Hostinger Review – Best Affordable & Fast Web Hosting in India (2023)

This by no means one more website hosting review 2023, Bloggerprasad is proudly hosted on Hostinger WordPress hosting so it shall be rest assured; in view of this review coming out of personal experience.

In this hostinger review, we’ll let you know about the fast web host i.e hostinger premium web hosting review and what makes Hostinger in India so popular. If you are more into WordPress then Hostinger hosting is a cheap web hosting for you.

I am done evaluating the website speed test and I can’t wait longer to share all the valuable insights with you. Without leaving any trace, Hostinger WordPress hosting has turned out to be the best web hosting in India 2020. It may come to your notice that recently Hostinger has advertised with cheap price, superior performance or website speed.

At this time in India, people have long awaited to explore different web hosting options as many popular web hosting companies. SiteGround’s growing prices in its web hosting plans have forced people to switch to new low price hosting in india.

Is Hostinger Good For WordPress?

Hostinger premium web hosting way up for cheap plans. For beginners notably bloggers it is of the utmost importance to save money over premium hosting. In view of the fact that in any case the website is not going to get monetize at all times soon overspending on the host at the same time.

In this Hostinger WordPress Hosting review you will be surprised to know why despite being so cheap Hostinger is great for website with huge traffic. There are more insights on hostinger wordpress hosting for it’s uptime, performance and I am sure the testbench will surely surprise you.

In this Hostinger Review, I am going to talk about Hostinger Web Hosting and what made me migrate my website ( from my existing (GoDaddy) hosting to so-called cheap Hostinger web hosting.

If you had to choose between A2 Hosting and Hostinger (Cheap Web Hosting) you would probably go with the cheaper option.
[alert-note]Hostinger offers a way better service than its counterparts. So what’s exactly made me choose Hostinger Web Hosting over other popular hosts?[/alert-note]

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[su_heading size=”17″ margin=”50″]HOSTINGER REVIEW – DETAILED COMPARISON WITH A2HOSTING & HOSTGATOR[/su_heading]

In this Hostinger review, we’ll talk about the offerings as they claim themselves the fastest web hosting at the price. However this saying is partially true, but there’s nothing best and to be honest, the “best web host” thing is to depend on the exact requirement you have.

So, I went ahead and tested their claims to see if they’re actually true and here’s what I found a 24-month premium plan with the Hostinger will cost you just $95.76. Similarly, in HostingerPremium Shared Hosting Plan they provide a Free Domain Name and Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate. You’ll want to have an SSL certificate because nothing makes users leave your web site faster than not secure padlock icon in the top corner.

Let’s put it all together now for the upcoming two years you’ll have unlimited bandwidth 20 Gigabyte of SSD storage disk space, A Domain Name and an SSL certificate and all of this for just $95.76.

[su_heading size=”17″ margin=”50″]WHY I CALL HOSTINGER THE BEST LOW PRICE HOSTING IN INDIA[/su_heading]

On a quick side note, I have to use HostGator and A2 Hosting as my comparison for Hostinger Web Host because they’re very big players on the market right now. I think the comparison is pretty good when price, features and speed are concerned. If you choose to go with HostGator for the exact same features you’ll have to give them $159 which is straight a 92% increase in price for virtually the same product.

hostinger premium web hosting plan

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If you’re still not convinced an identical plan with A2 Hosting will set you back $216 that’s an insane 160 percent increase in price. Theirs is certainly more money for the same product however we’re all smart consumers we understand that that price isn’t everything.

Everyone loves “Extras” and when it comes to Hostinger, they may allure customers with given additional features and at the same time offering the best performance. We will take everything into account that Hostinger provides users and compare them with other hosting providers.

[alert-note]To give a quick overview Hostinger does not use the Standard cPanel when managing your account. Hostinger developed their own version of cPanel named hPanel that has all of the same functionality but seems to be way more responsive and faster to navigate than the standard cPanel.[/alert-note]

hostinger hpanel
Hostinger hPanel

On the contrary, if you’re not a diehard cPanel fan. You can be pretty sure about the features that Hostinger provide in both Basic, Premium Hosting Plans. For e.g. Automatic WordPress Installer, A customized version of cPanel (hPanel) which seems better in terms of usability.

Above all Hostinger promotes saying they have optimizations in place that makes blogs built on WordPress load faster than usual. In my test, I found the claims were true in nature.
And I think they have correctly proposed this WordPress optimizations under every hosting plans.

Hostinger includes Personal Email Features meaning you can register a personal email address using your domain name and the email system is pretty straightforward to use.
In order to check a “New Email Account,” I have thought to send a test email to another account and waited to see “How Long Does It Takes To Arrive”.

hostinger email accounts

And surprisingly there it was pretty much as fast as I could switch my browsing tabs.
Cheap web hosting that supports all of the latest feature’s performance has to be the place where they take a hit right!

Long story short Hostinger was faster it scored. Giving better results in both PageSpeed and YSlow and both Hostinger and HostGator fully loaded the website in 1.5s.
The determining factor here is that HostGator was twice as expensive.

Now, should you purchase a web hosting which is twice the cost of Hostinger?

Moreover when the performance and other areas are pretty the same with other web hosting providers.
At this point, I thought maybe there’s something I’m missing so I used UptimeRobot to monitor the response and uptime of both Hostinger and HostGator.

hostinger server uptime

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HostGator had a very slight advantage in uptime as they scored 99.99%. And this is probably as good as it gets but their response time was 632 milliseconds. 

When compared with Hostinger this results is approx 3.5 times higher than the 162milsec time we have obtained for Hostinger.

On the off chance, I would love to assimilate the results of HostGator performance. But I haven’t done yet as because I have set up a testing website for this purpose.

As said earlier, I was eagerly waited to get a “NEW DOMAIN” from Hostinger and HostGator. But I hit a critical error due to some mistakes that I won’t be talking here.

Anyways, I contacted the support of both Hostinger & HostGator. Here’s what I found about their support system.

To bring you up to speed I bought a testingpurposeshostgator[domain]xyz domain and I knew it will have issues because it contains copyrighted text so just as suspected I couldn’t register this domain on my own even though. I already paid for it.

[su_heading size=”17″ margin=”50″]IS CHEAP WEB HOSTING LIKE HOSTINGER CAN PROVIDE GOOD SUPPORT?[/su_heading]

Just as I said in the above two paragraphs after I have taken the help of “Live Chat” to inform them about the issue with the “Domain Name”.

Hostinger Support has explained the issue and offered a steady fix right away.

Although I had to give them a “New Domain” and the entire process didn’t take more than 15 minutes of time. And at last, they send me the cute GIF at the end everyone’s happy.

And, this brings me back to my first point why wasn’t I able to showcase A2 Hosting results.

Well because I also purchased my hosting plan using a copyrighted domain name with A2 Hosting and later asked the support staff to change it.

Instead of altering the domain name, they have suspended my account. And the money was not refunded. Even though I paid the entire money in Full.

Unless I had several conversations with them they agreed to take the matter into place and asked me to email a photo which is issued by Government with name and everything in it.

I did so for the sake of this review and after a day or so. I received an email asking me for registering a new domain name and my account was again back in normal state.

[alert-note]Although A2hosting claims to provide a “Live Chat” or “Guru Crew Support” facility 24×7 took more than three days to fix the issue.

Besides Hostinger support was quite active in my case. And I was given on-spot resolution.[/alert-note]

Later I’m right back where I started comparing this to the 15 minutes it took Hostinger Web Hosting to solve exactly the same problem.

At this point, I can conclude that Hostinger is one of the best affordable 7 fast web hosting in India you can buy.

[su_heading size=”17″ margin=”50″]CONS OF HOSTINGER WEB HOSTING[/su_heading]

I firmly believe that there is nothing perfect product or service in this world. Everything has flaws and disadvantages associated with it.

Listed are a few disadvantages I found in Hostinger Web Hosting.

1) To dig up some dirt on Hostinger so that this Hostinger Review wouldn’t be so one-sided and the several bad things that I could find were some refund policies on their ToS (Terms of Service).

2) Meaning some services are not refundable or have limited periods of time to be refunded even though they advertised a 30 – day money-back guarantee and the SSL.

3) They’re offering is called Let’s Encrypt, it’s actually a free product so they’re charging you $12 previously but now they are providing it free.

[su_heading size=”17″ margin=”50″]MY PERSONAL OPINION ON HOSTINGER WEB HOSTING[/su_heading]

To sum up this Hostinger Review in bloggerprasad. I give them 9.5/10 score

As said earlier, I am not a believer of “Perfect” or “Best” product or services. Even if they exist, they would simply remain a lie. You can read plenty of articles that Hostinger publishes for the convenience of the user.

Have you ever tried Hostinger Web Hosting? If yes then how was your experience?

Let me know the bad & good points about the Hostinger Web Hosting and don’t forget to inform me anything you want me to include in the post.

Hope I have made a good decision by switching to Hostinger for next couple of years. If you have enjoyed reading the Hostinger Review! Please consider sharing with others.

[alert-success]In case you want to see the various shared hosting plan that Hostinger provides. Then this is the right time to get the hosting at a cheap price. Hostinger is fairly doing well when it comes to uptimes, speed and reliability. Also, the support service is decent enough and I’ve personally been through the support. That’s because more or less we encounter errors on our blog/website the reasons may be anything but with good support comes a complete peace of mind. Hostinger Premium Web Hosting Plan for 48-Months is mostly preferred with lower pricing and free domain offer. It’s a complete value for money for beginners.[/alert-success]


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