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Schema Pro: Best Adsense WordPress Theme Review

Now, with MyThemeShop provides some of the best Adsense WordPress theme and Plugins lately. The schema is one of the best Adsense WordPress theme available to date. Schema came to light when they thought to make it free for those who want to give a try to this theme.

You are now free to download the Schema Lite from WP repository or from

So, why does this Theme making buzz on the blogger’s community? The reason behind getting so much popularity is due to pre SEO enabled, Fast loading, Enhanced readability which is Adsense optimized WordPress theme.

So, with a free version available online. I’m going to test out the Schema Lite Theme (Previously had Ribbon Lite).

  •  Speed & Performance

The first comes Speed and performance. Every year Google tries to make things difficult for bloggers and SEO experts and changes its algorithms. They try so to make things properly so that anyone with a quick hack, tricks cannot stand on the first page of google search.

We hope these things are not new to us. Search Engine Optimization has played a major role and it doesn’t matter if you’re paying for a Theme or downloading it.

The Schema Lite theme that we’re using right now can be availed free of cost although, On-Page SEO has become a major significant role in rankings too. With Schema PRO Adsense WordPress theme you can definitely get the fast approval from Google Adsense now.

If you’re using the theme you must see observe and map the site load speed and optimizations you make on your theme. You can easily do that by going to Insight Developers from here.

Go to Insight Developers from here.

schema wordpress theme speedtest

Just hit the Analyse button after typing the URL of the website or WordPress blog

The outcomes can be a little surprising for this Adsense WordPress theme.

On a desktop, it scored 99/100 which is a decent number.
schema wordpress theme speed test 2
On a mobile, the speed is 88/100, which is an average for a website or blog for rankings.
Honestly, I’m not expecting this one to score 99/100 on a desktop. As many bloggers think that this no. is quite good.

  • User Interface

Schema Lite is definitely not a magazine theme, it might look like one but majority bloggers use this for traffic and easy Adsense approval. It is one of the best Adsense WordPress theme available in the market.

This one is easy to use and comes handy not pulling any extra resources and needs no extra bit of coding.

  • You get a Primary header section.
  • You get the Main header section.
  • A big Thumbnail section+Title+post description under 50 words.
  • Right-sidebar widgets for organizing important things.
  • A footer section where you can keep all the information related to the website.
  • At footer you get 3 Footer section, you can easily play with and create menus according to your requirements.

It’s easy to use simple and straightforward Adsense optimized WordPress theme that is easy to understand for everyone.

  • For Bloggers

Well, if you are travelogue bloggers, Affiliate blogger, Food bloggers and so forth. You know the value of speed and user-friendliness, Schema is for them. Why and How? Let me guide you through it.

1. Schema adds in-depth detail on how a reader has landed on a particular post.

2. Schema Lite Adsense WordPress theme

It provides you with the following information such as Who published it When the article is published, Category( It helps to determine various posts on similar or dissimilar niches) and why do we forget comments.

It helps both in Rankings and as well as to the reader.

3. Author Tab

Among every other theme, the Author tab has always been given less important although it is important to factor for many Authors, to be recognized in the industry. You can add a link, pictures, and info in the Author box as well. Hence, Social media sharing buttons are missing in the Author box.

4. Customizations

There are 100’s of Plugins on WordPress store, which you can avail for free. If you start using one of them you can add different interesting things to your theme.

For reference social media sharing plugin. Schena Lite helps you effectively use your customizations along with this Schema Lite free Adsense WordPress theme.  

Quickly wrapping up

Schema Lite is a one of the best to go with when you’re applying for Adsense approval basically the one we used here is a free Adsense WordPress theme. It is simple, straightforward and useful for Professional bloggers and tech-savvy guys.

If you’re not wondering how to use the theme. Perhaps you need to check out this post. I have prepared a post on HOW TO START A BLOG for beginners in 7 Steps.

Schema can work amazingly well for bloggers who share information on a daily basis. Shoot your comments if you require any help setting up any free Adsense WordPress themes in the comment section below.

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