Aritra Patra

Aritra Patra

Hola. I’m Aritra Patra from Kolkata, India. I’m a blogger, content writer, gadget reviewer, tech enthusiast and aspiring entrepreneur. I’m writing since I was 16 years old. My aim is to write with passion for to provide knowledge to my readers. I do my work devotedly. Consistently I love to perceive knowledge which are not in books. I’m specialized in all type of tech news and give honest opinions after doing gadget reviews. I always like to do something new, don’t like to do boring jobs only for money. I like to gain knowledge from others and discuss about technology.
As an aspiring entrepreneur I also make new business models. I do research about all the successful business business models and make new strong and unique business models. I also work as a social media manager. Along with this I always love creativity and I’m always open-minded to other plans. Well if you want to start your own business I can help you by making business models. You will love to work with me, that’s for sure.

I write articles, e-books and much more. Bloggerprasad helps me to share my knowledge with others. I do gadget reviews, write about eye catching tech deals and also share my knowledge about hosting. I Really like to write for Bloggerprasad.Since childhood I’m a tech enthusiast.                                                                                          Writing and gaining knowledge about technology is my passion. Well that’s enough. Don’t be shy. Feel free to contact me.





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