot be ignored at all. There are only a few hosting providers that do this thing for free. So, does VapourHost with that you can take different types of backups includes.

  • Full account
  • File
  • Database
  • E-mail accounts
  • Cron Jobs
  • SSL Certificate

99.9 % Uptime Guarantee

We know, there have been many rumours about Uptime and reliability. VapourHost understands your need as well! I have been monitoring the uptime scale throughout this time and I found services exceptional. Here’s how it looked like, The screenshot was prepared using the third party in an occasion to measure the VapourHost Servers.

vapourhost review

NOTE: We all know, nothing in-universe can work with 100% efficiency. Similar to Web Hosts, none of the hostings can provide you 100% Uptime, not even providers like SiteGround or StableHost. 

Get a Free SSL

If you a blogger like me and want others to read your post, You need a definite goal and treat your blog as your own business operation HUB. SEO is something that is vital for your blog. Alright, with that you must have known this fact that Google offers his special preference having HTTPS (Secured-layer) on your blog or website. We have always keen on reviewing hosting and its time to get our hands on vapourhost review so that you can start your blogging initially without much of hassle. Nowadays all of the Web Hosting provides SSL for free so as VapourHost. You don’t need to pay a single penny for activating that. It’s a way easy then you think. Just install and you’re ready.

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Cheap indian hosting

Have You Read The Entire: VapourHost Review

Now, look it seems I have kept all thing in favour of VapourHost in my Vapourhost review. As far I can see there is no such major CON’s I can find out while testing and running a blog for 3 months at a stretch. I definitely love their services and they do provide affiliates too. Mostly, a year back when I thought to start a blog (more precisely a secondary blog) I did not find any Web Hosts offering SSD hosting at such price.
Even, You can start with the INR 25/month (Mini Plan) but I strictly don’t recommend this one rather move to INR 60/month (Pro 1 Plan). This is because It’s better to start with 5Gb server space with 51Gb monthly bandwidth. There are several things such as Plugins, Multimedia Files, Auto-file backups and posts that would take a decent amount of space. I recommend you to go with Professional 1 Plan starting at INR 60/month and upgrade your plan as you start receiving a decent amount of traffic afterwards. Thanks for reading this post.
I hope I made you understand all the basic and essential features through my Vapourhost Review. In-case I forgot one to include do mention that in the comment section and it would be really easy for me to update the post in near future through your kind help.

Thanks, Everyone, Happy Blogging!!

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