Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting – 8 Major Factors To Know

Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting: Whenever we buy a domain for our website we need some space on the internet which is known as hosting. Most of us are aware of the term hosting but in hosting there are many terms which we don’t relate or we don’t know which include Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting, cPanel hosting.

Today I am going to brief you about what is shared hosting vs dedicated hosting and their differences.

Most of us are confused about which plan to choose for our website and can always tackle such problem by buying either shared hosting vs dedicated hosting. Let me explain you with an example. Dedicated hosting is like renting a room for yourself i.e. you’re the only one who will stay in that room and has full control of TV that means no other website is hosted on your server.

Whereas in shared hosting is like renting a hall where everyone can stay and all of them have control over it that means you need to share your server with all other websites.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a Type of Web Hosting where you get a separate space or server for your website. Additionally, you get separate bandwidth and hard drive for your domain. There is no sharing of space on the server as others do in shared hosting.

In dedicated hosting, you get full control over the server along with the pool of resources and the permission to manage your website. Having a dedicated server is a huge benefit for you as you have access to manage the bandwidth and space as per your fly.

Getting access to server root and configuration is a huge benefit if you are running any application so that you can easily adjust the environment as per specific needs of the application. In the dedicated server, you get to manage and has full control over the software and services it runs and besides you are the only one who is responsible for the updates of the software.

If you have the application running and it has some issues supporting the latest version of web server software but it supports the previous version then dedicated server can manage all the versions and upgrades on it.

As you can see in the diagram the client has its separate server for his site. He has full control over the bandwidth and space that is allotted to him. Traffic coming to his website is easily managed by the server.

The server manages his site and allows him to utilize all the resources for his site. In case, the traffic coming to your website is at peak then you will need a dedicated server to manage it or else your website will be running slow leading to downtime.

MilesWeb Dedicated Server:

“Every minute a website is made live from MilesWeb server”. So, if you are looking for Dedicated Server Service in terms of flexibility, reliability and support then MilesWeb offers you all this at an affordable cost. MilesWeb dedicated servers are connected to a redundant network and backed with 24×7 Support, high-speed, 99.95% Uptime and Pro-active Server Monitoring. MilesWeb plans start at just Rs 4900/mo with all the features for your website.

GeekRs 4900
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What is Shared Hosting?

In Shared hosting, your website is been hosted with several other websites on the same server. Basically, there is a sharing of bandwidth and space on the server. You get limited bandwidth and space in shared hosting along with limited resources to use.

Shared hosting comes with access to control panel for your files, folders and applications such as WordPress and Prestashop.You get to manage the basic needs of the website such as email accounts, logs, and server analytics. If you have average traffic to your website then shared hosting is the best plan at affordable cost with minimum resources.

In shared hosting, your website is being hosted with other websites on the server and you face problems or issues related to your website traffic.Also, the response time of the website decreases giving rise to downtime. In the end, as you can see that in the above image the numbers of users share the same server with limited bandwidth and space allotted to them.

MilesWeb Shared Server:

MilesWeb offers shared hosting for your website at just Rs 699.30/Yearly. They solve your queries by 24*7 for 365 days with their experienced support team.
MilesWeb fully manages your website and allows to access your site easily.

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MilesWeb offers three plans

Now choose any plan as per your convenience. Just look for the specific plan that you are willing to purchase for your site. Factors that differentiate shared hosting vs dedicated hosting or vice versa: Any website owner while launching his website has a keen view on choosing a shared hosting vs dedicated hosting. They opt for the service as per there convenience for their website. Various factors differentiate them from each other and that will help you to make the right choice for your domain.

  • Hosting site on the server 

In shared hosting, your website is been hosted on the server with other sites. Whereas in dedicated hosting your website is been hosted on a separate server.

  • Disk Space or Bandwidth 

The amount of space and bandwidth allotted to you in shared hosting is limited as others share the server with you and if you surpass that amount then you will be charged. Whereas in dedicated hosting, you have been allotted with a separate server with a large amount of bandwidth and space.

  • Required Technical Skills 

With the shared server you will not require many technical skills as maintenance and security is taken care of by the shared hosting provider. In the dedicated server, you will require a webmaster skill to set up, administer and manage the server.

  • Costs 

In shared hosting, the server resources are shared between several users so the operating cost is cheaper. And in dedicated hosting, the separate server is allotted to only one user to the server cost is expensive as compared to shared hosting.

  • Website Blacklisted 

In shared hosting, there is a risk of being blacklisted by the search engine if any account gets engaged with unethical practices may get its IP address blacklisted. But in a dedicated server, you will not be blacklisted until you are engaged in unethical practices.

  • Security 

In shared hosting, the hosting company installs the firewall and server security applications. But in a dedicated server, you will be responsible for it, as you are the only one responsible for the server. You can install security programs and can manage them as there are very fewer chances of viruses, the malware attack on the dedicated server.

  • Response time and Server Performance 

On shared hosting, many users share the resources due to this a lot of traffic is generated resulting in slow response time and affecting the server performance. In a dedicated server, the response time and performance are not affected because you are not sharing resources with anyone.

  • Level of Control 

In the shared server, you don’t have the control on your server. A dedicated server offers full control over the server as you can add the preferred applications, programs and scripts.


As now you are well aware of the difference between shared hosting Vs dedicated hosting, you can choose the hosting service for your site as per your website need. If you are looking for such a service that delivers results, MilesWeb is the one that offers all this at an affordable cost as they are loyal to their customers in terms of service.

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