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We have come up with a new post on HRank Review. Needless to say, website availability is difficult to part for any businesses as because there is absolutely no way by which you can monitor Uptime of a website all the time.
It is viable for any large scale businesses to monitor web applications using a dedicated team but for a small-scale business or a blogger. Your website may go down anytime due to many reasons which why you need a Website Uptime Monitoring Checker.

You might come across the term uptime if you own a website or blog. Uptime is basically an unbroken time which is measured to see the hosting system experiences. You often see people searching for Website Uptime History to know the percentage of uptime for the last 30 days.

An ideal uptime should be 100% (i.e. Zero downtime) but in reality, it’s much harder to achieve that. In the simplest term, an uptime is regarded as the number of hours that a computer server remains active to offer its service to users.

Similarly, in webs hosting services, it’s important to know if a server is working properly, if not then it’s obvious that it will impact the business (Website or blog). Users accessing your website will be turned down and it could mean a huge loss to your business.

Earlier I’ve measured Uptime of popular Cheap Web Hosting in IndiaBlueGeek Web Hosting using HRank Shared Hosting Uptime Monitor which promised the 99.95% uptime.

Calculating your hosting Website Uptime History will tell you about the number of hours your hosting went down due to outages or server maintenance. Also, major search engines like Google finds you unreliable and can negatively impact your website ranking.

When you find something good you ought to share with the world. Since this Hrank Review is based on my experience. I would like to ask everyone to try Hrank services at least once. You may never come across any promotion or affiliate link in this Hrank review neither it’s sponsered.

I am glad to find such shared hosting website uptime history checker as this may help you when you think of migrating to any new host. In the same manner Hrank Review was written after conducting all the tests that I performed on their website and after the results came returned good to me.

With help of the Hrank review I am going to share every bit knowledge that will help you choose the best shared hosting services after you have correctly measure their uptimes from Hrank website.

How HRank Review Helps Calculate Server Uptimes?

Generally, this is measured in light of the number of hours that a server is active and is accessible between the time-frame which is further communicated as a rate. According to reports testing different hosting server for the last 5 years will let you know about the server availability.

HRANK is one such website that offers a rating based analysis of various website hosting companies available around the world. Like most of the Web Hosting Provider do not reveal the actual uptime check option due to which it becomes difficult for users to monitor and find a conclusion about the host.

But you can find using HRank – Hosting Website Uptime History to monitor and check website availability test. If you have a personal website or business website uptime matters. It’s essential to check the uptimes of the host to comprehend the level of service it can offer to its users.

If you are finding difficulty while searching for Website Uptime History or If you have a website it becomes necessary for you to know the uptime history for your page.

Hrank – Hosting Website Uptime History is meant to outcast the “Website Uptime History” of your web hosting in historical format to ensure you get the best web hosting with 100% uptime. Through HRANK you can check the Web Hosting Uptime History on the basis of different factors.

  • Uptimes
  • Response time
  • Price
  • Hosting company establishment date, history, and experience
  • Overall performance and usability
  • Support mechanism

HRANK is one of the best websites that can offer the most accurate and reliable data regarding the history of the current and past host performance.

It also lets the users know how long and how often the server of a host is down or how fast they respond. All information is gathered systematically to analysis since HRANK has started its operation in 2016.

What Is Hrank? Why You Need To Read Hrank Review?

Hrank is one of the best web hosting uptime monitoring service. It helps you to check your website that is hosted on a different web hosting providers and offer specific details about the hosting uptimes throughout the period. The monitoring services offer 24×7 services 365 days that ensures correct uptimes measurement.

HRank is the best Hosting Website Uptime History that collects information from the origin server for a period of last 12 months to determine that you get the best web hosting with 99.99% uptime.

Most of the shared servers are occupied on hosting thousands of websites. It’s essential to know if your shared hosting server is performing well with no downtimes.

That’s why Hrank decides to cover a maximum number of web servers which will allow you to see complete uptime charts and analyses of data. This is done through 288 bot request to a server in every 24 periods of interval such that a bot visits a web server in every 5 minutes.

The request is sent randomly with a unique set of time. HRANK inspects the hosting company website and spends some time there to comprehend the type of design, usability, and appearance a user is abiding with. They also look for how the support system works for a normal user.

HRANK uses the latest technology and software to ensure that you get the most accurate data for each hosting present in their databases such as the location of the servers, speed, domains and migration patterns.

Hence, with all accumulated data and statistics the uptime and response time is taken into consideration that helps a user to determine which hosting company is providing the best uptimes. HRANK provides the data for the period of 30 days instead of real-time data this has been done to check the servers that recently stopped responding and could be dead at present.

The software brilliantly collects all information from the server end to verify the performance of the entire hosting for the specific period of time. Most web hosting company’s claims to provide 99.9% data but it’s the hardest task to keep up the uptime. Well, few Hosting Providers sustain to provide the required uptimes and many fails.

The list of webs hosting provider’s uptimes can be seen and measured accordingly to choose the best that suits your need. HRANK presently has more than 300 hosting providers with all PROS & CONS listed first- hand.

Why it’s important to check other factors of hosting?

Most hosting provider’s claims to provide 99.9% guaranteed uptimes and mostly they do to attract customers. And finally, when you buy any of their hosting packages you realize about the downtimes. This is where peoples begin to look for an alternative. Although many hosting providers utilize an internal monitoring service through which they gather reliable data.

But how can you be sure that they are speaking the truth?

With the help of HRANK hosting uptime monitor services ensure perfect analysis of Website Uptime History with complete transparent data of periodic uptimes check of various hosting providers.

  • Age

HRANK pays attention to the hosting website to see how long the company has incorporated its operations and successfully making its business. As we all know hosting market is completely volatile and there is no correlation between the age, quality. A new hosting company might come offering better services than a decade old hosting company.

  • Design

A good and simplistic design helps customers to get the kind of information they want. Anyways hosting companies which make effort to keep the website up to date in a user-friendly way offering all things listed is a good way to market services.

  • Price

Most of us concern about the price. Although the cheapest one is not always the best. HRANK makes efforts to find and compare with features offers at the same price point from two or more different hosting provider.


HRANK calculates your Website Uptime History is an aspiring company that primarily focuses on shared web hosting. It’s due to the fact the shared hosting is widely popular and used by beginners, mid or small-sized enterprises. You can undoubtedly trust the HRANK for its unbiased opinion and reviews. That’s because right at this point HRANK monitoring more than 300 hosting providers around the globe with 40,000 shared servers and counting.

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