Indian Hosting Vs the US Hosting- Which one you prefer?

I agree Web hosting has become an important factor for any business. I’d prefer to spend some time in deep analysis of best hosting server.

People in India always land in confusion regarding Web Hosting between choosing the US hosting and Indian hosting services. I am sure you have a lot of questions in mind concerning this topic.

Who is best?

Continue reading this article to have clarity with the information I have collected for you.I know what you think now. Everyone recommended for US hosting. Then why need to analyze further? In reality, both India and US hosting has their upside and downside. Let me walk you through the pros and cons of both. I am sure my input helps you for making the right decision for the best hosting server.

Before you come to a conclusion take the time to understand the pros and cons of using Indian and US server for the best hosting server.

 Benefits of Web Hosting in India

Do you know? For a company based in India finds a local server as beneficial and can work as best hosting server.

Ask me how?

Server Proximity – Due to the distance factor the loading ability of website will surpass when compared to the US hosting.

Edge over communication – While talking about the service supports both technical, and maintenance communication plays a significant role. Clarity in language helps to improve the performance.

Cost factor – Indian players find it difficult when making payment in US currency. Always dollar value stands taller than Indian money value.

Flexibility – Data Center selected in India provides flexibility for clients to decide regarding their sites.

Sounds correct? Yes, it is.But there is a catch when we select the best hosting server.

Flipside of Server Hosting in India



Cost Factor – Have you ever thought that the cost factor influences hosting in India?

While I mentioned the money value stands higher in the US compared to India, but the tax rates in India makes it even more challenging. Price involved in hosting sites in India costs more than that required by US servers.

Infrastructure – The poor infrastructure facilities always pushes India behind the US. I know the vision of Indians to provide well equipped Data Center. But various factors including high cost does not let Indians fulfill their dreams.

Factors in favor of US Servers

I am aware that I showed you only one side of the coin. Let me move to the other side as well.Inspire by understanding the advantages in hosting a website using US servers.

Rates for hosting the site – These get further divided into three categories

Money factor matters a lot. The US is hosting rates always cheaper than the Indian services. Given the same quality, US hosting comes in front.Tax rates for hosting websites in the US are much lesser than in India, and hence clients can look at return on investment.In comparison with India, US prices for data center and bandwidth is cheap.

Negatives of US location Servers

Yes, if cost is the only deciding factor, then US services come first. But wait, I will give you insight on other factors that move the US hosting one step down. I know currency rate always pinches. That alone cannot decide the downside of US website hosting. Other points include support, time zone, distance, communication, and much more. Hosting website does not stop as selling a product. Constant communication between the host service providers and user enables a smooth functioning of the sites.

Due to the rising rates of ISD charges support becomes difficult.Looks like an irrelevant factor, as always many technologies exist to make calls at lesser rates. But the fact about language and communication cannot be ruled out. Understanding the customer gets the top priority. Poor communication leads to inefficient service.

The site downloading time matters a lot. Due to the distance factor speed of loading gets severely affected.

Deeper Analysis between Indian and US hosting

 Till now I was talking at the surface level. I am sure you know them too. I will go deep into this point for better clarity selecting the best hosting server.

Response time

Based on the distance between hosting server and client location the response time of the website is decided. Let me make it simple, for an example, When we take up the best hosting server, Delay of One second causes 7-8 percent reduction in the conversion rate of the site. In simple words, the loading speed of the page and proximity between server and customer is inversely proportional to each other.

Think about this factor when you prefer US website services.

Much deeper analysis when selecting the best hosting server

CDN Service

Considering the geographic location of the end user, the system of spread across servers delivers Web contents. This forms the underlying concept behind the Content Delivery Network. CDN, very crucial factor considered while choosing a hosting service provider. CDN prefers delivering content to the closest server. This way the upload time of website gets reduced.

Again I will brief you with an example for clear understanding. The CDN service starts with delivering content from the local area. Which means to provide content to Indian sites might take longer time. Still not able to make your mind up? I will give you another point.

IP Address

Apart from the Top Level Domain (TLD), IP address plays a significant role in search visibility of the website. For instance, I am sure that you are aware of the fact about “” domain. Because “” extension attracts better customer for the Indian market. The IP address has the same impact like a “” domain. Search visibility increases with local IP address.

It’s time for you to take the call. I have provided all necessary details. If you think cost comes as a primary factor in your decision, then go for US website hosting services. Being an Indian firm search visibility, upload time, response time, support, and content delivery, etc. bothers you a lot, then choose Indian web hosting services.

When you engage an India-based website hosting provider, you may not only reduce the performance delay in your sites by leveraging local CDN services but also support the nation’s financial development.

Hope I have shared most of the part, through selecting the best hosting server for your Website, If you have any queries or you have come across any issues selecting the best hosting server for your website. Please use the comment box below to ask any question and I’ll answer them nicely.


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