Best smartband for sleep tracking under 3000 INR

What we can say about these marvellous products that sells and mark their known specs for best smartband for sleep tracking under 3000 INR. Now days all the health conscious people are buying fitness bands. Those smart bands are really great and convenient for those people who want to stay healthy.

They can use a smart band to track every steps, sleep, heart rate and many more things. That’s really easy. Just wear it and do what you are doing. It will automatically track everything and would sync all the collected information into your smartphone. Let’s talk about top 5 smart bands till now which are under 3000 INR.

Xiaomi MI Band

Mi Band is one of the most affordable smart band in the market. It’s priced 799 INR. This is a basic smart band which can be connected with your Android and iOS smartphone through bluetooth. This band can monitor your sleep automatically and can track every steps, walking distance and can calculate how much calories you have burned. All these years, you have hoped for getting a smartband which regulates your sleep pattern. We recommend you this one because we know you’ll not anything on this budget which has in build sensors to count your sleep patters and can be used as your best smartband for sleep tracking.

The band has no display but three led indicator which helps you to achieve your daily target. Beside those main features you can also use your Mi band to swipe and unlock your smartphone without bothering about pattern lock or pin. The band also provides incoming call alerts with it’s vibration motor.

You can also locate your Mi band within your home. According to Xiaomi you will get 30 days battery backup. This is also certified by IP67, so in raining condition you don’t need to be worried about your smart band.

best smartband for sleep tracking

You can buy this band from this link here

Xiaomi Mi band 2

This is the upgraded version of Xiaomi Mi band. Xiaomi added an 0.42” OLED display which is also IP67 certified like the Mi Band. Practically almost every feature of the Mi Band is available in this Mi Band 2 with some more interesting features.

The smart band can be used as a wrist watch. The most important feature of this band is the heart rate sensor which wasn’t available in the previous one. The heart rate sensor is quite accurate. And according to Xiaomi they added new Pedometer algorithm to track every step more perfectly. It counts your sleep pattern accordingly and provide the in-details charts and can be used as the best smartband for sleep tracking.

This band can also supply you all the incoming call and message alert. Because of the OLED display and heart rate sensor the battery backup would obviously reduce. Now you will get 20 days battery backup though it’s enough, you don’t have to charge it everyday. You can buy the band with 4 different colored band ( Black, Orange, Green and Blue).

best smartband for sleep tracking

You can buy this band from this link here

Fastrack Reflex Smart Band

This year Fastrack also entered into the smart band market with their first Reflex Smart Band. They also priced it around 1995 INR but it’s not the best smart band if you compare it with the other bands. But as a newbie in smart band market they launched a decent smart band. Fastrack added a .91” IPX6 certified OLED display which also works as watch.

This band can track your workout distance, steps and can measure the calories you have burnt. It has vibration alarm which will give vibrate you when you get a notification. Along with this the sedentary alarm feature is really effective. It also tracks your sleep. But the minus point is unavailability of the heart rate sensor.

Comparing with it’s rival the Mi Band 2 has the heart rate sensor. But still it’s good. As fastrack always sells quality products, this isn’t an exception.

best smartband for sleep tracking

You can buy this band from this link here

EnerZ Gofit Pro

EnerZ Gofit pro had launched at 1400 INR which is the same pricing of Mi Band 2. This band comes with a small OLED display which is quite durable. This band also doesn’t have a heart rate sensor like the reflex smart band, though it’s not expected at this price point. Although, If you need something for sleep tracking this one can be the best smartband for sleep tracking.

The Gofit pro can track your sleep, steps, distance and determine the calories burnt by you. It has the sedentary alert feature as well as the call notification feature. You can control your smartphone camera with this smart band and also able to capture selfies. The battery backup is above average which is 7 days count according to EnerZ. We recommend this one if you have spending sleepless nights it can help you to counter your sleep pattern and can be a best smartband for sleep tracking.

best smartband for sleep tracking

You can buy this band from this link here

Honor Band 3

Honor has also entered into Indian smart band market with a significant smart band which is named as Honor Band 3. This is the best smart band under 3000 INR price range till now. The first eye catching feature – you can swim upto 50 meters underwater wearing this band and the band will automatically track your swim time and burnt calories and much more.

The optical heart rate sensor tracks your heart rate constantly and gives you alert when it’s excessively high and injurious for health. If you’re in a hunt of best smartband with heart rate monitor this can be a good choice. The smart band uses M4 core technology which helps you to measure the heart rate with great accuracy and it’s also optimized with their algorithm. The smart band will track if you are sleeping, running or swimming automatically. The sleep tracking is quite good. And, can be compared with MI band 2 and can be the best smartband for sleep tracking at this price segment.

And don’t bother with your call, sms and all others notifications. This band is the all day assistant on your wrist. This band is available with many color varieties-Orange, Navy blue and Carbon black.

best smartband for sleep tracking

You can buy this band from this link here


Hope you liked our Top 5 smart bands under 3000 INR. The best part is we have used these 5 band individually and can easily conclude that we’re happy to provide you a review/summary section below the post where we reviewed and rated each one on pricing, affordability and reliability. 




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