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Dividend WordPress Theme is newly launched on MyThemeShop, This is the theme that one might look for a responsive design that is suitable on desktop as well as in mobile devices. 

Dividend WordPress Theme is highly responsive and multipurpose theme similar to Adsense WordPress Theme which makes it a right choice for Magazine, Blogs and News websites.

This dividend wordpress theme has been well known for its integrated features such as listing deals, listing optional post layouts and few other customizations.

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I had the opportunity to check out dividend wordpress theme from MyThemeShop and I really felt happy with the featured homepage layout.

The main feature of this dividend wordpress theme comes with single post, archive page which will impress a reader with bold text and featured images anywhere.

Dividend WordPress Theme: Best Elements

  • Header Area

You might have noticed it before that all big Journals as well as Magazine sites comes with tight navigation setting for efficient browsing experience. This is where MyThemeShop comes as a saviour with floating menus present on top of the page.  

Adding top level pages and bloat category links, observe them all time while scrolling. You get a free space on header to display logo alongside with your primary menu bar. There are some of the optional element you can find for Join and Sign Up programmes that is present on the right header bar.

It can also be use to show a guest post section.  Along with that you can show social sharing buttons or links such as ( facebook follow, Twitter follow) with a search box.

  • 7 Post Layout

MyThemeShop theme comes with a user engagement module so as this dividend wordpress theme which in turn shows post entries in a unique pattern. Dividend Theme from MyThemeShop comes with 7 posts listing layouts so that you can present the posts in different styles from various categories. 

This allows you to select the list post layouts with no. of posts, changing background style, title and so on. The same way you can show users with latest post section and a desired pagination style. 

You can hopefully see options provides like Ajax Load more, Infinite scroll and a Next/Previous Buttons Numbered. 

Now, with the dividend wordpress theme you get a floating button which says “ Back to Top”. This is basically for website with long pages so that user do not need to scroll every time and can easily reach the top of the page.

Dividend WordPress Theme Slider and Homepage Options 

  • Featured Slider

The Featured slider is shown on the top part on homepage with a slideshow. So that it helps the users to get the tending posts with images, titles and details.

Now, if you’re running a blog you can choose to opt out of the featured slider. It will help the users to know more about the new post and deals if you’re currently running on your website.

  • Featured Carousel

This is a very basic tasks but worth mentioning, you can opt in for a nice carousel to show it on homepage with thumbnails and titles for every page. You can show small thumbnails with 4 posts at a time. Over the top at right side you get a navagination arrow to move the slider in different angles.

At Least you’ll get a setting page to that includes a category section, post lists and color selection etc. 

You always have this option to select the appropriate colors to select the background and controls, such as buttons and titles.

  • Client Carousel

This is something different a optional slider present in dividend wordpress theme which can be made to work and placed above the footer area.

You can have loads of options there like different logos of magazines where you have been featured. Business owners can show their reach with a list of client’s or brand partner.

It is shown in logo with small images which acts a  carousel navigation buttons.

  • Other Elements on Homepage

Apart from all these now you options to show latest deals additionally a call to call to action on frontpage area.

This magazine wordpress theme allows you to promote call to action block that can help you to increase the deal’s members, along with E-mail subscribers. 

A latest deals section can also be added on deals page in this dividend wordpress theme to specify titles, deals posts along with the some custom color and style can also be added for this section.

Dividend WordPress Theme: MyThemeshop Magazine Theme

What else you get from this Dividend magazine wordpress theme MyThemeShop.

  • Deals Page

 This is a straight addon when you purchase a Premium dividend wordpress theme for your website or blog. Just in case you like to list all offers on different product brand. Anything it may be! It comes straight to the deals archive page. This page consists of 2 column layout and with numbered pagination type. 

So, this is an advantage when visitors comes to checkout deals and find all deals in one single page. The wonderful part on featured post is that it shows the thumbnails which  can attract more visitors not only that it can show you the deals expiry date too.

This way visitors can get an idea about the running deals with validity shown on the featured posts. With, dividend wordpress theme you can see “More Info” with deals entries that helps the reader to open up the posts for further reading and in the end of the page you can get this “Get the deal” button embedded which will take the user to the deals site.

That is how you make some quick bucks from affiliate sales. It can a best option to share similar niches according to your magazine wordpress theme, which will help the users to find more detailed instructions related to your Magazines site.

  • Post Layout

We’re testing on this DEMO theme of dividend wordpress theme from MyThemeShop shows you engaging buttons near the bottom. If you’re trying to monetize your website with Adsense, you can allowed to have some ad space available below post title and below content. 

In another sense, dividend wordpress theme offers you with Author, Social sharing buttons, Options, Meta details and Intro etc on this magazine wordpress theme.

Our Final Words

Now, as we’re done with the best features of dividend wordpress theme offers you with custom sidebar on pages. You are free to explore and assign various widgets for all sidebars provided on single post and categories. 

In the footer section, you will have 3 to 4 Widgets, so this might be a good way to display recent posts, tab widgets along with author introduction.

Make it sharable! Share you social links and other stuffs too with help of a widgets in the footer section. Mythemeshop also offers you with custom options in visual mode, Now you don’t need to look another way.

It’s provides options for carousel sliders, deals sections, font, header and every element you always wished for.

I recommend this Dividend magazine wordpress theme for all bloggers and affiliate marketers. This theme is pretty new which allow better engagement with social sharing buttons on the way. It runs smooth and loads well even if you have loads of high quality images and contents. 

This is why we all loves mythemeshop theme. As, a young blogger I can pretty much say mythemeshop theme have good reputation and there are tons of bloggers and marketers using Premium themes from MyThemeShop.

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