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I always had this in mind whether I’ll get a hosting which is cheap (aka sasta) to run my blog or so. Unfortunately, When I formed my blog. I didn’t noticed that there are some Indian hosting providers which provides Hosting at a cheap rate. And, I recently tried BlueGeek hosting. This is a review post through which I have found the best alternative to VapourHost Hosting. 

Although, I ended up buying Godaddy a 3 years plan. And, it seems I made a pretty bad deal out of it. I didn’t know then. I was eager to find hosting services which are more of international companies and generally not from India. I did not have a PayPal neither a credit card then. I supposed Godaddy over others just to stay on the safe side because I was pretty skeptical about the fact that the more I pay for hosting; better will be my hosting. I know, there are no such things.

But this is where I kept imagining things unless, one of my client suggested me to go for FastComet whereas, the pricing are not that high but still I don’t want to invest such amount as I was a pretty nice to all these. Despite, talking about the CONS of Godaddy I ended up taking Godaddy starter plan for 99rs/month.

What should you look at when you’re trying to make your first blog.

The reason I am saying you this because I have experienced some flaws with many hosting partners and will talk about it in later on this post. But let me quickly come to answering the particular question.

Now, when you’re just starting up your new blog, or a secondary blog. I would say it’s better to go for cheap and affordable hosting services unless you start getting right amount of traffic.

But on this regard I would certainly say that you can take a look at my BlueGeek Hosting review to know more about BlueGeek Hosting better.

BlueGeek Hosting is one of the professional web hosting companies that is well equipped with better web hosting service. There are some advantages of choosing BlueGeek Hosting over Vapour host. We’ll discuss into next section.

But sadly both the web hosting companies are entitled giving you a shared server. So don’t expect VPS or dedicated server. Although over here I am talking about those who really don’t want to invest a tons money prior to starting blogging.

Read the BlueGeek Hosting review

One can enjoy and reap all the benefits from BlueGeek Hosting effortlessly at an affordable price. I have curated some more information on web hosting plans and top-notch services. Services that are offered by BlueGeek Hosting. At the time writing this BlueGeek Hosting review. They are providing 3 Plans starting from a Standard Hosting, Advanced Hosting and Ultimate Hosting.

BlueGeek Hosting Standard 1-2-3 Plans you get the following features

bluegeek hosting

BlueGeek Hosting Advance 1-2-3 Plans you get the following features

bluegeek hosting

BlueGeek Hosting Ultimate 1-2 Plans you get the following features

bluegeek hosting

Now, you might be thinking this is a nice way to promote BlueGeek Hosting and earning from affiliate sales. Yes, it’s true. I believe there should be absolute amount of truth if I am reviewing any web hosting service provider. The first thing I notice that it should qualify for the price you’re paying for. This is basically measured with features a web host offers it’s customers.

So, let’s be clear on that part. Secondly there are lot more opportunity when you are just starting your website or blog. Nowaday you don’t need a high cost server where you blog or website doesn’t get 10k hits a month. Though BlueGeek Hosting is avail to monitor the process and user request and has a actual capacity of about 30k visitors in a month.

With 1$ to 2$ of fair pricing you’re actually getting lot. Talking about the opportunities you’ll be getting popular CMS platforms like wordpress, joomla & more. With 99.9% server uptime you can sit back and relax. It’s negligible when you’re in a share server.

bluegeek hosting

Now, most of us like me needs better service support from the web hosting provider. For reference I had a really very bad experience with Godaddy support team. First, they would not listen up and even if they would tell you the same you again and again. This annoys a user. I mean if you’re using a service and putting really high money in return of good service and support. Sadly, that’s the case with Godaddy.

But when you’re going with BlueGeek Hosting. You’re just a click away while you raise a ticket by going to the service panel area or contacting via the facebook page. The support will be rushed to you in no time. I have even experience it and talked with guys behind BlueGeek Hosting.

All the features about BlueGeek Hosting provider

Did we told you about the 30-days no question asked money back guarantee. Yes. it’s possible now. Incase you don’t have get what are you paying for you can easily ask for the refund.

The only hosting at such rates offering SSD on web server. Now, as we have spoken about everything Get the one for you now. I know these plans are generally not helpful for professional bloggers. I actually do not care for anyone speaking anything about the indian web hosting providers. Because there are tons of young bloggers who are trying to learn blogging and they the only thing is web hosting pricing which is restricting them to get into blogging.

bluegeek hosting

BlueGeek Hosting is designed for small, medium website or blog owners. Somehow it’s not near to comparing with FastComet or Siteground. Those are big brands and they are continuously in for several years and they definitely have a good presence all over the globe but I do feel there is no reason where you can take you eyes of from having such minimized price hosting.

Now, why I am comparing it with Vapourhost hosting. As, a hosting follower I have used both the web hosting services. And, according to me both of them worked efficiently without any major changes in speed, reliability or downtime. As, far as BlueGeek hosting is concerned it has got a few more features which will be liked by the users such as:

The moment you visit the homepage of BlueGeek Hosting you can clearly see that it has the domain registration panel which is absent in vapourhost case. The service panel is more or less same and none changes found.

bluegeek hosting

When you get anyone hosting plan for you. You need to click the Client Area and Login password for the same. There is nothing special to talk about BlueGeek Hosting. In case you’re interested you can get choose any plan according to your need. BlueGeek Hosting also offers you CPanel like one Vapour host provides. Essentially, this is done and maintained by the guys behind the server maintenance. You get softaculous One-Click WordPress installer and SSL-Secure for free from the BlueGeek Hosting.

BlueGeek Hosting homepage provides complete information about their service and offering. Like, you get the Web hosting categories, Search Domains, and FAQ’s ( Read before purchasing any hosting plan).

Final verdict: BlueGeek Hosting

It’s a new Indian Web Hosting Company and there are more than 200+ customers with them. You can see the customer testimonials around the footer bar. And, when you know there are well recognised companies with them having their files and databases hosted on BlueGeek Server. You will be happy to get one for you. Reliability of the hosting provide is extremely good and I find this one the best alternative to VapourHost hosting.


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