MilesWeb Review- The Best Dedicated Hosting Provider

No matter what kind of website you have, a small business website, eCommerce website, or big business website, it is essential to choose the correct hosting service. There are different types of web hosting services such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server Pune etc. Each of these hosting services has its own set of features and uniqueness. 

Among these, dedicated server hosting is a superior and high-performing hosting service apt for heavy-resource websites or applications. It can handle the heaviest workload on the website. If you have a high-traffic website, or you need to host an application that requires more power and resources, a dedicated server is an ideal option for you. With a dedicated server, you get the highest level of security, performance and speed for your website or application.  

After a small overview of a dedicated server, you might think about where I should purchase a dedicated server. There are hundreds of top dedicated server providers in the industry. 

Doing the proper research can help you find the ideal one for your requirements. Here in this blog, after doing a lot of research, I will introduce you to one of the best Indian dedicated web hosting providers, MilesWeb. 

MilesWeb is one of the reliable web hosting providers in the industry. They are well-known for offering top-notch web hosting services at affordable prices to customers worldwide. The company has made its presence in the Indian and overseas markets. 

Coming to the point, let’s dive deep and know about MilesWeb’s dedicated server in brief. But first and foremost, let us explore more information about a dedicated server. 

Know What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is basically a physical server with a single-tenant environment. With this, you get complete isolation, meaning you don’t have to share the server with any other tenant. 

They are designed to run websites or applications that require more computing power and resources. You get 100% dedicated server resources with a dedicated server that you don’t share with other users. It results in no virtualization and no noisy neighbors. 

You also get full administrator access that allows you to customize the server in the way you want. You can also install the software applications of your choice on the server. 

Furthermore, a dedicated server is an excellent choice as it delivers the highest level of stability and durability for your websites or applications. 

The Best Dedicated Server Plans from MilesWeb 

MilesWeb is a provider that has always strived to deliver the best. Compared to other hosting providers in the industry, their prices are affordable. 

With affordable pricing, they do not compromise on quality. Moving towards the dedicated server plans. They have sixteen plans for dedicated server hosting. You get to select a dedicated server plan from the wide range of available options. 

MilesWeb Review - The Best Dedicated Hosting Provider

Each plan varies in the number of cores, CPU, bandwidth, SSD disk space.

E5-2609 2.4GHz is the base plan with 4cores and, it includes 8 GB of RAM, 480 GB SSD, 1 TB Bandwidth and 1 IPv4. This plan costs Rs. 6,999/mo. 2x E5-2673 v4 3.3GHz is the high-end plan with (40 Cores + HT). The resources included with this plan are 256 GB of RAM, 2 TB SSD, 5 TB Bandwidth and 1 IPv4. 

This plan is a bit costly Rs.48,000, but the resources you get are ample. The plus point is with all the dedicated server plans, you will have a unique IPV4 address that does not get shared with others. 

Whichever plan you select, you never will have to compromise on the resource requirement.

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Is There Choice of Operating System? 

Yes, MilesWeb’s dedicated server allows you to choose from Linux and Windows operating systems. You can select the operating system according to your requirement and don’t have to worry about the installation process. MilesWeb has a dedicated team that will install the operating system for you. 

Features Included with MilesWeb’s Dedicated Server 

Features depict the quality of service the web hosting provider offers. MilesWeb offers the best features with its dedicated server plans. 

  •  Intel Xeon Processors 

The type of processors incorporated on the servers affects its performance. At MilesWeb, they make use of Intel Xeon processors. They are the newest generation processors with a large number of CPU cores. The Intel Xeon processors deliver top-speed performance to your websites or applications. 

  •  SSL Encryption 

With MilesWeb’s dedicated server, you get an SSL encryption certificate at zero additional cost. Information passing to and from the dedicated server will be encrypted automatically. Also, no attacker can access the sensitive information shared by visitors as it passes through the internet.                                                           

  • Root Admin Access 

With a dedicated server, you get full root administrative access that allows you to modify any file on the server. You can do the configurations in the way you want, install and delete applications of your choice, take control over all the ports and more. Also, all your files can be transferred and accessed securely. 

How About the Uptime Guarantee? 

Uptime guarantee is necessary to keep websites or applications running round the clock on the web. MilesWeb makes sure that you get a smooth hosting experience and thus offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee. With this, your website does not face any downtime issues and runs without interruption. 

Final Words 

After reading this article, I am sure you now know how MilesWeb’s dedicated server can be your go-to option. With their dedicated server plans, you get the best features at cost-effective prices. You even have the choice of control panel to make your dedicated server management easy. 

Currently, MilesWeb is offering a free trial offer on their dedicated server plans. Get started with the best dedicated server provider today! 

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