Best Amazon Gadgets Under 500 [Updated 2023]

Are you looking for best amazon gadgets under 500?

Then you have come to the right place. In this amazon tech deals series I’ll will showcase some of the trending & selling gadgets under 500 in India. Welcome to another series of Best amazon gadgets India. I have started “tech deals” series in 2017. Since then readers have showed up great appreciation towards our tech deals series. 

Time again to start off a new bunch of posts, with amazon India as our prime destination to find such products from billions and we curate them for you all so that you can buy the best amazon gadgets under 500 for you.

Amazon is a nice place to look for your appropriate products such as Gadgets, Home appliances, Electronics or so on. I was in constant hunt for useful gadgets under 500 and buy them to demonstrate how cheap gadgets on amazon.

Luckily I have made several post in starting from Best gadgets under 2000 rupeesNow, it’s time to lower the budget and look for whether there are any products that can fulfill the need of a shopper with Best cool gadgets on amazon India under 500.

Today I have listed Top ten 5 amazon gadgets under 500. All the products you can buy and grab on I am sure that before landing on this page, you might be looking for the best tech deals on Amazon available at affordable prices that should not make a hole in your pocket.

What Can You Get in Tech Gadgets Under 500

You can get a lot of useful gadgets under 500 which is everything all about in the post. Starting from unique gift items to personal tech items amazon definitely has a lot to offer for its users. People love cool gadgets on amazon India under 500 as they make the work easier for them.

Also they are fun to use and accomplish everything within a little time frame. Buying gadgets are useful as they are directly associated with our health and happiness. These useful gadgets under 500 that we shared in this post help you save time and money.

Amazon has a wide range of gadgets that are 500 or less, perfect for the guy in your life. From tiny spy cameras to loud sports cars, there’s something for every guy and it’s sure to light up their eyes.

Do these gadgets make a great gift for any event?

Of course why not? Just take a look at amazon’s gadgets under 500. It’s always a challenge finding useful items for yourself or for a gift, but Amazon has made it easy by providing you with cool gadgets that are all under 500.

Gifts do more than just provide a physical item; they show that someone cares and communicates their appreciation for the recipient. The perfect gift for someone you care about is something that isn’t too expensive and could be helpful to them, like a set of useful gadgets under 500.

So, here I am with some of the best amazon gadgets under 500 that you can afford.

Amazon tech deals - tech deals under 500


Tech Gadgets Under 500

1. Zebronics Zeb-Warrior 2.0

Zebronics Zeb-Warrior 2.0

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Zebronics latest addition to protable speakers would be Zeb-warrior 2.0. The speakers are decent when comes to quality of sound output and the new RGB look on the front would be equally satisfying for you.

Since, these speakers are amazing for the budget and sits on our list of best gadgets on amazon India. These speakers are the most valuable contribution for your desktop that comes with 1.5 m USB cord, 3.5mm connector, 45mm drivers, and a 1-year warranty.

With, such price its a great deal comes your way through a price of 500.  Don’t go with the size of this speaker since it can provide you with a 360-degree surround sound with the finest clarity and vocal. This speaker set can best suit your black colored desktop or laptop.

The secret of these little devil speakers is the bass membrane back that boosts the quality of sound and gives louder but sensual sound. These are one of the best cheap gadgets on amazon.

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2. Voltac Universal Bluetooth Wireless Mono Headset

UBON Single Ear Bluetooth Headset

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You might not have the budget to buy a expensive Bluetooth Wireless Mono Headset. Luckily, this B1 Smart Earphone Bluetooth comes with a HD MIC and a music stereo system. This has an amazing communication method and connect with every smartphone universally.

It has a very natural headset products with excellent performance of wearing comfort and design makes it in our useful gadgets under 500. The top quality and and design is the only reason of this Bluetooth Earphone is running out of stock nearly every day.

It comes with supported format in Mp3, MP4, WMA, WAV. It’s basically a sport wireless stereo Bluetooth Headset having a power button which emits Blue light and flashes Blue-Red upon connecting with your cellphone.This is perhaps the best amazon gadgets under 500 you can’t just ignore.


3. Redgear MP80 Speed-Type Gaming Mousepad Redgear MP80 Speed-Type Gaming Mousepad

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So, it is called the ‘Redgrear MP35 Control Type’ mouse pad and the reason why I am recommending this mouse pad to you is that of its highly textured mouse pad surface, with stitched outer borders available under Amazon best tech deals. 

Redgear MP35 Control/Speed type mouse pad is a very popular computer table pad as this one sits right on the spot of useful gadgets under 500. Whereas there are many other mouse pad with L, XXL sizes available but this one has a build quality un-matchable to any other mouse pads.

If you have bought mouse pad earlier, then you would know that the upper material comes out over time in most of the expensive mouse pads that you would have been using earlier.  This mouse pad can last long with its stitched outer area.

If all this doesn’t oblige you to buy this mouse pad, then you must be amazed to know The price of the Redgrear MP35 Control Type mouse pad is Rs 288 and that of XXL is Rs 500 on Amazon India.

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4. Fast Charging Braided Multifunctional Cable

Braided Multifunctional Cable useful gadgets under 500

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This 3 in 1 USB cable offers fast charging with a speed of up to 3.4A for all your devices, ranging from smartphones and tablets to Bluetooth speakers and much more – making it one of the amazon gadgets under 500.

This multi-pin USB cable is conveniently 1.2m long, so you can say goodbye to struggling to find a nearby switchboard. It’s definitely one of the coolest gadgets you’ll find on Amazon India under 500!

It has a Ultra Durable Cable provides supreme strength and longevity with a thick PVC jacket that has the capacity to withstand 11000+ bends.

This sleek, highly durable cable with its premium metal housing is compatible with any charging adaptor, making it ideal for many scenarios.

From charging phones in the car to lying on the sofa while playing with your phone, or simply sharing it with family when watching TV – one cable is all you need while out and about.

Many of us require useful gadgets, and in order to find the right product for our needs, we must often search at multiple locations. Have you ever considered how a simple cable can be incredibly helpful? Amazon gadgets in India are amongst the most popular items due to their usefulness.

5.  Gaiatop 6.5 Inch Ultra-quiet Table Fan

useful gadgets under 500


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This Gaiatop USB fan has a 5.5 inch blade and 6.5 inch frame, providing more powerful wind speed of up to 5.3 m/s – much faster than other models. This detachable and easy-to-install fan is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, such as desks, homes, studies, offices or trips. With these useful gadgets under 500 you can easily enjoy a cool living space.

It has 3 adjustable wind speeds, allowing you to choose the most appropriate option for your environment. A short press of the button on the back will allow you to switch between low, medium, and high settings. For a powerful gust, it is recommended to use an 2A output USB adapter.

The desk fan offers great noise handling. With an excellent wind speed, it remains quiet with a level less than 50dB even on higher gear settings. It is an ideal companion to have while you work or sleep peacefully, making it perfect for use in your office or bedroom.

Enjoy a peaceful and cool summer with the desk fan at your side and can be the best amazon gadgets under 500.

This portable desk fan features a tilting head, with an adjustable range of 0 to 90 degrees, to allow you to direct the airflow to where you need it most. The front cover is detachable for easy cleaning of the fan blade and Gaiatop offers our customers free online customer service.

If you’re looking for a smaller form factor table fun for this summer then why not? pick a Gaiatop table fan which is among the best selling cool gadgets on amazon under 500.

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6. Beard Apron Hair Catcher for Quick Disposal

Beard Apron Hair Catcher for Quick Disposal

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This apron is crafted from lightweight, waterproof nylon fabric. Its neck straps allow for adjustable wear around the neck. It packs and unpacks easily, so you can store or carry it with ease when travelling.

Simply put on the apron, secure the suction cups to your mirror, and enjoy effortless trimming. When you’re done, simply discard any hair clippings into the bin.

You may not like using this, It’s a simple apron like those used in a barber shop. For this, it comes with two suction cups so that you can be attached it to any mirror and guess what!! You can go ahead and purchase it on amazon gadgets under 500.

You can simply collect all your hair clipping then.It also comes with a fantastic built-in pouch which means you can collapse it and carry it without any problem. The pouch is big enough to carry your trimmer with you.

So this makes the pouch is big enough to carry your trimmer with you. Also, it is one of the useful gadgets under 500, which usually not a factor for those need this.

7. Mobile Controller Joystick

Mobile Controller Joystick

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This PUBG gamepad is tailor-made for mobile shooting games, extending your phone to emulate the feel of an Xbox or PS controller; it’s good for larger hands. Three contact points with rubber padding firmly keep the controller and phone in place, avoiding any potential pressure on the power and volume buttons; plus no worry about any accidental scratching.

This pair of fire and aiming buttons with a mobile game trigger make installation easier as they can be reversed 180°. Additionally, the layout customization operation is made simpler thanks to the reversal trigger, which prevents blocking when the phone is installed.

This new mobile game controller features two triggers on each side. Using the six-finger artifact, you can move, turn, aim and shoot simultaneously. This helps improve operational response, prevents frustration and allows you to be the top player in shooting games.

The game controller is designed to work with the majority of mobile phones, up to a maximum width of 3.4 inches for the screen. They are also compatible with many popular shooting games like Rules of Survival, Knives Out and Critical Ops.

You may not know but this mobile gamepad is the cheapest gadget on amazon. There is no such game controller that sells at a price of 500. But we’ve searched and found this useful gadgets under 500 for you so that you don’t have to overspend on game controllers selling at high price.

If you’re a mobile gamer or know who plays games often then, this can be the best gift for him. You’re search end here for game controllers as these amazon gadgets under 500 can literally make your life amazing.

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8. Zebronics Zeb-Pluto 2.0

Zebronics Zeb-Pluto 2.0


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Zeb-Pluto is another addition to amazon gadgets under 500. Designed in a compact size with volume control, Aux Connectivity and USB Power, it offers great value.

This powerhouse of a speaker offers an output of 5 watts RMS (2.5 Watts x 2), with an impedance of 3 Ohms, and a frequency response of 120 Hz – 15 kHz. The line input is via a 3.5 mm jack, and it comes with a one year warranty from the date of purchase. It’s made in China and comes in black.

The speaker comes with a volume control knob, making it easy to adjust the sound levels for movies and music. An AUX input is included, giving you the option to plug into your laptop/desktop or use your phone/mp3 player. This is an ideal choice for laptop users or those who need something compact – in fact you can find these cheap gadgets on amazon at a competitive price on Amazon!

9. Touch Control Desk Lamp For Gifting

Touch Control Desk Lamp for Bedroom - useful gadgets on amazon


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This low cost bedside lamp is featured in our amazon gadgets under 500 list. Its revolutionary diamond cut design and sophisticated premium appeal are sure to fill the room with a romantic atmosphere thanks to the 3D rose ambient light.

This USB charging design offers great convenience in any situation. It can provide up to 8 hours of power, though the exact usage time will depend on brightness settings.

With sixteen colors to pick from, the remote control switch design ensures convenience and comfort for you and your family. Three levels of brightness provide soft, natural lighting that will keep you and your family feeling healthy.

This eco-friendly plexiglass material contributes with a pleasant glowing ambient light, making it ideal to be used in a variety of places such as bedrooms, living rooms, craft areas or even corridors. Moreover, is perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner, gathering at the bar or hotel lobby. Finally, its also suitable for any workplace.

Imagine the joy of having a vibrant rose in full bloom on display! Your visitors will be amazed by the unique look this table lamp provides. Perfect for adding a touch of charm to bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, studies, hallways, balconies, cupboards, hotels and coffee shops – or any other area you can think of.

This low cost bed side lamp can be actually a great gift option. If you wish to pick one of them from our amazon gadgets under 500 list. Then, these useful gadgets under 500 are found helpful by household people who have budget issues.

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10. Rechargeable Keychain Mini Flashlight

Rechargeable Keychain Mini Flashlight

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This hand light is capable of emitting 800lumen maximum and offers wide beam white light. Its COB Technical LED makes it suitable for use as a work light or emergency lighting.

The powerful magnet base and rotation handle provide the freedom of hands-free work. Its magnetic feature permits attachment to any metal, while the 180° foldable handle can be adjusted to different angles or hung wherever needed.

This useful gadgets under 500  compact flashlight offers 3 illumination modes, including High, Low, and Strobe. To access the highest brightness level, simply press and hold the power button.

This USB rechargeable flashlight comes with a large capacity built-in rechargeable battery and a micro USB to USB charging cable.

The handy flashlight features a carabiner that can easily be clipped to a key ring or bag, and is resistant to water and shock. This is a cool gadgets on amazon India under 500 for activities such as camping, strolling with your pet, searching for items, or even making repairs.

11. VGR V-390 Ultra Thin Shaver Rechargeable Razor

VGR V-390 Ultra Thin Shaver Rechargeable Razor

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This trimmer is a great and low cost amazon gadgets under 500 thanks to its high strength ultra thin metal net slice, combined with the Ultra-thin reciprocating floating blade. It’s perfect for giving you speedy and easy shaving of your whiskers for a delicate, clean look.

This device offers a USB 2.0 charger interface and can be conveniently connected to computers, or other devices, to recharge in an estimated 8 hours. With a slim design, it’s smaller than your phone screen and easily fits in your pocket.

Moreover, its blade cover is equipped with a slight magnet for extra protection. Once charged, the device can be used for approximately 45 minutes.

This shaver is specially designed for sensitive skin, reducing friction for a comfortable, smooth shave following the contours of your face. Not only does it offer quick and efficient results, but it also saves time and energy, making it handy and compact

A perfect for home use, travelling or camping. Furthermore, it makes a great gift for Dad or your husband! All these features make this one of the best amazon gadgets under 500.

12. Electric Stimulator

Massager Machine for Full Body cool gadgets on amazon under 500


Check Price on Amazon 

Our amazon gadgets under 500 aren’t through yet! Our latest addition is an inexpensive body massager. This device uses low-voltage electric current (TENS) to ease pain and discomfort – no pricey physiotherapy sessions needed, just attach the TENS pad where it hurts for quick, drug-free relief.

It has been scientifically suggested that TENS technology may impede the transmission of the pain signal to the brain, augment the blood circulation around certain areas and initiate your body’s own pain-fighters.

This small and compatible tens massager is ideal for muscle tension and pain relief on the go, requiring no battery and fitting comfortably in your pocket or bag. With it, you can benefit from soothing massage anytime and anywhere.

This package contains a Leather Carry pouch, two pairs of Gel Pads and comes with a one-year warranty.

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13. Voice Talking Bedside Alarm Clock

Voice Talking Bedside Alarm Clock under 500 gadgets

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It is hard to find a digital alarm clock under at low cost. But with our amazon gadgets under 500 series. We bring you most useful gadgets under 500 that you can use as your daily driver. Foremost this alarm clock not just look in the eye.

But this clock can tell you the current time in English and project it onto any flat surface for up to 10 seconds. You can also adjust the projection head to move the projected time pattern horizontally.

This LCD screen with a diameter of 52mm clearly displays time, temperature, and alarm icons in an easily readable, large size, making it effortless to check the information.

It has voice function along with temperature control with date, time and alarm as a option the voice prompt and with back light and time projection seems quite new in under 500 gadgets.

This device is equipped with an integrated temperature sensor, enabling an accurate display of the room’s current temperature. By simply pressing a key, users can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit formats.

This large LCD display makes it easy to check the time and temperature quickly, so you can be prepared for your day ahead. The 52mm screen clearly displays the time, temperature and alarm icons, so you know exactly what you need to know right away.

14. Mini Bag Sealer

Mini Bag Sealer cool gadgets under 500

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Find this tech gadgets under 500 a sealer but doubles as an opener too. It’s easy and convenient to use, plus it’s mini and portable; quickly sealing and cutting whatever you need sealed and cut.

This product is crafted from a high-quality ABS material, with fine workmanship that ensures smooth edges. Its exceptional resistance to temperatures of both high and low levels makes it incredibly robust.

To install the battery, simply press and hold the switch button for 3-5 seconds to start up the machine. Place your bag in the centre and remember to be careful with thicker ones, draw them slowly and evenly for a successful seal. Thinner bags will tear swiftly.

No need to take the battery apart after use, simply secure the hook at the sealing area, and you’re good to go. This portable bag sealer is excellent for your kitchen, camping trips or any other travel.

This is a extremely useful gadgets under 500 you can find on Amazon. A sealer which is protable, light and compact offers great benefits thus making it top out to our amazon gadgets under 500 place.

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15. USB Watch Lighter

USB Watch Lighter useful gadgets under 500

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This 2-in-1 design combines a cigar lighter with a round white dial featuring three decorative, non-functional sub-dials. Providing an analog display and cutting-edge casual fashion, this piece is sure to make your style stand out.

This wrist watch offers more than just telling the time; it also includes a USB charge cigarette lighter. You won’t need to carry another lighter in your pockets when you own this one since it’s already integrated into the watch.

This high-grade silicone watch band ensures a secure fit that won’t budge, offering superior comfort and ventilation. Wearing it will be a breeze!

This Amazon Gadgets under 500 rupees is perfect for a night out with friends or just as an accessory to your work outfit.

Wrap up

If you’re searching for some cool gadgets on Amazon, you can find a lot of options that are under 500 rupees. It’s just cheap gadgets on amazon. But what makes Amazon a good place to buy these items?

Sellers have a good reputation and Amazon has an excellent track record as an eCommerce brand. Plus, they provide a replacement or refund for products purchased on their site. So, those were some of the great gadgets in reasonable price that you can buy on Amazon. Hope you liked the Top 15 amazon gadgets under 500!!

Amazon gadgets India is a useful resource for all your needs. We’ll bring more posts like this one, or add them to our existing Amazon gadgets list. For now, check out the items we’ve shared and find the best useful gadgets under 500.

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