Best Gaming Monitor in India of 2018 [Budget shopping]

Best Gaming Monitor in India

When talking about best gaming monitor in India. How about gaming the essential the bigger in the Indian gaming niche market. Today we are sharing a post on best gaming monitor in India specifically for the Indian gamers. Earlier, you must have noticed the fondness was not that great for users and so as the demand. Finally, ROG (Republic of Gamers) ASUS, demanding more Indian Gamers to come and represent Individual country demanding advanced display technologies in order to experience the essence of the game.

Once, a Pro gamer said to me “There is a need for better monitors for enhanced free sync gaming experience in the country”.

Definitely, I do agree with him even the launch of curved PC gaming monitor is a step forward to have a strong line-up of best monitor for gaming in India. But, If we talk about Indian gamers and a quite nice, affordable best monitor for gaming in India. There are more than 100’s of pc gaming monitor free sync to choose from with a starting price of 7-8k.

However, we’re only selected in accordance with the best gaming monitor in India in the budget segment. There is two important aspect to remember the dimension and Panel type. Most gamers choose a 24-inch display or 27- inch free sync gaming monitor with an approx radius of 1800mm that offers an immersive experience to gamers. These are best free sync gaming monitor Amazon India are featured today comes with a host of features such as having 144hz pc gaming monitor or at 1 ms response time. All of the above can be a perfect delight for the young Indian gamers.

Today these Full HD Gaming Monitor in India review will change your perception towards the monitors you are using till date.

Apart from the optimal refresh rate and sync support. We’re considering few major aspects when you’re looking for best gaming monitor in India [budget segment].

Ports and Interfaces: Having too many ports is never a bad thing. You should look carefully so that you can have all the thing you’re going to use. OSD controls: Generally called as an On-screen display are the buttons that recently seen a great change in types Joystick such, touch buttons and controllers and so on. Display Adjustments: When you need some adjustment or a display that is more flexible to use then it comes as a great addition.

Wall mounts: Wall mounting is more preferred for in large display that is having more than 27-inch in size and more. For a close distance or lack of space on your table, it’s good to put the monitor on the wall.

Sync: Throughout the gaming, industry Sync is much more needed if you need a head turner gaming experience.

But do know that the facility should be provided from your GPU end. Like, G-Sync and FreeSync from Nvidia and AMD are most likely to work right now.

Now, that we’ve told you everything from our end. It’s better to consider the best gaming monitor in India with help of our post. That further allows you to play more games without much of tearing frames or hiccups. Buying the best gaming monitor in India is not that easy considering a pc gaming monitor price in India. The features and technology will determine the price you’re going to pay. A wonderful 27-inch model UHD monitor with G-sync or FreeSync support. A curved gaming monitor or an ultra wide monitor would cost more, for more check out the best gaming monitor free sync in India till date.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best gaming monitor in India.

1. ASUS VP228H- 21.5 Inch Gaming LED Monitor 1Ms Response Time Panel, HDMI & DVI Connectivity


best gaming monitor in india


When we think of a high-class monitor we think about the resolution first. The ASUS gaming monitor free sync has a resolution of 1920×1080 which is not bad.

The problem with the screen is it looks washed out when you view it for the first time. When you get used to it you would start to appreciate the “1 ms “ response time and the dynamic contrast. Note that the contrast is dynamic. The monitor struggles with its speakers. The 1.5w speakers are mediocre for the price. The overall volume is really low.

It would be sufficient if your room is quiet or with fewer people with don’t expect to run a party with the monitor. Overall I suppose this is a product for gamers, which means that the speakers have basically no use. If you love gaming then this one is having a great display and loud sound connected to HDMI.

Only single cable is required for both sound and display there is an alternative for audio cable and video VGA but HDMI does both of the jobs. It’s one of the best gaming monitors in India you can find. In recent times, Asus gaming monitors are liked by many peoples and here in India, Asus is trying to get hold of the gaming market.

The Asus gaming monitor free sync comes good for the price, the picture is bright and sharp. However, I find the button at right bottom small and clumsy to operate.

Also, the sound is not good at all. The sound is not natural, not good for any music. I am fine with the voice and high pitched sounds. This is a best gaming monitor free sync in India for the price.

Although it just a budget segment PC gaming monitor but still we feel it’s worth making a try if low on budget. ASUS gaming monitor VP228H is only monitor that has a minimum 1ms of response time as the price is subjected to change anytime. We recommend you to buy only if needed and also if you get it in lowest price possible today.

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  1. Samsung LC24F390FHWXXL 23.6-inch Curved LED Monitor (Black)

best gaming monitor in india

Samsung adopted this technology and offered curved pc gaming monitor in the budget segment. What could we ask more? You can only find such curved screen in Samsung Monitors only.

Although it’s the first pc gaming monitor that comes with Curved Display. As, far I can see it’s a good product, worth you will get a different movie watching experience.

The only difficulty what I found was the screen size is big, brightness needs to be reduced, when not watching the movie as it causes slight eye pain. But this is common for any big screen, and it cannot be considered as a product issue. I also feel this should be the ideal screen size for a desktop, and 27 inches or anything more than 24 will be too big.

Here is a thing I found out while using this monitor. It’s got good contrast. The dynamic ration is 3000:1 it does a good job. The 1800 mm arc meaning the monitor is a part of an imaginary circle with 1800 mm as the radius(The lesser, more the curve). It has Less Light leakage as per my observations. Really thin but not bezeless.

When you’re reading off something you would like to turn on the Eye Saver that makes the screen warm-yellow on this monitor. As per the response is considered it has got Standard/Fast/Faster depending on your requirement. If you’re more into reading and watching movies then it would be the best gaming monitor in India you can find with a curved gaming monitor. Although you can game on casually there is no offense to it.

The best thing I found is the best amazing viewing angles. Now, there is some flip side too, let’s take a look at it. Does curve really matter? I am convinced that no matter how excited you are initially, you will lose the same in a while (Once you are accustomed to the curve). This is more of a casual/entertainment monitor than a specific one (say photo editing or programming etc..) In short this is the monitor for you only if the curve excites you. Otherwise good or better monitors are available at this price point or lower.

  1. LG Gaming 24MP59G 24-inch Monitor (Black)

best gaming monitor in india

Amazon was running some deals just that I bought it under 15k. It was also amazon fulfilled. Now I cannot see it is amazon fulfilled. Actually, it is my first IPS monitor. Previously I had a 2007 Viewsonic TN monitor. The best part is that both of these monitors have 5ms response time, but LG has a bonus being a best gaming monitor IPS display.

The viewing angle is very good. A little bit faded when looking from the top down. Coming to the product looks awesome for and it seems it’s one of the best gaming monitor in India you can find. The stand is like a pro PC gaming monitor. Height is not adjustable but it’s perfect. This pc gaming monitor IPS screen looks so good to eyes and colours are so vibrant. There is literally very very less chance to get a defective product so obviously, this is the best pc gaming monitor in India just go for it.

What I love more about is the Gaming is very much smooth. There are many options for gaming. It may not be as fast as current TN monitors. Only time will tell about the build quality and longevity of this monitor because it is only less than a year after I bought it. As for now, I am enjoying it. What features did impress me: It has the same FreeSync technology in it. And, I don’t want to get into details right now. 

The second one is always the Displayport which consists of 1 DP, 1 HDMI and 1 VGAThe third one has to be the refresh rate as always it comes with 75Hz at 1920×1080 resolution. That even means better game flow. This is a pc gaming monitor IPS with color production of sRGB-99%. Colors are highly accurate and this monitor can be used for content creation. Apart from everything you will find on the web, there is one point that I would like to highlight.

I am running games which are running at frame rates above 75 and guess what, this monitor does not produce screen tearing even if the frame rates jump to 120, which is awesome. I occasionally bring these type of post to let you know all about best gaming monitor in India available for you. You can click on individual product links and get the spec right from the Amazon store. Yeah, coming to entertainment purpose. It can be pretty much be used to watch movies, playing games or reading. You will certainly not feel any issues with it. Talking about something that I did not like will be 1ms response time seems a marketing gimmick to me. It disables free sync. It produces a flicker in the screen which is irritating to eyes and annoying to mind.

If I dial down the refresh rate to 60Hz along with 1 ms response time, it doesn’t flicker but defeats the purpose.The screen itself cannot be adjusted a lot. Apart from vertical tilt, there is not much you can do with the monitor. If you’re fine with the issues. I felt you can simply head to the product page for further queries. But remember you can’t ask much at this price range. Calling it a  best gaming monitor in India [budget segment] further fulfills its purpose.

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4.LG 22MP68VQ 22″ Full HD IPS SLIM LED MONITOR (1920×1080)


best gaming monitor in india

This one is cheapest and best gaming monitor in india you’ll find online. Talking about the price, you can have this at just 9k a deal breaker for the price and I guess this is best budget pc gaming monitor of the world. Now, if you’re looking for a great monitor, your search has ended. Without a doubt, it is the best gaming monitor in India. It is also the best budget monitor for video editing, movie watching and Internet browsing under 10,000 Rupees. And I will also try to explain, why it is better than its competitors, such as the pc gaming monitor dell and gaming monitor hp which are also best gaming monitor in India under 10,000. What’s you get with this LG 22’inch gaming monitor. The first has to be the price, that made us list this on the post.

It comes with  Freesync technology that has a 75Hz refresh rate. As we, all know LG makes some awesome products and they keep providing cutting-edge technology in its monitors. No wonder, we see them so much on YouTube and other websites. Now, if you’re one such person who likes to fondle with every new gadget he buys then, you might be interested in checking out the cable holder. It’s pretty much detachable plastic part, that comes separately with the monitor and attaches itself to the back of the stand, and manages cables so that you cannot see cables from the front. It keeps things neat and managed. We love it features even the reviews on Amazon. It’s a far best gaming monitor in India you can buy for your gaming needs. It is VESA mount compatible. Many budget monitors are not VESA mount compatible.

Comes pre-calibrated. Not many do. You get a printed colour calibration factory report’ with the monitor inside the box. You don’t need to adjust anything by going into the menu if you don’t want.Not all pc gaming monitor IPS display are good but this really is and shows a lot better image than TN panels. You can get these best gaming monitor in India on Amazon with some cash back. As Amazon is running with few deals now. You see sharper image on 22-inch 1080p screen than 24 or 27 inches 1080p screen. As all three screens have the same number of pixels, the smaller size will have more pixel per inch than bigger screens.

The two features that make it STAND-OUT from another in its segment are Price & FreeSync Technology

If you’re not aware of the FreeSync. In short, Free-sync technology allows the monitor’s refresh rate to continuously adapt with respect to graphics card’s frame rate.

So, in an instance, if your graphics card was generating 48 frames per second, your monitor will adapt to show 48 frames per second.

All other monitors are fixed at 60 Hz or you can say that they are fixed to show 60 frames per second.

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  1. Acer KG241Q bmiix 23.6″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) Gaming Monitor with AMD FREESYNC Technology (2-HDMI & VGA Ports)

best gaming monitor in india

It’s a great monitor considering price on which it’s offered. Acer monitor are pretty nice when it comes to taking a step ahead from your previous monitor.

The overall quality is pretty nice the settings are easily accessible. However, there are no issues with dead pixels we found on the screen and the built-in speakers we found to be absolute garbage.

Do not rely on them for quality sound, it’s very quiet and distorted. The stand is really nice and doesn’t wobble at all.

Its major highlights are its screen, the colour looks absolutely outstanding and it’s good for gaming and day to day work.

Only thing I did face some issues is in audio. You can take it if you’re into listening or playing games on it. But we still, recommend you to go for LG 22MP68VQ 22 as it has more features and it’s better than the Acer monitor.

It has got the FreeSync technology built-in although you need AMD graphics card into your system that means. Then only FreeSync will work.

Major drawbacks we found in Acer KG241Q, is its Panel, it has got a bad TN Panel, the build quality is not that good even, it is made with a glossy plastic and that makes the operating difficult for anyone using it.  If you’re using this for gaming purpose you would see some light bleed it’s really tiny but you can see the ghosting when you use the FreeSync demo.

It’s only gets noticed when you’re near to the monitor about 1 inch from your screen. As for gaming features black stabilizer etc. I set mine to 10. The brightness of this monitor is really high.

Had to lower it down to 50% for my retinas not to burn. The Cross-hair icon feature I don’t use much. Apart from these issues you can have this if you are on less budget this is one of the best gaming monitor in India you can find with such drop in price.

Our recommendations on best gaming monitor in India

Whether you are a casual gamer or a die-hard fan of games. These are some of the best gaming monitor in India that will serve you it’s ultimate purpose. Thus, it can really improve your view and give a real value for money product. These Top 5 best gaming monitor in India are liked and reviewed 100’s of times still they get sold like hot cakes, coming to the performance. It delivers better gaming experience with crisp details without much of blurred images, ghosting or flickers. But you should also know that the performance and quality entirely depend upon your PC hardware.

It’s necessary to consider few things before you buy one.

From, pixel response to panel technology and resolution. Our suggestion will be with LG 22MP68VQ as it has got many features in it.


Thanks for reading our post on Top pc gaming monitors in 2018 (budget segment).

Hope you have liked it. In case you have some doubts. Please ask us using the comment section below.


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