Best Amazon India Deals Under Rs 500 [Updated 2018]

Welcome to another series of Best Amazon India deals under Rs 500/-  Amazon is a nice place to look for your appropriate products such as Gadgets, Home appliances, Electronics or so on. 

I was in constant hunt for these awesome products and buy them to demonstrate how cheap can a gadgets prices be.

Luckily I have made several post in starting from Best gadgets under 2000 rupees.

Now, it’s time to lower the budget and look for whether there are any products that can fulfill the need of a shopper with Best Amazon India deals under Rs 500.

Today I have listed Top ten 5 Tech under Rs 500. All the products you can buy and grab on

I am sure that before landing on this page, you might be looking for the best tech deals on Amazon available at affordable prices that should not make a hole in your pocket.

So, here I am with some of the best techs that you can afford.

amazon best tech deals

Best Tech Under Rs 500

1. Readgear’s GS733 Speakers

Best Amazon India deals

These speakers are the most valuable contribution for your desktop that comes with 1.5m USB cord, 3.5mm connector, 45mm drivers, and a 1-year warranty.

With, such price its a great deal comes your way through a price of INR 500/- only.

Don’t go with the size of this speaker since it can provide you with a 360-degree surround sound with the finest clarity and vocal.

This speaker set can best suit your black colored desktop or laptop.

The secret of these little devil speakers is the bass membrane back that boosts the quality of sound and gives louder but sensual sound. These are one of the best tech products on Amazon.


2. Voltac Universal Bluetooth Wireless Mono Headset

amazon india deals
You might not have the budget to buy a expensive Bluetooth Wireless Mono Headset. Luckily, this B1 Smart Earphone Bluetooth comes with a HD MIC and a music stereo system.
This has an amazing communication method and connect with every smartphone universally.
It has a very natural headset products with excellent performance of wearing comfort and design makes it in our Amazon India Deals Under Rs 500.
The top quality and and design is the only reason of this Bluetooth Earphone is running out of stock nearly every day.
It comes with supported format in Mp3, MP4, WMA, WAV.
It’s basically a sport wireless stereo Bluetooth Headset having a power button which emits Blue light and flashes Blue-Red upon connecting with your cellphone.
This is perhaps the best amazon India deals under 500 Rupees you can’t just ignore.


So, it is called the ‘Redgrear MP35 Control Type’ mouse pad and the reason why I am recommending this mouse pad to you is that of its highly textured mouse pad surface, with stitched outer borders available under Amazon best tech deals.

If you have bought mouse pad earlier, then you would know that the upper material comes out over time in most of the expensive mouse pads that you would have been using earlier.

This mouse pad can last long with its stitched outer area. If all this doesn’t oblige you to buy this mouse pad, then you must be amazed to know 

The price of the Redgrear MP35 Control Type mouse pad is  INR 288/- on Amazon.

3. MiVi CBL : These cables are really well made and come in a length up to 3 meters with Nylon mess protecting the exterior. It is also available in a premium finish.
So, they are available with a lightning jack, to a USB jack or a USB to USB Type-C jack and can essentially use this with all type of devices.
Do check out these MiVi CBL, they are extremely well made. Earlier, they used to costs anywhere from INR 800-1000. For now, it is available at Amazon best tech deals under 500 Indian Rupees.

With a whooping discounts on MiVi CBL the price has now reduced and are on sale available just under 500 Indian Rupees.

4. Bluetooth GamePad : Next on our Amazon best tech deals list is a Bluetooth Game Pad Controller. It comes in really handy for all sorts of gamers as well as can be used as a presenter or a standard remote.
You can use it to control music or movies and may use as a standard gamepad on Android as well as iOS devices. The response time is pretty fast and this gives you game a lot better and this helps you lot better.
As it frees up the screen space so you can watch what you’re playing and your finger doesn’t going to interfere.
Most games are automatically compatible, it can also act as a remote for your PC or your TV box. You can control Play/Pause music or any kind of media. you can buy this by visiting available at Amazon best tech deals.

In case if you’re looking for more simplistic gaming solution. Head to No. 4 right below.

4. MagiDeal Mobile Game Joystick : If you’re looking for more powerful gaming solution, MagiDeal Mobile Game Joystick will come handy for you. This simplistic joystick simply well-made and comes with a carrying case inside in the box.
It costs around 500 Indian Rupees under Amazon best tech deals. It works with all sorts of touchscreen devices.
It helps you control the movement section of the game, you can move with the physical Joystick instead of tapping on the screen.
It is essentially designed for NOVA games from GAMELOFT but it works with other games as well.
Use it play racing games, person shooter games or any other form of games. It works with iPad and Android tablets. You can also use on your smartphone too.

A spiral rocker that backs to center automatically gives you real precision all that in 315 Indian Rupees

5. Trimmer Buddy : You may not like using this, It’s a simple apron like those used in a barber shop. For this, it comes with two suction cups so that you can be attached it to any mirror and guess what!! You can go ahead and purchase it on Amazon best tech deals.
You can simply collect all your hair clipping then.It also comes with a fantastic built-in pouch which means you can collapse it and carry it without any problem. The pouch is big enough to carry your trimmer with you.
So this makes the pouch is big enough to carry your trimmer with you. Also, it more or less comes in a price bracket of 599 INR, which usually not a factor for those need this.

Guys looking for an excellent

Beard Love Beard Trimming Catcher 

which costs only 599 Indian Rupees. This an ideal choice from amazon best tech deals.

So, those were some of the great gadgets in reasonable price that you can buy on Amazon. Hope you liked the Best 5 Amazon best tech deals up now!!


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