Best Web Hosting for Jekyll-based website

best web hosting for Jekyll-based website

Hi, Today I am trying to explore something new to our readers regarding the best web hosting for Jekyll-based website. The aim of the post to make you aware of Jekyll. Therefore, we cover topics such as:

  1. How to get your site running creating and managing your own content.
  2. We also talk about customizing the way your site works deploying on the various environment.

What is Jekyll?

Jekyll is basically a simple, blog-aware static site generator. It works as a template directory that contains the raw text files in various other formats.

Just like runs through a converter and comes out with a complete, ready to publish a static website that is suitable for serving your favourite web server.

Building Jekyll websites

You may have heard about Jekyll earlier, if not let us tell you Jekyll is a website generator comes to work for building most of your static blog posts, static pages.

Starting with Jekyll with the default theme is just the first step. The first that requires is to start having a best web hosting for Jekyll-based website or blog.

The magic happens only after creating blog posts using the front matter to control templates and another layout, and this is an awesome configuration option which makes Jekyll loved by everyone.

best web hosting for Jekyll-based website

For reference: Jekyll is one of the crucial engines behind the GitHub pages, that means when you use Jekyll to host your website, blog or even a page make use of GitHub’s server for free.

Now, why Jekyll becoming so popular? Perhaps the answer is in the post itself. So, reading the post until the end can help you understand the process and find the best web hosting for Jekyll-based website.

Now there is a catch as we have said earlier that Github pages can be a good start when you’re trying to host a Jekyll website. However, if you’re running with any custom plugin you will not be able to use them on Github.

Since Jekyll is super light and serving up the HTML pages. You can host it on any server with SSH access for easy deploying. Getting one best web hosting for Jekyll-based website would suffice the need of everything literally there are few web hosts that offers you a complete Jekyll infrastructure.

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Jekyll’s simple purpose with a web hosting

Since, the web development has become more complicated when dealing with frameworks, package management, task runners and vulnerabilities.

There are issues faced by many WordPress developers but can be solved using tools that remove the complexities of simple websites.

This is where enters Jekyll. Now, when you asked us about the best web hosting for Jekyll-based website we thought to make you understand the concept behind the Jekyll development.

Jekyll is mostly used as a site generator that makes it easy for the designers, front-end developers to make a faster website. It has a built-in template language and comes with the premade themes that are available to almost everyone.

We have seen a steady increase in Jekyll development for past few years and it might add to a good solution for someone wants to learn more about coding and polish his website quickly.

Development on Jekyll has largely grown over the time and this means it can be a perfect project where advanced functionalities are not needed.

For a detailed review on Jekyll, best web hosting for Jekyll-based website we recommend you to reading this article.


best web hosting for Jekyll-based website

To start with the Jekyll creating a website you should have a pretty basic knowledge of the following things like

• Liquid template language
• Terminal
• Git
• HTML/CSS as well as the Jekyll framework

However, we have seen so many people recommending Github pages as a good choice to start off. Therefore, if you’re running a custom plugin you will not be able to use them on Github.

Since it’s a lightweight application (pertaining to HTML pages), you can host it on any server with access to SSH (for easy deploying)

There are several ways by which you can make Jekyll and static sites in general. But the first step would be to find a best web hosting for Jekyll-based website.

Yes there are few of them in market that allow you to one step drag & drop deployment process that optimizes with the JS, CSS and images and perfect sets caching headers and uploads everything to CDN.

One really killer features that it strives to make any HTML forms simply work and so all of your forms your Jekyll blog can have formed and sent you to email notifications and submissions.

You will come across read/write API in works so, the web hosting particularly those spends the time to deploy Jekyll are going to be real gem soon.
There are few best web hosting for Jekyll-based website out there and this is why I proposed writing this in the post.

Best Web Hosting for the Jekyll-based website?

A2 Hosting

best web hosting for Jekyll-based website

We all know, a blog is a weblog and when the word blog is created by combining the word. The A2 hosting stands in the first place, securing your blog or website in a medium that it reaches your thoughts and opinion reaches the masses.

That’s because the A2 hosting understands every aspect of your blogging. A2 hosting with its powerful servers. You get TURBO boost with 20x faster loads speed than competing hosts.

Like the majority of the hosting, it set up in few seconds with a popular blogging software known as WordPress in just one click. You do get an UNLIMITED space and STORAGE.

Beginning with a2hosting is simpler now. A2host offers you all the tools that you need to blog up running within few minutes without much hassle. Perhaps, this is one of the Best Web Hosting for Jekyll-based website or blog.

The time to take your blog or website online is easy with the introduction of Softaculous software that allows an array of primitive tools including b2evolution, WordPress, ghost and so on. Even for someone new to blogging require some prior knowledge. The WordPress that comes with a2 hosting makes it extremely easy.

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The Perfect Jekyll Hosting Solution is ready


best web hosting for Jekyll-based website

A2hosting offers you most of the fine-tuned hosting solution blazing fast. You can choose the right package tailored to your needs. Just a few clicks and A2host makes your life easier than ever.

The best Jekyll Hosting in the Industry. Since the company started its operation in 2003 it has gained immense popularity among users. And, most probably the best web hosting for Jekyll-based website or blog you find.

Do you know a2hosting have won recognition and accolades as the top hosting provider in the industry?

Like so many other hosting in the market but the Best Web Hosting for the Jekyll-based website is a2 hosting. The A2 host offers both blazingly fast and reliability to the far extent and they have worked hard with their accomplishment since the launch of the company.

That’s why 97% of a2 hosting customers recommend the hosting to their friends and colleagues.

Since a service that rightly picked for your specific hosting needs. For instance, Shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated everything you can get here. And, with managed WordPress with just a click of the mouse, you will see a full break down the speed of the A2 web hosting services.

Why do we call this as Best Web Hosting for the Jekyll-based website?

A2 web hosting is one of the best blog hosting opinion in our opinion. Features like,Ghost, B2evolution,PivotX,Dotclear,Nibbleblog.

Not just that, A2 web hosting offer you with the following features

HIGH Performance

With a mere 1-sec time taken to load, the page can impact the bounce rate that can drop the SEO ranking and even the conversion gets affected too.

You don’t have to worry when you host your website with the a2hosting.

The screaming fast Swift server platform can outrage with optimized servers on board along with the free will to choose the server location, free SSD can bring 20x faster page loads is one of the advantages you get from a2hosting.

CUSTOM Solution

You never know, when you suddenly stuck with your hosting. Choosing a2 hosting can take you further ahead making the journey most fruitful.

Also, you get the perfect design for your server. That means you never stuck with the resource limit. The design is completely risk-free with anytime money back guarantee.

DEVELOPER Friendly Hosting

Like most experienced developers who want full control over your environment. A2 hosting offers a steady flow to it. You get root access that means you’re now able to see and edit all your server files.

This is why we choose to go with A2 Hosting because most often you need to code around that means you’re get full-fledged support from A2 Hosting technical team if you come across any issues.This is probably the best web hosting for Jekyll-based website or blog.

ULTRA Reliable

If you come across something like 100% uptimes. Do know that most of them claim to make such claims to attract customers and the moment you’re with them.

You will realize the sad part!

Whereas A2hosting is transparent and allows 24×7 support with a quality tech team that works hard for you ensuring your server runs smoothly even at peak hours.

This is why A2hosting has conveys the best data centres and to make sure they also include latest security patches with committed 99.9% server uptimes.

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