Cloud hosting Vs Shared hosting – which is the best for my Website

Cloud hosting vs Shared Hosting? You are here because you are planning on hosting your website.Want to know the difference between Cloud hosting or Shared Hosting like GoDaddy and a cloud-based hosting such as Amazon Web Services? OK, follow this article to have a clear picture.

Which Hosting should you prefer GoDaddy vs Amazon AWS?

GoDaddy hosting services offer Virtual Hosting facility. It manages the back-end maintenance. Then you use the web space provided by them with a domain pointing to it. Anything in that content becomes online.

Do you know? That space gets shared with others too. I agree that you have the content privacy still, the server has a connection. How is it different from Cloud hosting vs Shared Hosting? The accounts get separated by entire virtual machines in Cloud Hosting Services, and you have the complete access to a working computer.

On technology, Amazon AWS becomes more complicated. Amazon EC2 allows you to manage your devoted server. You can do anything you wish to. Not only hosting websites but also encoding, and decoding videos.

Even you can offer VPN services.In simple words, you have all the rights to begin, end, build and devastate. For example, if there is a need to make a large scale website with traffic in peaks, achieving scalability becomes very easy. Yes, Amazon has tools that let you do this.

A cost gets added to it. Still, life goes so much advanced with Amazon AWS.

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Which one is easy to use and cost efficient- Cloud hosting vs Shared Hosting?

GoDaddy, a regular host, helps you to host a website within no time. Cost efficient and with minimum skills.When you prefer a website with relatively no maintenance go for GoDaddy.

Amazon AWS, an intricate host that allows you to organize everything starting a small site to the largest websites in the globe. Worried about tool limitations?

No need to, as they offer all the tools. Feel free to install any operating system. Use any server software per your choice. You can even automate it.

It’s time to talk about differences with specific details. Keep reading my collections here.

Which one costs more and in what terms?

When comparing the cost of Cloud hosting vs Shared Hosting, GoDaddy wins the race. GoDaddy starts as low as $1 per month, whereas AWS package begins at a minimum of $50 and above a month.

But the price offers additional 1 TeraByte of disk space, which when compared to the 100 GB GoDaddy.Attracted towards the plan launched by Amazon web services?

This includes no charges for one year, which means you can use only little on their features. Go for GoDaddy if you intend for business at a small level. That extra space can save your money with GoDaddy.

How good are the Support Services?

All of the Cloud hosting or Shared Hosting services promises a 24/7 support to sell their product or service.

How many make it happen really? AWS stands on its toes to extend support.

They provide support using many channels like live chat, contact us URL, forums, blogs, help, and much more. The support system with AWS lets any individual connect with an agent.

How about GoDaddy?

  • The support offered through traditional online method, raise tickets for issues, etc. The support provided for includes product support, online storage, and domain transfer.
  • Both players provide almost the best support. Not very easy to rank them on this criteria. Both offer professional support for their products and services.
  • The only thing is the response time. When you look at fast connection round the clock, AWS will come first. On the other hand for product support GoDaddy surpasses AWS.

Which one has more connecting pace?

While looking at the speed of Cloud hosting vs Shared Hosting both runs, and provide a safe bet. Naturally, AWS stands on the top due to its reach out mode.

Connecting with their agent becomes possible anytime and hence pace in running a website happen to be easy.

There is a catch with AWS.If you’re fond of complimentary year payment, then the speed cannot be expected per your satisfaction.

But when you are specific about the rate in which your site should run, then choose GoDaddy. They have many options to speed up and make your website run fast.

Which one is value for money?

Quality and Price are directly proportional to each other. When you pay more, you get more. AWS costs more than GoDaddy but offers you more storage space.

For the price at which you buy GoDaddy, it offers that much value. So you cannot decide on the worth as both do not come with the same price package.

GoDaddy does not have many features like Amazon Web Services. Also, GoDaddy deletes or transfers the domain, and the threat of losing your domain is there always. With AWS you can work without any such risk.

What is good about bandwidth?

When I talk about the features, AWS, 1TB bandwidth lets your site to run with greater speed. But GoDaddy has the only limited bandwidth, and you must stick to it.

I never said GoDaddy plays small, as the number of transfers in and out makes it superior to AWS. AWS offers a maximum of 100% uptime. That makes it amazing. GoDaddy follows AWS very closely with 99.94% uptime.

Still number one makes the difference.When you host your site with Amazon Web Services, it works for an extended time when compared to GoDaddy with a negligible gap.

GoDaddy goes slowly because it hosts several million various sites at one time. AWS hosting number per day limits to 3000 or even less in every single day.

These small inconsistencies may not be a reason for your site to collapse with both the hosting services. The result remains the same, but, if you prefer a good uptime, then go for AWS.

What we conclude at last.

I have provided many details for your view.It’s time to conclude my opinion. Hosting services like GoDaddy and cloud-based hosting like Amazon Web Services both have their edge over the other.My vote goes for both. It all depends on your requirement.

Select one over the other after understanding your need.On the whole, GoDaddy gets preference on the cost side. AWS gets applause for all its brilliant features for that professional look of your site. A developer should choose AWS.

GoDaddy for a marketer as it fetches you massive traffic. A small enterprise owner would go with GoDaddy for its price. An e-commerce giant will always choose AWS to grow the products using their host site.Now it is your call. Decide and get going either Cloud hosting or Shared Hosting.

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