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Hi, Everyone. In case you’re looking for the Top tech Under Rs 1000. I would be glad to have them with me for a detailed review.
Today, we’re going to review really interesting things for you under Top Tech Under 1000 rupees for November.
Things that we review here are completely unbiased and does not includes any promotion.
We started this Top Tech Under Rs 1000 Series under various price segment couple of months ago and we’re glad to bring new things to our lobby.
If you peoples have 1000 to spend. You can look at this Top Tech under Rs 1000 series right from the Deals categories.
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Not much time to spend, getting ahead here’s with the Top Tech Under Rs 1000.


AKSH ( Robot Kits) 6 In 1 Solar Educational Kit Toy Boat Fan Car Robot For Kids

This one has solar powered cells that allows you to use them on science projects. It is Eco- friendly and can be used for educational purpose. Its rare that you come across these products anywhere.
It has got a fiber body and can work on sunlight directly overhead the toys. This is strictly made to use by science students for projects related works.
Anyways, keeping this on table where you work would make it beautiful. A bunch of solar powered toys at very affordable rate. Get this on amazon.

Music Flowerpot [Smart Plant pots]

This is a magic Plant Piano flowerpot that comes with innovative light and entertainment system. A plant that responds with playing music when touched. Not only that it supports Bluetooth 4.0 that corresponds to playing music directly from your smartphone.
By touching the real plant it starts playing the favorite music which is done through embedded sensors in the soil. The flowerpot make turns out to be great showpiece beside your PC at home.
During the night time the pot comes to purify the air at home. You can even touch the leaves to activate the 7 LED changing light that comes to offer a decent suit for music lovers.
It can also be used as a gift on birthday, Christmas, wedding and so many other occasions.
Now, this has been my personal favorite for months. It adds a wonderful place at my desk. Though I occasionally use it with phone or tablet that can be connected with the device and used as a speaker.

Engrave it Engraving Tool

Engrave it helps you to label all of your important items! Engrave it tool helps to engrave almost anything one can imagine.
Unlike the surface wood, metal, plastic, leather, glass and many more. Do you wish to write something on the property so that it’s becomes identifiable? Use the Engrave it tool to serve the purpose.

Portronics LiteHouse Magnetic LED Lamp with 4400mAh USB Power Bank

To start with we have this LiteHouse magnetic Lamp. Now this is a rechargeable light that does have 4,400mAh battery.
It charges using a standard USB port. So, you can use your smartphone to charge up the light and it gives you a emergency light along with a whole set of features.
So you can increase and decrease the brightness of the light. You can also put in blinker mode, steady mode and you can also change the color from the Red-to-blue-to green.
You can grab the offer at Top Tech under Rs 1000.

Top Tech Under Rs 1000

It does have whole host of features in it. This rechargeable lamp has two magnets at the back so that you can stick it to your refrigerator or even under the hood of the car.
In case you’re working in a low light environment or if you need to check something out on your car.
This is great emergency light you need to have which makes your life a little easier.
Now, it’s extremely light and doubles up as a powerbank with the exciting price of Rs 999/-. It’s a exceptional product do check them out in our Top Tech under Rs 1000.


Cinematic LightBox LED Changeable letter & Symbol Tiles – 85 Pieces

If you’re looking to share personalized messages with the loved ones similar to vintage cinema style then, these slide the personalized marquee signs for home & office will help you to lighten a table or desk with words or sayings.
You just need to slide the letters into the rails on the Lightbox to create words and when you light up the device.
It will offer a cinematic experience for you. It has got LED with 85 changeable letters and symbols and can be the perfect gift for Diwali or Raksha Bandhan.
The package contains 1 Pc cinema Light Box with 85 Letter set, a USB cable and 6AA Batteries which powers the device on the go.

Iron Man 2.4G Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse

Are you a fan of Marvel heroes? This is indeed a gaming Wireless mouse which appears to have an Iron face on it.
I am a fan of the iron man and the mouse design looks to be perfect. It operates well in our case.
Just that the on-off switch at the bottom should have been bigger in shape as it’s very small currently and can’t operate it using a single hand.
Apart from this the design and quality of the mouse are top notch.
This is a gaming mouse offering good rollover with high-speed connectivity via wireless.
Also, the eyes of the Iron man lights up when turned on.
The mouse also has silent click and adjustable DPI, if you’re a fan of Iron Man you should have it for sure.

Wireless Battery Operated LED Motion Sensor Light With PIR Sensor for Closets/Cabinets

Have you ever thought of using the Motion sensor light bar, the certain time you would have afraid of visiting dark areas of the home?
You can say goodbye to bumping into stuff in the dark.
Perhaps this is one of the essential products you should have it in your home it make your kids comfortable who are afraid of the dark.
It’s even cheaper than the ceiling lights.
With Automatic sensors, it lights up within the 3-5 m range and auto-off after 20 seconds if no motions are detected.
The installation is even easy no hammer, drills or tools required for it.
It comes with a super fine adhesive with the magnetic fields is easily attached to and detachable from the lamp body.

  • The package contains 1 x10 LED IR sensor closet light
  • A warranty card
  • And, a piece of Microfiber cloth

Toilet Bowl Light, Universal Motion-Activated Light

The toilet bowl light automatically lights up with the option to customize 8 color light.
When your approach toilet in the dark it automatically turns on and turns off after you leave the place.
You can even circle each color with 15 seconds, 120 seconds and turn your washroom into a tech auto-sensing device.
It’s easy to install just hang the devices on the side of the toilet with the flexible arm. No need for adhesive.
It’s convenient to remove made pretty sleek and designed to bend for more convenience.
It is suitable for bathrooms, home, hotels, a restaurant soon.
It does not come with a rechargeable battery however it takes in 3PC AAA batteries which we did not find in the box.
At a price of 500Rs, you can turn your ordinary bathroom into something extraordinary.

Electric Hand Drill PCB Press Drilling

If you have ever thought of having an Electric Motor Drill Machine for minimal work.
I guess this 12DDC motor is the best at the price which it offered.
The drill cannot be used to make a hole on a wall. Rather it can steadily make holes which require perfect precision.
The drill supplied with a 9v battery which doesn’t seem fine to us. Instead, a 12 V battery should be the best choice.
However, it’s for normal work at your home. If you are making some drill for ABS board, aluminum sheet or a paperboard then, its well suited for the purpose.
It comes with 0.3 -3mm drill bits set, especially for drilling hole into PCB, wood or plastic.

Tech Sense Lab Magback Airvent Magnetic Mount

What do you look for a mobile holder?
This is a MagBack vent we all waiting for it’s a revolutionary magnetic mounting system that comes for smartphones and other mobile devices.
This isn’t just for a car. It can be mounted almost at any place. Your kitchen, office or workshop.
Nowadays, people do not use spring-loaded mechanical mobile holders which we clumsy to operate.
That’s why a simple device was needed which can mount your phone using the magnets and a metal plate.
Mounting your phone on it take only a second and it will securely dismount your phone with 2 fingers.
You need to attach the metal plate to the back of the plate, the main plate is adjustable and builds quality is absolutely fabulous.
You can even rotate the along 360 degrees using 2 fingers.
The magnets are strong enough to provide enough grip even at times of jerks on bad roads the mounted device will not move from its place.
It has a good suction pad all around the magnet which determines that your phone doesn’t get scratches.

Logitech M220 Silent Wireless Mobile Mouse (Charcoal)

The Logitech portable silent M220 wireless mouse.
Now, it is an extremely silent mouse you will not hear the clicking the primary and secondary buttons.
It’s extremely compact lightweight and ergonomics and you can easily carry it in your pocket or a backpack.
It does come with a intelligent wifi receiver that does it’s job pretty well and work up to 33-feet away from your computer.
Top Tech Under Rs 1000

What’s great is the receiver can be placed inside the mouse for safekeeping and in easy travel.
It includes a AA battery that is included with the package when you receive it.
Logitech claims to power up the device through a period of 1-year at a stretch.
It also has a on/off switch. If you’re looking for a silent mouse working in the night and don’t like the clicking sound this is one of the reason why you should buy it.
It has a 1000 dpi sensor for tracking so all-in-one mouse from Logitech well within the price said in out Top Tech under Rs 1000.

 Shower Bluetooth Speaker Csr 4.0,Nfc,Waterproof (Green)

This is an interesting speaker it does have 3 watt RMS output and it also has 300mAH built-in-battery.
The battery is rechargeable with integrated controls on the speaker so when you do get the speakers to connect with your smartphone.
You can increase or decrease the volume, play/pause your music directly from your speaker.
We bring you exciting things under Top Tech under Rs 1000. So, in case you want to check out post from these series. Below is the link.
Top Tech Under Rs 1000

What’s also interesting is that speaker does off or up with NFC pairing. If your phone have NFC pairing you can simply tap the back of the speaker with your smartphone to avoid the tedious bluetooth connectivity.
The size of the speaker is really good and the bass output is quite impressive. It is water resistant if you’re throwing it in water or around using it near the pool. It will be something new you can be intrested in.
As, far as the sound output is concerned I would say it is comparable to the wireless mini speaker from amazonbasics which costs almost double this with all-in-all the sound quality is pretty impressive for the price.

Novex Epoch 25 L Laptop Backpack

This is one of the best Top Tech under Rs 1000 a backpack that distinctly cost around Rs 999/-  It’s really comes with leather grip at top end and with a black bottom.
It has a water resistant design and it cover up the zippers this means it water will not go into the area where damaging most of the stuff inside it.
You also find a convenient pocket on the front so if you’re looking for power cables or power banks to accumulate the package you can use the pocket to quickly charge up the smartphone.
Top Tech Under Rs 1000

In the main compartment you do have full 14-15 inch laptop space compartment which is nicely padded.
You also have a convenient compartment and a pocket for keeping things according to their use like small pocket to carry in a mouse.
This backpack has a decent space to carry in 4-5 books inside. For a price of Rs 999/- it’s really a impressive deal and you would only found on our Top Tech under Rs 1000.

 Logitech K375s Multi Device Keyboard

Next thing in our Top Tech under Rs 1000 is a logitech ultra efficient keyboard.
I think you have always hoped for a typing machine that you can use it on PC or tablet or a smartphone simultaneously.
What’s great about this Logitech keyboard is that it comes with a stand and will pair up with 3 devices at a time.
You do have convenient pairing keys 1-2-3 keys that acts as a pairing keys. You can then pair up using this 3 devices by long pressing at the buttons to switch to devices.
It work flawlessly with the android and ios along with PC and MAc.
So all you need to do is place your device on the convenient stand and work wirelessly with different devices at a time.
Top Tech Under Rs 1000

This is a really convenient way to have on your desktop and switch it from a smartphone or a PC it takes a second pause to work on the other end.
So, those who have lots of devices and are looking for a good typing solution this keyboard is a definite must have.
It does have full keyboard layout counting 104-keys in total including the NumPad.
The key travel is really nice with rubberized texture on keys makes it even more premium than others in this segment.
Currently, the price of the keyboard dropped drastically, we’ll let you check the keyboard by clicking the link.

Penibel PT-10 [Qualcom Quick Charge 3.0] 10050mAh Portable Power Bank Original LG HD Battery Compact Size 80% faster then Standard Charger with Quick Charge Input and Output (Space Gray Colour).

The next product in our Top Tech under Rs 1000 list is a powerbank that is Quick Charge compatible price of Rs 999/-.
It does have a 10,500mAh battery capacity inside. It’s compact with LG batteries with Quick charge enabled and certified by Qualcomm themself.
Top Tech Under Rs 1000

The build quality of the product is surprisingly good it is made out of metal and have a nice blue LED around the power button.
It has all the features in-built and does counter the short circuit, Over charge protection, Discharge limit and so on.
If you’re willing to buy a Quick charge enabled power bank that is capable making your daily schedule easy then, you might need to check it out before the stock ends.

[Upgraded Design] QuantumZERO QZ-HB03 USB 3.0 4-Port Bus Powered Hub [1.3 ft Builtin USB cable] [VIA VL813 Chipset]

The quantum USB 3.0 Hub is really well built and made out of metal design. You get 4 USB 3.0 ports on it.
And, a convenient blue LED light helps you to see the device during night.
You can connect this HUB to your PC or Laptop that converts the single USB Hub to 4 major USB ports.
You can also use this as a charging accessories you can use it to connect with a high amp charger and will work as a 4 port charger on your smartphone or devices you may have in your house.
Top Tech Under Rs 1000

It has a ¼ cable that is built in USB-A type for connectivity and comes with 1.5 years of warranty. Under Top Tech under Rs 1000 it is a good USB hub you can buy and add it to your tech accessories.

TIZUM Premium Metallic In-Ear Headphones with Mic, Clear Sound, Sweat-Proof Comfort Fit Earbuds with On-Off Remote (Deep Grey)

You need waterproof in-headphones. We cover variety of things in our Top Tech under Rs 1000 just with a price of Rs 999/- you get a Tizum complete built out of metal earphone.
This earphones are purely made out of aluminum and you do get a in-line microphone.
Along with a push button to send and receive calls and with a graded cable design that will help the earphone to last more than a year.
The 3.5mm jack is also gold plated and cased in metal making it a long lasting accessories.
Top Tech Under Rs 1000

It does have whole bunch of ear tips supplied within the box. Quality of bass and overall sound quality is nice though pretty impressive for the earphones.
They are available in 3 colors. A silver, rose gold and a deep grey. So, here you can choose the color according to your preference.

Photron Mvh75 Premium Car Air Vent Universal Mount Holder Stand For Mobile Phones [4 Inch To 5.50 Inches], Black/Grey

It’s an impressive Quick charge 3.0 car charger. It comes with a dual port output in a total of 36 watt specs.
We can charge up devices that supports Quick charge 3.0 simultaneously.
It’s quite well made and does comes with a really nice LED lamp in the middle pretty well. Overall, a fantastic charge it looks like more of a futuristic as well.
Top Tech Under Rs 1000

This is one of the best Top Tech under Rs 1000 you can gift yourself today.
It is well designed well made that supports Quick charge available for your car charging with dual USB at the same time with an output of 36 watt.
With a price of Rs 899/- this is well made definitely the good ones. Check them out here.

Sennheiser HD 180 Over-Ear Headphones (Black)

Finally, but possibly the best Top Tech under Rs 1000 in our list is this Sennheiser HD 180 over the head headphone.
These are one of the best popular ones you can avail in the market and now, available for the price of Rs 899/- This one is pretty much the best headphone you can avail for the price in this segment.
It has a 3.5mm standard headphone jack and it also comes with larger plug, you can have those guitar ports as well.
Even though, this is just the entry level headset and feels pretty well on ear and you can use this for various purposes if you’re using them for gaming or listening to music and all.
Top Tech Under Rs 1000

It has a pretty nice cable. If you’re sitting away from your screen, you can continue to use this without of much problem.
And, it does have a closed back design and bass seems tremendous with this headphones for a price of Rs 899/-.
You can’t really complain when you’re using a Sennheiser headphones.
The ear pads has pretty soft foam. The headband as well as the ear cups is quite comfortable to wear throughout the long periods of time. It’s pretty flexible all-in-one good setup headphone for a price of Rs 899/-. So check them out.

Quick Wrapping up

So these are some of the best Top Tech under Rs 1000. We did our best to pick them one by one and check these for you. In case, you’re liking the Top Tech under Rs 1000 series.
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