Bonjour, I’m Prasad a captivated Content Writer by Passion I’ve been quiet online for the past three years. Well enthusiastic because I don’t have anything to talk about (I have more to say than ever). It’s because I’ve been reserving my energy for a very special incubation period behind these closed doors.

I’ve been writing these long stories and SEO Articles. I’m one of those people that used to say, “I’ll write a book… one day.” As a young 24 something, I thought I had all the time in the world to work as a freelancer. Surely time is right now. I needed to grow my career, support myself and contribute little to my life. I love writing things and I’m pretty much sure being able to add value to work.

My work includes sales copy, e-books, Content Writing, Article re-writing. My role varies with content that works on different types of websites, including blogs, social networks, wikis, electronic rhetoric and technical writing. My brand new love in support of writing was already under possible danger, but Freelance sites rescued me. It started with a fabric for all my expression in writing that I can simply wall in my dreams. I consider myself really lucky to be a part of a various innovative freelance platform like Up work, Freelancer dot com and I hope to achieve respect through my blogs.

I love reading the other blogs as well and needless to say, I am baffled by such astounding talents in blogging. I simply consider myself really blessed to be a position on a blogger and I hope I can achieve such respect through personalised blogs. I love scanning through the other blogs seeing that well and needless as a way to say, I am bewildered by such astounding art!

Here are some of my Unpublished Work. I have attempted to defile them as per niches, however, if there are something that you need in particular you are searching for you can send me an e-mail at


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Travelogue Writer

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Experienced Hosting Writer

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing

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Viral Content

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