How to get RSS Feed WordPress-(Updated 10-29-2017)

Do you know how to include RSS Feed WordPress for your blog? I was searching for this a while ago, when I didn’t know how to find or create RSS Feed for WordPress blog to my posts. Well, feeds have their importance too. Your visitors can subscribe to your feeds using a feed burner and can get updates from your whenever you post something new. 
I know, you must be thinking who uses RSS feeds nowadays. I hope you’ll find the answer till the end. Now, with that it is essential to get RSS Feed WordPress for your blog.
In this, post I would like to share some importance of RSS feeds on your blog or website and, share you by where you can get your feed URL.

What is a RSS Feed?

It was long back when websites got invented several peoples found that it takes a longer time to visit their all favorite sites when they do it regularly.
It was then some web-site owner found that due to this some people simply won’t visit back or remember the website name anyway.
A few things came to light when getting a solution out of it. One such was RSS (Really Simple Syndication) which is mostly based on the idea.
Blogs or websites that set up quite often comes with, publish a Feed or What’s new option.
People who find interest in reading different blogs or websites uses “Feed reader” to see if there are any new updates or material on it.
Feed aggregator tool have been introduced to check or track the individual sites for interesting updates so far.
Blogging came a new way to and this approach was first made by the GOOGLE to subscribing to Post (atom) link that appears on the bottom of the post using template using:

“Here’s a link for your feed-reader to use, in our Atom format”


How to get your RSS Feed WordPress

To Know, how to create a RSS Feed for WordPress blog. Learn these steps.
As, a WordPress user I have noticed that the RSS feed is actually installed in the /feed/directory.
For reference I would like to call up my website URL such as, and this will be almost same with your website location:
This is one of the representation of how the the RSS Feed url wordpress /feed/ will look like when you try visiting your site adding /feed/ in the end of the URL.
I have acquired a below screenshot of how the RSS Feed URL WordPress will look like, when you visit with a URL. Probably, you see a XML file, Now that’s your RSS feed,

rss feed wordpress
It’s how RSS Feed looks like
You can use your primary feed embed to share anywhere online. By default WordPress allows you promoting it on you website or blog.
But you can pick a Atom feed through widget section of your sidebar and set the URL out there and it will automatically fetch Post Title, Contents along with the author bio and date. 
As, you know there are other methods too where a blog owner can send notification when new posts gets published. FeedPress can be definite choice for notifying readers when new posts gets published.
It let all your readers to subscribe to your feed and gets notified.
VOILA! You learned how to get RSS Feed WordPress for your blog.

Importance of RSS Feed WordPress to your readers

Just in case when you look out for blog that interest you. You can easily subscribe to the Blog Feed easily and in return other bloggers can subscribe to yours.
People who uses RSS Feed on regular basis can add your blog on their Feed with a button that’s mean they will come to know when you publish a new post.
You can also customize the RSS Feed WordPress and add a note or few links to your Feed (post and comment).


No matter how you choose to ping your users for newer post, RSS still be the heart of it.
Now, you know where to find the RSS feeds for your WordPress site. RSS feeds simply help you to promote your blog or website and also allows other websites to follow you .
I’ve only talked about getting a RSS Feed option is always a good choice for a blogger. If yes, what would you consider after reading this.
Please help us know by leaving a comment below.
Thanks. Everyone for reading this. To keep up to date with my blog. Please consider subscribing to our RSS Feed

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