Increase website traffic by these simple methods

Website traffic means revenue. Does your content produce enough visitors, if not take a look at how to increase website traffic by reusing, re-packaging and recycling that existing content to drive more website visitors, link and leads

Is your content finding the right Eyes?

What a mess! A very common complaint users make when planning content marketing strategy work, let’s say you are bootstrapping it on your website or blog. And you don’t have so much time just because you’re actually running your business. And you can’t let all your time building content for your website or blog. Yes, probably it’s very true successful content strategy that requires determination and a consistent work on content generation. You always need visitors if you are running a website or blog. They won’t stay long unless you have something new to offer. Meanwhile, you cannot maximise the value of the content you have already generated on your website. Now one may ask “how to increase website traffic”

What would you do when your content not getting in the hands of right people?

Let’s teach you guys the foundation of increasing website traffic for content hacks:

  • The first comes straight away change of the format.
  • Break it down into a Simple sentence and build it up nicely.
  • Do a content upgrade.

Let’s begin with the first one

Now, what does altering the format means?

There are simpler ways to squeeze more value out of your content but if you can change the format in which it’s presented it would be a promising live for your visitors to drop their eyes on it. Let’s say you are at work and you probably pass up an article because you don’t have so much time to scroll through? Why YouTube faces are getting crowded commute for everyone let’s sit and think! Let’s say you are driving on jogging and keeping your eyes and front of you, what about your video when you are trying to figure out exactly how to do something? Another scenario you might skip an article and get bored to do research. Although the content is recreated needs little busy to take it in a blog post. You can do it yourself provided you muster enough courage to do your homework well.

The second content hack involves breaking your contents as per variation on a theme

Not every time the content you picked up isn’t performing as good due to the right combination of length, format and the topic. Yeah, you guessed that right! Let me get you an example suppose you are following a sports team, although you are not going to want to read a 5000-word profile about an individual player’s life story, college struggles and phenomenal success in sports. Once in awhile it’s nice to look at everything but often you don’t have that time, and you always want to know what they are up to? And how they are going to perform this year.

The same works with content. Long contents are valuable. It makes enough sense on what you are talking about and also send out your mailing list and you can be in a position perhaps a thought leader on the topic.

What could be a content upgrade means?

Do you have that content which performs well a year ago and has fallen off recently or otherwise got an old? This might be a time for a content upgrade.

What metrics you can pull up for your friends you may target 2 different type of pieces:

One that can drive lots of traffic and attention another can draw a consistent interest.

The most important part of search rankings accumulates in freshness. A post that had been successful once run it again add some new features. Provide some edits at some infographic. Make some visuals… The list is never ending. Get creative and publish it to share it on social media.

Reuse repackage and recycle

Congrats! Now you know ways to increase website traffic repurposing existing content in mind:

  • Be innovative. Read and use all content by switching off the format. Let your blog posts come with infographics.
  • Break up your content into smaller pieces and make it look like your reading first time.
  • Recycle your previous hits. And let yourself enjoy few sips on a Nescafe mug. Spend your energy where it matters most.

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