Dreamhost vs Siteground? DreamHost Clear Winner. Know Why?

Dreamhost vs Siteground- Which one you should choose?

Let’s say you need a good hosting company for creating a blog. And, you find it difficult to choose between DreamHost vs siteground then, there is a helpful comparison for you.

How good is the Reliability- Dreamhost vs Siteground?

Reliability is one of the most important things when choosing a web host. Now what to look for when you compare between Dreamhost vs Siteground? When we talked about DreamHost vs siteground both have very similar and wonderful high uptimes.

I never faced any problem while choosing both of these companies even you can expect a straight 99% uptime. Even though if you face downtime they will pay you the downtime cost. Isn’t that interesting! That means both Dreamhost vs Siteground was determined to give you a marvelous service.

Price and storage comparison- Dreamhost vs SiteGround

With SiteGround offers, you can easily own astounding websites at a lower cost.

Exclusive $3.95/Month- 10,000 Visits- with 10Gb of space

Exclusive $5.95/Month- 25,000 Visits- with 20Gb of space

Exclusive $11.95/Month- 100,000 Visits- with 30GB of space

I hope you can compare the pricing between Dreamhost vs Siteground now.

[su_highlight]With such offers it’s a steal for your hosting If you’re just beginner[/su_highlight]

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What about the User Friendliness- Dreamhost vs Siteground?

With siteground, you get a full feature Cpanel. Now that’s what most hosting providers use. Although Dreamhost does not use a regular Cpanel instead it’s not even difficult to get you.\

As long as you are accustomed to the one you are using. Switching between two can be a hefty task. When you are comparing Dreamhost vs Siteground. They have one or more features one over another.

But let’s say you get everything compact with siteground most probably an easier one Cpanel but there is nothing wrong even if you are on a Dreamhost control panel.

Technical support between Dreamhost vs Siteground

Finally, both companies provide good support and Dreamhost vs siteground of the companies provides excellent support. Siteground offers 1000’s of tutorials and Guides for their customers.

If you check it out by your own you will get to know that they have videos and tutorials on PhpMyAdmin, Filezilla, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, SSH, Cloud Hosting and much more.

It becomes very convenient to use and side Crown organized it perfectly for you. You can always expect something good from siteground employees while checking result and handling phone calls you will definitely get chat support.

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Miscellaneous features that SiteGround provides its customers with

Step 1: Raise a Ticket when you need technical help.

Siteground organizes meetups all around the world. So, they do roam all over the world to satisfy their customer’s queries and answer a few of them. Now,  moving with Dreamhost the perfect answer is you can’t and there may be a few drawbacks. 

Even though both Dreamhost vs Siteground comes with competitive pricing. Coming to phone support is very crucial for beginners just in case if you need something

They are very similar to siteground, Bert Baker on live chat as they focus on ticket support so that you can expect a fast and responsive timeline. Dreamhost also provides a great discussion so that they can interact with other Dreamhost users.

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Let’s do a Feature comparison between Dreamhost Vs Siteground

These are the Pros I found on SiteGround:

  • Nice looking Control panel
  • Easy installation
  • Design website for Mobile
  • SSL certificates
  • CloudFlare  integration
  • Malware scanning on a daily basis
  • SSD support
  • Canned CGI scripts
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Autoscaling RAM
  • New Virtual machine
  • PHP 7.1 Available

These are some of the Pros I found on SiteGround

  • Shared servers come with Apache On CentOS and also provides a custom server setup optimizations.
  • Telephonic support
  • Free SSH support
  • Comes with Cpanel
  • Caching option available
  • Allowed to check the website before staging, only available for WordPress along with Drupal
  • Data centers are available in Europe, Asia with 24 hours of human security.
  • SG- Git permits a user to create a repository of WordPress Installation.
  • On-going security audit procedures

Which platform should You Choose?

Using both the platform in DreamHost vs siteground both are easy for anyone and provides you with one of the best content management system and platforms.
We recommend you to go for SiteGround as well as Dreamhost for the following reasons:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • WooCommerce
  • OsCommerce
  • Zen Cart
  • OpenCart
  • Good for small, medium businesses
  • Prestashop

How good is the Customer Satisfaction

Both the Web Host comes out to be good at least, in online reviews, but SiteGround provides an edge to the industry.  If you search on the Internet you’ll see more people’s preferred Siteground over Dreamhost.

This might be a reason where Dreamhost lacks phone support.

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Dreamhost Vs Siteground: Which one should you go for?

Both the Web host comes out to be genuine and can make your site live in less than 15 mins of time. So, why waste time.


Why I personally admire this option? Suppose you’re a beginner and you need a fast and cheap hosting. Then, it will be right for you to choose SiteGround over DreamHost. 

Because Initially, you’ll not be able to come across 10,000 visitors a month. So, this is a perfect deal for you.


If you are already blogging for years and gets a good amount of traffic, then DreamHost will be a great option for you. [su_button url=”https://bloggerprasad.com/go-dreamhost” target=”blank” background=”#de1932″ color=”#ffffff” size=”6″ center=”yes” radius=”20″ icon=”icon: hand-o-right” text_shadow=”1px 1px 1px #000000″]Start With DreamHost[/su_button]

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We hope we have made you understand the two hosting providers. And, you’re now well aware of the Dreamhost vs Siteground comparison. And, you’re well set to purchase one. Why not try our links given above.

You will receive some discount while buying from our links. Now, it’s better if you can decide on your requirements and specific needs.

Although, we would recommend you to go for DreamHost instead of SiteGround. If you’re a starting your blogging journey this will be a good time with DreamHost over SiteGround.

If you need any specific help or suggestions related to the post. You are free to ask us using the comment section below.

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