Top Cloud Hosting Providers of 2017

I agree with you that you have heard about cloud hosting.Want to know more about top cloud hosting providers? Follow my post to know about cloud hosting and 10 Top Cloud Hosting Providers of 2017. How cloud hosting differs from regular hosting.

In case, you did not read my featured post on Cloud hosting Vs Shared hosting – which is the best for my WebsiteTake time and read till the end. I promise you that you will find it very comfortable with cloud hosting after you finishing go through this page.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is based on the advanced Cloud computing technologies.  It let us use many numbers of machines to operate as one system. Cloud hosting security gets guaranteed by cloud hosted server.

Cloud Hosting offers cloud hosted server and draws their working reserves from an extensive range of core networks of substantial web servers. Cloud storage subcontracted to cloud providers to execute cloud hosting. Then the best cloud server providers take care of entire setup starting from the infrastructure, maintenance and safety measures.

The clients modify applications, hardware and scales servers from their location through online access. I know you feel tired of hearing the technical definition of cloud hosting.
Cloud hosting in simple words, we cannot point out any physical object and name that as a cloud.

An electronic structure to store data on different computers, which get tied up through a network connection.  

Yes, you guessed it right, the Internet. Still, you feel banging your head against the walls? Fine, I understand that this example will give you a clear picture about cloud hosting.

Google, the search engine guru, connects with all its resources across thousands of servers on the cloud. Did you notice ever that the Google server has gone down? I agree regarding the planned maintenance. I am sure now you can visualize, what is cloud hosting?

How does it work as company’s best friend?

Okay, I only told that it would store data and connect using the internet. I gave Google as an example. I know now it sounds convincing, but actually, how does it work? Several servers connect and form an ample storage space. Data published in websites in any format HTML, CSS or images extend over a cluster of connected hard drives.

This looks like a single virtual disk with incredible space. Groups formed by cloud hosted server provide a cloud setup. Thus enabling systems to function. Building cloud hosted server starts with 5-10 systems and hence you scale it up. I am sure you may wonder, how can grouping of multiple servers scale up with the cloud system expanding in size?

The backend software operating system efficiently controls the allocation of power and storage capacity. I will explain quickly.  Each best cloud server providers in the cloud does a particular set of the job assigned. When one server fails, another server provides the required support as a back-up.

Difference between the Cloud and the Internet

Yes, that’s an intelligent question. Then how does the internet differs from the cloud? A cloud forms a small portion of the entire Internet. The Internet acts as a visible cloud.

Here is the list of 10 top cloud hosting providers of 2017.

So, take the next step. Whom should you choose as your best cloud server providers? Here you go with details regarding the ten best cloud hosting companies for the year 2017.

But before I go into that, I understand that you want the top cloud hosting providers based on the following criteria. Data Source

Hosting Package

Support Options

Control Panel

Downtime Support





Based on the criteria mentioned above the following top cloud hosting providers’ stands in the ten positions.


Cloud Hosted Server Cutting Edge over Regular Hosting

By now you have understood about cloud hosting. Let’s look at it in detail by highlighting the advantage of cloud hosting against the traditional hosting.

What’s Regular Hosting?

Regular hosting has two forms namely dedicated and shared. For dedicated hosting, the client pays for the whole resources of based on the servers required from the provider. With a set of the devoted processor, bandwidth, Random Access Memory (RAM), and drive space, and the customer hold the control for all their purchased server reserves.

On the other hand shared hosting, preferred by small and mid-size companies, the client purchases storage space on one server. Then shares that server resource with other websites. This way they save cost, less maintenance required. The service provider holds the responsibility to manage, maintain, and update the systems.

Yes, the cost factor might sound good. But what about website traffic? Single server shares many websites. When the other sites violate security rules or undergo any performance related issues, your site also becomes a victim of it.

I insist you take a deep breath and opt in for these top cloud hosting providers we listed above.

Why there’s a need of Cloud Hosted Server?

Are you worried? Whether you run a small business or big, you can rely on cloud hosting. Cloud hosted server provides a broad range of scalability where regular hosting fails. Cloud hosting providers allocate virtual space based on your need. You are not burdened to pay for a defined amount of space.

Cloud hosting successfully balances the load using multiple servers. They have mapped the entire data across servers. No worries even if one server goes down. Automatically the other one takes over and prevents data loss and hardly suffers downtime.

Similarly, issues at the other sites might not disturb your bandwidth. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), part of cloud hosting services. Sounds technical? I will explain, host provider takes care of the infrastructure, installation, execution, and maintenance of all hardware. You just need to pay for the resources you utilize.

In simple words, like how you pay for electricity. IT departments need not pay for their in-house hardware. No need to pay for storage space not utilized. cloud hosted server to scale up and down on its own adjusting the traffic of sites.  

You may find it difficult to accept any new technology in the beginning. But trust me it’s worth giving a try. I am confident you need not regret later for your decision. If you want to save money still have a thirst to work with cutting edge technology, then I suggest you go for these top cloud hosting providers.

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