Best Affordable WordPress Hosting in Australia 2022

Needless to say if you’re looking for the best affordable wordpress hosting in australia then, you have landed the right place. Also, check best wordpress hosting India service provider to offer very affordable and reliable web hosting service. 

We all know more or less about blogging. We come across 1000’s of websites in day to day basis. Most of them are built on WordPress. WordPress is the most popular and feature rich CMS (content management system).

Hence, WordPress has dominated major online industry due to its immense flexibility and versatility.

Looking for the best wordpress hosting australia in 2022 is not an easy task. We have to curate things together for easy readability and understanding of our readers.

Even the robust community has contributed major share of plugins for WordPress users which is nowhere available even if they, comes with a little fee.  

I know there are massive guides and libraries available almost free of cost. You don’t need to look here and there when you’re new to WordPress.

You can pretty much search anything about WordPress and there will be more than you can count sites google fetches for you.

Now, when you consider taking charge to build a website or blog in WordPress. I make sure you get the best affordable wordpress hosting in australia 2018.

Find out more in my article on best affordable wordpress hosting in australia 2022.

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Just a quick answer to your all your questions. Our recommended host is FastComet for few reasons.

  • Fastest data centers
  • Mostly free upgrades
  • 24×7 Phone support
  • Free transfer/backups/migration/SSL

We also keen to provide you with 40% of whopping discount on your first purchase of FastComet hosting.

WordPress Features and Prices

If your check out different providers will notice a range of price and points. When considering these it’s important to realize that plans are made depending on the amount of server resources you’ll be using.
The more people visiting your website the more resources will be used.

If you a sprouting blogger you don’t need to spend huge amounts on server data, you can look for a starter plan and scale your website as per your needs. If you’re need in a entry level plan (will be discussed later in post) to scale up the demand as per your needs.

These are shared website hosting plans and you will be sharing one IP with multiple servers on the same IP addresses. It’s a sort of communal resources that everyone uses.

No need to worry you get a SSL protection free of cost. But as you move up in traffic then scale to higher-tier plan would be much more beneficial for you.

Start small, have consistency- GROW BIG

If you read my blogs often, I always recommend you to start small and scale your online business. What does it actually mean? It’s a sort of buying a sports car to drive in city. You actually don’t need it.

Suppose you are willing to sign up for a best affordable wordpress hosting in australia. First, you need to check out the features and Second, will be the pricing.

On top of that, having these features can on your best affordable wordpress hosting in australia will cover most of online venture successfully.

  • Are you going to take payments? – Need SSL
  • Want to migrate your blog or site?
  • Do you need Autobackups?
  • Want high uptimes?- means your site goes down for negligible period of time
  • Datacenters
  • Good Security
  • Better support
  • Feature rich hosting

FastComet allows users with best in performance and better pricing.

What You need in best Affordable WordPress Hosting in Australia

Now, we’re going to discuss the most essential elements of WordPress Hosting. If you know them already. Take a little bit time to know more. SSL Protection. SSL are made to protect online theft while taking payment from for products and services.

However it becomes an essential elements for all website and blogs now. In recent discussions that rolled out few months ago shows that Google gives preference to website or blog having SSL.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. You must have seen a green lock button or a word SECURE beside the URL’s having SSL enabled.SSL helps the users to encrypt all incoming and outgoing data for your website or blog.

This also helps in protecting all information between two PC’s. All data or sessions are now monitored between you website and users so no one can spied on it. A lot of companies requiring SSL certificates to protect their online data spending huge money acquiring SSL certificates.

If you do a little research on Internet you can see these companies charges anywhere between 300-400$ for securing a website for a year. So, don’t waste your money buying SSL certificates when you can get them for free.

  • Site Migration

Migration is a bit annoying to all users. Above all migration from one best affordable wordpress hosting in australia to another is a cumbersome process and for that you need to compress files/media/plugins then upload it by a FTP server. Presently new users might come across some problems with it.

  • Free Backups

Backups are important. It may be on your PC or on your server end. Backing up essential data is vital to keep your hard work safe. Although, free backups are provided by most of the hosts but some may try to trick you by adding a payment options for that.

  • Uptime

There are uptimes and down times associated with best affordable wordpress hosting in australia providers. Uptimes and downtimes are generally meant to refer a website is running or not. A full 100% uptime would mean the website never goes down.

Downtime is simply the opposite and refer to when you’re website stops responding to users request or not loading. In today’s world almost all best affordable wordpress hosting in australia providers offers you 99.9% uptime guarantee.

In our test the results were pretty surprising: using FastComet- Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide.

Datacenters- Find your server?

Datacenter are where your server is actually based. When we talk about speed and reliability datacenter comes first in mind. So how does your datacenter impacts your website. The simple reason is suppose you purchase some hosting form a US based hosting provider and if anyone access your website from Australia.

Then, he might need to request data from US and have to go back to user’s PC in Australia. Over here, FastComet has data centers in Singapore which is quick if you’re accessing a particular website from australia.

You will get fast response while others struggle to fetch the data from individual data centers. Theres is not much of difference we can measure out in Australian host-Singapore data centers.

Website security

Now, when we talk about security. I know you’re not that silly to have password like password1234. If yes, then your site is going to get hacked for sure. 

Hackers can always eavesdrop at your website and finds loopholes to inject scripts and attempt to brute-force attack to spread virus or destroy your website. This things are common.

Brilliant support

Support is something everybody wants. There are many ways you can have support against a live chat or telephonic conversation. Many times you can read FAQ’s or use support forums or may contacts support staff.

There are quite no. of hosts that outsource support to India, it may look as they save money but you can see their support is lacking.

Easy to Install

Remember what we have conveyed you  Cpanel. Anyways, most of the web hosting company uses Cpanel and one-click application called softaculous. It’s comes handy for most of peoples around the globe who does not have much technical knowledge.

You can straightway head to Cpanel look for SSL and install it right on blog or site. You may get stuck with at any point, you can find support to resolve a particular issue.

Our recommended WordPress Web Hosting 2017

[su_heading size=”17″]1. DomainRacer – High Speed and Top Security/Support ($0.99/month)[/su_heading]


domain racer hosting

[button-red url=”” target=”_self” position=”center”]Check DomainRacer Hosting[/button-red]

DomainRacer is one of the best and cheap wordpress hosting providers in the hosting industry to offer fast, secure and affordable web hosting services. They offer to host plans that are specifically optimized for WordPress hosting solutions.

When it comes to price, security, and support then DomainRacer always comes first, you get free SSL, faster LiteSpeed technology and their server all over the world to bring the highest loading speed and uptime.

You can start your wordpress website without having to worry on server settings.

  • Pure SSD Storage

To speed up and performance is very impressive for your website through SSD Storage. DomainRacer offers unlimited SSD storage space to boost loading time, server-level caching and speed up your wordpress websites.

  • Excellent Expert Support

If you have any issue and need help then DomainRacer offer 24/7 exert crew support to answering all your technical problem with pretty great response times through Ticket, Email and Live chat.

  • Free SSL (HTTP3 and QUIC)

HTTP3 and QUIC protocol built-in encryption for quickly with best resistance to get more speed and security. It reduce the latency to faster and quickly loading site.

  • Free Website Builder  

As starting don’t worry about website building, DomainRacer offers free site pad website builder with 1000+ in-built themes and templates to design your responsive site.

  •  Top Country Server Location

DomainRacer provide top country server location centre in India, USA, Canada, Singapore, UK, Germany and France. These are servers build on a faster and secure connection.

  •  Best Security Tools  

DomainRacer offer world top leading security tools such as ImunifyAV+, Imunify360, ModSecurity and many other security tools to safe your site form hacker and malware attacks.

  •  One-Click Softaculous Installer

In just one click you can install WordPress and start your site building. Also using Softaculous easily install 450+ useful software and application.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#ffffff” color=”#bc1a1a” size=”6″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” icon=”icon: chevron-right” icon_color=”#e73e3e” text_shadow=”1px 1px 1px #000000″]Check Out DomainRacer Web Hosting Plans[/su_button]

[su_heading size=”17″]2. FastComet- Get the most with Price/Speed/Uptime/Support ($3.95/month)[/su_heading]


Measured uptimes- 99.95%

Measured Load Time- 475Ms

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#ef812d” size=”6″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” icon=”icon: forward”]Click here to Signup for FastComet SSD Hosting[/su_button]

When we talk about a best affordable wordpress hosting in australia, we check the data and analyse it for a period of time to see whether it would fulfils the basic requirement of a user.


In most case FastComet groundbreaking high uptimes and brilliant support would be our primary focus. If you look at these Starter plans that offers more power than other wordpress hosting providers in australia.

  • Awesome support

Times when you need support for life. 24×7 support is essential for answering all technical questions that arises. FastComet support have won many awards for their brilliant support.

  • Great speed and uptimes

FastComet offers you some of the fastest speeds with data centers located in various place of world. Fastcomet also have singapore based datacenter.

  • One-click WordPress Installer

If you always start your WordPress installation with a single click. FastComet also offers free SSL which is absolutely a must have when you are selling anything on your website.

  • A must have for all beginners

If you not aware much or just a sprouting bloggers then setting up your own site is just awesome with FastComet and definitely a top choice for all beginners.

[su_heading size=”17″]3. A2Hosting- Brilliant speed and better load times ($3.92/month)[/su_heading]


Measured uptime: 99.1%

a2hosting best australian hosting

Measured load time: 601Ms

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#ef812d” size=”6″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” icon=”icon: forward”]Click here to Signup for A2Hosting[/su_button]

Talking about the best wordpress hosting for Australia 2018. A2 hosting just comes with a superior support and reliability and after using it for few months.
We have gathered adequate data for those of our Australian readers as well as as those residing in US.
But this just work perfect for Australian bloggers.

Great Support

A2 has just come up with really friendly plans and better support that people will love it with almost all issues.

Super Fast hosting and Free SSL

Anyone can now install Let’s encrypt with one click on their WordPress. Although A2hosting has a very good uptimes and a low down times.

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