Malcare Review 2018- Don’t just rely on WordPress Security Plugin

A common mistake we often do when we do blog out in world’s most popular WordPress CMS and often becomes an easy target for hackers when someone tries to inject malicious codes into our website.
Our Malcare review will help you to find out more about this awesome tool for Protection of your blog or website.
More than 25% of all websites are using WordPress and most of them are on the common default setting, This makes the website or blog vulnerable to hackers.
We all know there are several ways to keep safe on your WordPress website or blog but to implement this steps you need to be pretty quick and knowledgeable. This is where most of us lack.
The blog is just about taking a look at Malcare protection tool for your website that not only erase the vulnerability on the CMS but you can address them manually now.
In my opinion, the primary task of every website or blog owner would be taking care of website as because it’s the only source of your revenue.

Did you know?

There are 100’s of malware developed and injected on the website having less or no security.
In every 39 seconds, a website gets hacked and around 43% if cyber attacks mainly hit the small business owners.
This is mostly because the sites pertaining to the attacks don’t have that security to resist those DDoS or powerful Trojans.
And, among all only 38% websites are made to work using powerful security plug-in to prevent this kind of attacks.
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Let me introduce to my blog.
I am Prasad and being a responsible owner of I had an issue when I first launched my website and after few days got hit by a malware and that is how I lost all my traffic and revenue.
I find the easiest way out by using some plug-in for WordPress security but I couldn’t get the malicious script out by myself.
Then I find this Malcare review protection service through social media when I approached them they helped by taking out the malicious codes.
I went with their paid plans and it seems I have learned a lot from my blogging experience. So, that’s why guys I don’t want your website or blog in a situation where you won’t be able to do anything.
Not only my website there are other bloggers also whom I have talked and they have shared similar stories when they get attacked by malware.
I hope you don’t want to be another future victim of cyber attacks?
Or you going to protect your website now on?
Let’s say if you “Agree”. Then, please do read the Malcare review that will help you protect the website for a lifetime and with that, you’re getting more advanced features right into your WordPress dashboard.
Every time you log-in you can check for this Blogvault. To know more read the entire post.
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Malcare review 2018

To say more about the Malcare service I am pretty much confident about Malcare helping others to secure more than 90k online websites.
The service is offered by Blogvalut a premium website backup service currently working with Malcare to offer protection to all websites against malware or infections.
The product took more than 3 years to come to see the light of day and with the launch, the users found an easy way out to secure their websites.
It took some time to research and find out the best Malware protection tool under budget and luckily I found one.
Let’s say if you really value your blog and don’t want to fall in my situation then it would be nice to go with Malcare or WordFence free version so as to get some levels of basic protection at least.
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Malcare review 2018: Best Features

As you reading this Malcare review there are more thing coming up for sure. Just stick to the post. When you have Malcare with you. You need not worry about the website security.
Malcare is just another innovation with more than 4 unique tools to set your website which will forever secure your site no matter. How big is your website or blog?
Let’s discuss some of the best things I found during Malcare review.
The first thing first
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#1 Website security

I am basically becoming a fan of Malcare security, a tool, not just the features it will let you have upgraded security features that help you to scan your website on a daily basis even manual scans are there.
The tool will let you have:-
Early detection – the features comfortably finds outs malware from your website or blog.
Instant Malware scans – You can remove any sort of malware right through the 1-click removal process that comes with the plugin.
Powerful Malware protection – You can use the tool to safeguard your websites completely and prevent others from eavesdropping.
You can also restrict any PHP execution which you feel untrusted. You just need to provide the FTP username and password for WordPress users.
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#2 Backup


Malcare Malware protection tool not just comes with the advanced protection it also offers you with backup and restores service which helps you take complete backup your website or blog whenever possible.
Real-time backup – This is just not an ordinary tool Malcare takes new backups whenever a new post is available on your website.
Automatic restore – Malcare supports multiple websites that means it works with multiple websites running under one account. You can now easily take backups of your websites anytime.
Upload to Dropbox – Now, you can upload and save your backup all at the same place with this option I am saving all my backups over the dropbox account.
Migrate – the text you have when you move your website with the old content it becomes tiresome for most of us to migrate our contents and post but with this little tool, your migration is simple now.
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#3 Management


When did you last checked your website or plug-in you are using.
Now, you can have a look at all website information with the plug-in, themes and no of users visiting your site.
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#4 Staging

Staging is just a process of creating a test copy of your original website in order to find bugs and performance, Mostly developers use this options for solving bugs and related tasks so that they can better code around and finally launch a new live version of the website.
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#5 Reporting


Now, you can create a fantastic report and present to your clients with Malcare review reports.
The option is handy for those who run their own agency and have got clients.
Using this tool assist you to schedule everything from date, time and send directly to the client email address.
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Why there are some awesome Malcare review you find in Google searches? Why so many people using Malcare tool.
I have written this awesome Malcare review 2018 for those facing issues with security flaws.
I am not bragging this product to you at any cost. Without results, I don’t even consider checking any app or tool and further writing a review on it.

This is one such tool that we need to have for all. I came across so many Malcare review and users on social media platforms.
All other users having good experience with it so I have tried it on my own. Believe me, the product is worth every penny you spent on it.
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Let’s talk about the Malcare plans

Malcare basically offers 4 plans right now. You can have a look at the Screenshot given below. Let me explain to you one by one.

Personal Plan – The Plans offers you for best protection to your website or blog.
Business Plan- This plan offers you protection up to 5 websites with a strong layer of protection
Developer Plan- These plans offer you protection up to 25 websites with encrypted clod backups
Last, one Agency Plan- You get website protection for over 100 websites.
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The plan that I recommend you might not suits you.
I am using the Personal Plan with guaranteed support and according to the website they provide you 30 –days money back guarantee in case you don’t like the plan you can speak to them for a full refund.


I would recommend you to use the Personal Plan as I have used it and what would excite you when you can get 20% OFF from using our link to buy the Malcare Plans.
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You can obtain the 20% OFF Deal on all plans of Malcare WordPress protection tool and experience the newer way to maintain and secure a blog to the highest level.
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My Personal Tips I follow for my blog:-

  • Make sure to regularly update your themes and plug-in
  • You can use our recommended hosting providers to be on safer side.
  • Do not use nulled themes or plugins on your website. It will make the website or blog vulnerable
  • Use premium tools for your website or blog to get rid of ads or limitations
  • Take backups weekly
  • Hide your website login page
  • Always use themes and plugins from WordPress and never download from the unauthorized sites. You can check our recommended themes for bloggers.
  • Use strong password
  • Hide wp-config.php and .htacess
  • Add two-factor authentication

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So, is this the end? Sadly yes! But the review won’t be complete without sharing my opinion on the Malcare review 2018.
I never review anything which isn’t worth for price or fits in functional for blogging needs.
Before writing this post I was using Malcare protection for few days and soon after realizing the ultimate benefits one can derive from this awesome plugin.
I made a malware review 2018, for you all facing similar security issues.
One thing that I understand pretty well now. I found one harmful malware which is slowly killing my website.
The website security service from Malcare is marvelous and totally worth.
With one click installation and setup, you can find several Malcare step videos on YouTube.
You can go through them one by one.
I have only opted their service because of reasonable pricing and with all necessary features that I get along with it.

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